Mind Mapping to Interpret your Dreams

If you create a mind map of your dream, it will help you considerably to interpret your dream. Dreams are intricate and can have an assortment of meanings even if the subject matter is the same. You have to look at all the symbols in the dream and decide how you feel about them.

What is a Mind Map?

Perhaps you’re not familiar with a mind map but we’ll tell you more about it here. Essentially it is a diagram that represents words, feelings, tasks, and so on relating to a central keyword that is the title of the dream. It is an excellent way to interpret dreams as from each symbol flows different thoughts, emotions, and actions. You have the choice of drawing it with a pen and paper or you can use software. Perhaps start with a pen and paper and then move onto software when you get the hang of it. The mind map can be basic or complicated. The choice is entirely up to you. There are so many other things you can do as well. Perhaps use an assortment of colors so that everything stands out and can be recognized. Use say red for the symbols, green for thoughts, and blue for actions. 

3 Mind Map Examples for Interpreting Dreams

Here we will give you three different ideas of how you can make a mind map. They should help you to form your own mind map to help you interpret your dreams. You can of course make up your own map if you find it easier. The great thing about mind maps is that they are versatile and give you the opportunity to explore your dreams in depth.

Example 1: Simple Basic Mind Map

This is the simplest map to use and a good one to start with. Write down the dream title in the middle of the page together with the date. The date is useful as you might have recurring dreams and it will be interesting to note how frequent they are. It could be important if you keep having the same dream again and again. The message from your recurring dream could be locked somewhere deep in your subconscious mind. Perhaps you have repressed feelings that are waiting to come out. 

From the title, draw branches and write down any symbols you can remember. For example, the title of the dream could be ‘not revising for exams’ and the symbols could be desk, book, and teacher. You can add on branches coming from the symbols as well. At the end of these branches, write down the feelings, thoughts, and actions you experienced in the dream.

Example 2: Sunburst Shaped Mind Map

This mind map looks like a sun with rays coming out of it. Draw a sun in the middle of the page and put in the dream title and date. Then in between each ray, write down the thoughts you had in the dream, your feelings, actions, and anything else that you remember. As an example, you could have a dream about a lion cub in a park. You run away, but outside the park, you meet a big lion who starts chasing you. In between the rays you could write such words as scared, male lion, roar, escaping, running away, and so on. The meaning of the dream could be that you are stressed at work and have been neglecting having fun. It is time you reversed this pattern and started to enjoy life a little more.

Example 3: Free Association Dream Interpretation. Using a Mind Map

You can make your mind map more complicated, while at the same time freely expressing your thoughts. It is similar to the basic mind map, but it can also have branches coming off your feelings, thoughts, and actions as well as from the symbols. For example, you could be walking down a narrow alley to a book store, but you are disappointed that there are only children’s books there. The dream title here would be book store and the symbols could be a narrow alley and books. Leading from the symbols could be children, adults, or reading and from there could be disappointed and walking. Freely associating the different symbols can help to interpret the dream. It could be that you have outgrown your current job and it’s ready to move on and find a career that stretches your mind.

6 Tips for Making a Mind Map to Interpret Your Dreams

It isn’t that difficult to make a mind map and it is definitely worth doing if you want to understand your dreams every time. Here are some tips to help you.

1. Keep it Simple:

Your mind map can be simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated for you to understand your dream. Just start in the center with the dream title and branch off using descriptive words and any thoughts you can remember from the dream. In fact, the simpler the map is, the easier it will be to interpret.

2. Use Different Colors:

If you use different colors, you will be able to organize the many thoughts you had in your dream. For example, you could put the dream title in red, the symbols in blue, emotions in green, and verbs in yellow.

You might find that you are being drawn to certain colors. There could be a subconscious reason for this so it would help to look up the meanings of these colors in dreams. For example, red could mean either anger or passion. You would need to examine how you feel in waking life to decide which it is.

3. Use Software if you Like:

Perhaps you don’t much like drawing or writing by hand. If that sounds like you, you can download software to help you with your mind mapping. 

It is probably best not to use the software when first starting to draw your mind maps. Get used to writing simple maps in a notebook and then move on to software. It will help you to explore the meaning of your dreams. Why not try out Scapple or Mindmaple?

4. Write Down Every Thought or Idea That Comes to You:

Don’t dismiss any thought you have concerning your dream as it might be important. Write everything down as soon as you wake up so that you get a full insight into the dream. You might surprise yourself with your creativity and insight.

5. Use Images and Drawings

Don’t only just use words. Why not draw or doodle whatever comes to mind. It might help you to understand the dream more clearly.

6. Use Association

When you think of one word from your dream, also try and consider words that are associated with it. Discovering other descriptions for the words that come to mind will help to give you further insight into the dream. For example, if you think of a male lion, what else do you think about? It could be Africa for example. Perhaps you would like to go there? A predator could be another connection. Maybe you feel as if someone is trying to destroy you, not physically but mentally.

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