Mockingbird Spirit Animal and Meaning

The mockingbird is a very interesting type of bird. From the outside, a mockingbird does look special at all. It is a grey, humble-looking bird. But, mockingbirds have a knack at imitating every sound they hear. They often sing like other birds and imitate various insects and amphibians. In cities, they even tend to pick up on random urban sounds, like car alarms. But what does it mean when you dream about a mockingbird? What about when it appears as a spirit animal? Today, we talk about the symbolism of mockingbirds.  

What Wisdom Does the Mockingbird Tell Us in Dreams or As a Spirit Animal?

When we think of spirit animals and spiritual guides; a mockingbird is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, a mockingbird (see also what do birds mean in your dream?) is actually a bird rich in symbolism. As a spirit animal, it is a good guide in life. Spirit animals sometimes appear more as qualities connected to them, but sometimes they appear as physical signs. If you keep seeing and dreaming about things related to mockingbirds, it might mean it is your real spirit animal. But what actually does a mockingbird represent? What can it teach us? 

Finding Your True Calling

Mockingbirds are able to embody anyone’s song (but they actually also have their own vocalizations). Thanks to this quality, the mockingbird reminds us that we can take any role in life. In most cases, the choice is our own. If the mockingbird is your spirit animal, you are able to swim in all kinds of waters. You can seem natural in every role. 

But, what the mockingbird invites us to do is to ask – what do I actually want to be? What is the song that makes me happy? What speaks to your heart? When we are free to choose, this also brings difficulties, as we can often be worried about making the right choice. 

A mockingbird often comes as a spirit animal to people who suffer from imposter syndrome. Whatever you do, you feel it is not good enough? Like you somehow faked yourway to where you are? If that describes you, the mockingbird invites you to find your voice and embody it with confidence. 

In any case, a mockingbird invites us to try out different possibilities, and ultimately find what we really want. It helps us free ourselves from all the expectations placed on us by other people and society at large and find what it is that our heart truly desires. 

What Are Some Common Mockingbird Dream Meanings?

Mockingbird meaning can vary depending on the type of your dream you had. So we’ll try to deconstruct a couple of common meanings we tend to associate with birds. 

First of all, there is always the possibility that we take the things that appear in dreams quite literally. In this case, the mockingbird could be associated literally with mocking. Do you feel you like people don’t appreciate you, that someone could be resentful towards you and mocking you in real life? The dream could be pointing towards that. This kind of dream could appear also when we feel we did something shameful, something that we should be ashamed of. No one has to really know about it, it could simply be our superego shaming us in the form of a dream mockingbird. 

However, the “mocking” is only in the name of the bird (see also peacock dream meaning) (see also peacock dream meaning). And mocking also refers to imitation. Do you feel like you are imitating someone? Or maybe someone is imitating you? On the flipside of the previous meaning, it could also mean that someone is trying to take credit for something you did. This kind of dream could be a warning to pay attention to your surroundings. If you work in any kind of creative profession, make sure to keep your work protected. 

The key to deciding which way to go with interpreting mockingbird dreams is to determine who does the mockingbird represent. Does it represent you, or is it imitating you? Or is it simply appearing as a spirit animal, inviting you to find your own voice? 

These kinds of questions we cannot answer for you without knowing all the details. And in any case, you are the best interpreter of your own dreams! 

Did you dream about mockingbirds recently? How was your dream? How did it make you feel? What do you think is the overall message? If you feel like sharing, we are happy to hear your story. 

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