Queen Dreaming Meaning & Interpretation

It is quite common to dream of royalty. In this article, we are going to take a look at what it means to dream of queens. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Queen?

A queen in a dream is a symbol of power and wisdom as well as of maternity. Queens are often seen as majestic leaders but dreaming about them can have two opposite meanings. You will have to compare the dream with your waking life. It could mean that you are happy and on top of the world, but on the other hand, you might be feeling as if you deserve better than what you are getting now. Perhaps you have worked hard and feel that you should have a promotion at work. 

You might dream of a queen if you want to have more say over your own life. Perhaps your family is holding you back. Your dreams can come true and you can be successful. However, if you dream of a tired queen, you should be prepared for disappointments.

Power and Leadership

A queen symbolizes power and strength and if you dream of this symbol, you are going to gain control of an aspect of your life. Perhaps you will be given extra responsibilities at work. 

You need to look at how you deal with this power. It is not a good sign if you treat others as if you are a tyrant or dictator. However, the dream is positive if you treat people in a lower position with respect. Do you feel as if you deserve to be in charge? 

Sometimes you will dream of a queen when you don’t feel fully in control of a situation. You need to examine why this is and try to remedy the problem. 

A queen can also be a character archetype. This symbol can be the sign of a leader who is in control, a character who has high expectations, and even one who is demanding. Do any of these characteristics match your personality? Many words can come to mind if we think of the queen as an archetype, such as high expectations, fear on your part, and power.

A Role Model for a Better World

To dream of a queen can indicate that you are a role model and people look up to you. You are responsible for the care of others. This could be in either a family situation or at work. It also indicates that you accept this responsibility gladly. 

This dream can also bring to the fore the fact that you are involved in charity work. It is commendable working for either human or animal rights and you should feel justifiably proud of yourself unless you aren’t humble and brag about all the good work you are doing.

A Symbol for the Queen of God

In Christian religions, the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, is considered to be the Queen of God. If you have a dream about a queen, perhaps you may need to explore your spirituality a little more. We also need to think about our respect for life as it is a gift from God.

Sometimes we will experience what we think of as miracles in our waking lives. Maybe you have a sick child who suddenly gets better. 

Common Examples of Queens in Dreams: Dreams Interpreted

Dreaming you are a queen: To dream that you are a queen could mean that you want to be in charge in some or even all aspects of your life. Perhaps you consider yourself to be a leader and feel able to direct other people towards a better situation in life. An alternative meaning is that you are going to succeed in a business venture. 

If you are a young woman who dreams of being a queen, it can mean that you are going to meet the man of your dreams who will worship you. The dream also indicates that this man is an important government officiaL

Dreaming of Being a Servant to a Queen: To dream that you are a servant is not a particularly positive dream. In your waking life, you may feel that you are being treated as a servant. Perhaps everybody at work expects you to make the coffee all the time instead of contributing to the running of the business. You may feel that nobody appreciates your talents and they are going to waste.

Running Away from a Queen: If you see yourself running away from a queen with her servants chasing you, it can mean that you are afraid of something or someone. Perhaps you don’t want to take on new responsibilities at work. Maybe you don’t feel ready to get married yet. You have to face these fears and decide one way or another what to do.

Beheading by a Queen: If you dream about being beheaded through an order from the queen or she is shouting ‘Off with her head’ it can mean that you feel as if someone is treating you badly or that you are being punished. 

Queen of Hearts: If you dream about the playing card of the Queen of Hearts, it indicates that you are feeling powerful in your waking life. You want everything to be fair for everybody. There could be a negative side to this dream, however. You may not be sure whether or not to expose the truth of a situation to the people involved. In the end, the truth is best. People shouldn’t be under the illusion that everything is okay. They need to be aware of both the bad and the good of a situation.

Tips to Understand What the Dream Means

If you are trying to interpret your dream about queens, it is useful if you look at the other symbols in the dream as they will have a bearing on the interpretation. Even small details are important.

Where did the dream take place?: It is important to notice where the dream took place as it has a bearing on the meaning of the dream. If it was in a large majestic castle you are due to gain financial success. If the dream occurred at night, there could be dark forces working against you, but if it is in bright daylight, good fortune awaits you. 

Who was in the Dream?: If you see other people in your dreams about a queen, they can influence the interpretation. To dream of a snow queen in a beautiful white dress indicates that you are due some financial success. and perhaps your staff at work will profit as well. If you see yourself as a visitor to the castle of the snow queen you will gain the attention of a person in power. 

What Other Symbols Stand Out?: There are plenty of other dream scenarios about a queen. If you dream of her riding a horse, someone is more powerful in your waking life than you are. You need to gather yourself together and stand up to this person.

If you dream about someone in the royal family riding a horse, it can indicate that you have concerns about how the staff tending to the queen are working together. Perhaps they are not being loyal.

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