Platypus Dream & Spirit Animal Meaning

If you wonder what 30 million years of physical separation from the rest of the world can do to a continent’s flora and fauna, look at Australia. More than 80% of animals and plants endemic to this continent are found nowhere else on this planet. One of these animals is the platypus. It’s a mammal like no other. It lives in the water, lays eggs and even has venomous stingers like an insect. Unless you live in Australia (see also boomerang dream meaning), this is not an animal you can see in nature. But just because you don’t see it in waking life, it’s not impossible to dream about it. In fact, dreams about platypuses are quite symbolic. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed interpretation of platypus symbolism.  

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Platypus?

Dreams about these extraordinary animals advocate individuality and boldness. These animals appearing in our dreams are usually a good omen, and can be seen as a motivational force. Here are a few common meanings of dreams about platypuses. 

Be Flexible And Adaptable

Did you know that the first scientists to examine this animal believed they were the victims of a hoax? If you were to explain it in layman’s terms, you’d probably say that platypus is a hodgepodge of a duck, a beaver and an otter. And when you add venomous stingers male platypuses have on their heels into the equation, you get the most unbelievable creature on the planet.

A platypus is so many things at once – it’s a perfect symbol of flexibility. When you see this animal in your dream, it could mean you’re ready to adapt to changes in your life. Whatever challenges come your way, you’re prepared to deal with them.  

Just Be Yourself!

A platypus doesn’t look dangerous at a first glance. To many, it even looks cute and snuggly. However, once they find out that platypus’ venom could kill a dog, they won’t be so eager to get close to this animal. These unique animals remind you that it’s okay to be different. 

If you see a platypus in a dream, it can indicate your worry about being yourself in front of other people. However, this animal appears in your dream to reassure you about that – other people’s opinions shouldn’t stop you in your actions. There will always be those who oppose you, and platypus reminds you that they can’t do anything to you if you’re not emotionally affected by it. 

Acceptance & Self Love

This meaning goes hand in hand with the one above. When you love yourself, you’re okay with showing others how you really are. You feel no need to pretend just to be accepted. You’ve found your inner peace, which means you’re focused on your natural energy of joy. You’re following your personal rhythm, and you’re not worrying about being slower than the life around you. 

Independence And Creativity

Platypuses are generally solitary animals, so it’s no wonder that independence is one of the platypus symbolism. The dream about this animal can indicate you’re a person of solitude as well. 

There’s a veil of mystery revolving around this animal, since scientists still don’t know a lot about it. A platypus as a symbol reminds us that it’s okay to keep the distance sometimes. No matter how social and extroverted we are, we all need a moment to ourselves. Not only do we need the time alone to recharge, but also to grasp some things by ourselves, without the interference of others.

Platypus can also be a symbol of creativity. It appears as a reminder to let your talent show. Be innovative and artistic, in both your private life and career. Reveal to others what you’re good at, and show them a different perspective than their own. 

Final Thoughts 

Common meanings mentioned above can serve as your guide towards understanding your dream. Sometimes, interpretation is an easy task, but more often than not, you’re not looking at the big picture. Don’t forget that everything you see in a dream can also be a symbol, and when you add them together, you can get a totally different meaning. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Where were you in the dream? Were you just an observer or were you engaged in any activity?

What other objects, animals or people were in that dream? 

How did you feel during the dream? How did you react to seeing a platypus?

These questions should help you point out any other symbols you seemingly forgot about. If you’re not already keeping a dream journal, consider taking that up. The habit of writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up will not only help you interpret your dreams better, but also improve your understanding of your emotions and better your decision-making ability.

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