Moon Dream Meaning

Humans have studied the night sky since ancient times. The moon has always been the subject of awe and admiration, and it affected our lives in many ways. But how does the dream about the moon affect us? In this article, we’ll elaborate on different moon dream meaning possibilities. 

In a dream, the moon can symbolize a mysterious part of your persona. What we mean by that is your clairvoyant self. While not everyone can claim they’re guided by their intuition in life, we’ve all had a moment where we decided on things based on a “feeling.” Seeing a moon in your dream can signify that lately you’re being clairvoyant about certain things.

The moon can also symbolize moods. It affects the tides, but it’s also said to affect people’s mood as well. While that’s not scientifically proven, there might be truth to that theory. Therefore, the moon in dreams can represent your mood swings.

What does it mean to dream about the moon?

Dreams about the moon can have different meanings, depending on a few things. First, what kind of moon was it? A full and a crescent moon are two different dream symbols. Then, think about your actions in the dream. Are you watching the moon or in any way interacting with it? Finally, context is everything. Is your dream revolving around the moon or it’s just one of many elements in the dream? Are there other celestial objects involved?

Are You Flying To The Moon? Dreaming about flying towards the moon can mean that you’re trying to escape your responsibilities in waking life. 

Are You Able To Reach Out And Touch The Moon? In this case, the moon is a symbol of your high expectations, and to be able to reach can mean you’re able to meet those expectations, so you won’t settle for anything less.

Are You Showering Or Basking In The Moonlight? This sounds like a scene from a romantic movie, and dreaming about it can signify your idea of your life is too romanticized – your perception doesn’t quite match the reality as it is. Your vision is clouded by certain happenings in your life, and you need to figure out what those things are. You can’t live in a fantasy world for too long.

Did You Dream The Moon Has Exploded? As we previously mentioned, the phrase “reach for the moon” means to have high expectations. But if you dream that the moon has exploded, that dream might mean that you feel like you’re unable to achieve your goals. 

Full Moon Dream Meaning

A full moon is a complete circle – seeing one in a dream can signify you’re feeling complete, as if you’ve achieved your aims. You’re glad about how your life plan is currently evolving, and while you might want more from life, you know there’s no need for rush, because you’ll get there eventually. 

Crescent Moon

A crescent moon symbolizes movement and revival. When you see one in your dreams, it often means that you’re doing well in life. 

Two Moons

Dreams about two moons can mean you’re stretched between two different life directions – you need to pick one, but that’s an uphill battle. You need to stop being so indecisive and decide where you want to see yourself in the future.

Lunar Eclipse

If the moon is a symbol of your feelings, then seeing a lunar eclipse in a dream can represent your hidden secrets and emotions. During the eclipse, we only see a glimpse of the moon flashing from behind the shadow, and the same is with feelings – no matter how hard you try to hide them, at some point, they’ll emerge on the surface.

Destruction of the Moon

Dreams of destruction are common when you feel like your waking life is in total chaos. If you dream that the moon was destroyed in a collision with an asteroid or any other astronomical object, it might mean that you find things in life uncontrollably getting out of your hands. 

Dreams of moon destruction can also mean that you’ve been disappointed in things you firmly believed in. For instance, the political party you supported through the years stands up for a cause you’re strongly opposed to. Another example is that a person you thought was your real friend had really let you down.

Alien Life & Invasions

Seeing aliens or UFOs landing on the moon in your dream can be a symbol of something unknown or just different from what you’re accustomed to. Maybe the emotions you’re feeling are unfamiliar to you and don’t know what to do. 

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