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What does a lizard mean in your dream?

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If you think about it, dreaming of a lizard can be deemed as a strange symbol. Usually, dreams can be abstract and emotional. Sometimes, it may even include the unfolding of different dramas.

It is evident that your dream about lizards is powerful enough that you are looking up what its possible meanings may be. It is safe to assume the lizard that appeared in your dreams has made a deep emotional impact on you. 

Throughout the years, we have dissected numerous kinds of dreams. That’s because most of our dreams materialize in real life. A lot of our readers have contacted us about their dreams of lizards. And you may be wondering how we understand all of this. The knowledge we possess about the meaning of lizard dreams came from the many hours we’ve spent researching, reading, and learning its possible meanings. 

We found the hidden meanings of this dream in dream books that you can only find in private subscription libraries. We’ve also read a plethora of books about the psychological and spiritual meanings of dreams and we included everything we’ve learned in this article. So sit back, relax, and let us help you discover the lesson hidden behind your dream of lizards.

So what do lizards mean in dreams?

The lizard is a wonderful creature. The lizard in your dream is often connected with the way you perceive life. You may be wondering why that is. The simple answer is that lizards use perception and vibration remarkably well. It has the ability to recognize the sudden movement of senses. Likewise, they have astonishing hearing and can move as sharp as a flash of lightning. 

A lizard uses its tails to balance itself. However, once a predator holds onto the tail, it tends to break off, enabling the crawler to escape any situation. But what is surprising here is that the lizard can grow an entirely new tail later on. So if you see a lizard in your dream, that is proof that you will soon be planning new things in your waking life. Also, you may want to consider other opportunities. 

Moreover, a dream about a lizard may suggest that you have accepted things without considering other ways on how you can positively approach various matters. Also, a lizard in a dream according to the ancient dream dictionaries is an omen of treason. This may sound a little troubling but ancient dream dictionaries state that from a bad situation, only good will come out  as well. 

Following this, we’ll take a look at some of the basic meanings of dreaming about a lizard, which we will go into further detail below.

What do ancient psychic books say on the dream definition of a lizard?

To start, here is a simple summary of the meaning of a dream about a lizard according to ancient psychic books. We will show the sources at the end of this dream interpretation article. So let’s get started! 

Seeing a lizard in a dream may indicate that with great strength, you will be able to explore new ways of how you can approach others. This is with the help of new and fresh ideas. That means new opportunities will come pouring in on you and should unfold during this time. 

On the other hand, if your dream involves a lizard crawling on your body, make sure to consider all your facts as accurate. Also, it may be wise to keep your ideas to yourself to ensure things that are delivered to you stay untold. In the majority of ancient dictionaries, the lizard serves as a small warning as well. The most valuable takeaway from these books is that you may face a period of strangeness. However, you must ensure that the positions you find yourself in are arousing your spiritual being.

At the same time, a lizard in a dream symbolizes betrayal. Meanwhile, coming across a red lizard suggests that you may encounter good people in your endeavors in the future. Moreover, a dream of a lizard is a sign that you avoid being reckless on things that may potentially hurt others around you or even yourself. An old explanation of this type of dream claims that the lizard implies you will have to deal with nice people. Meantime, a newer interpretation suggests that the lizard can mean deception ahead.

If you’re a girl or a woman, to dream of a lizard may predict a betrayal in the family. Normally, a lizard dream warns you that in your day-to-day life, you may be dealing with good people so far. Hence, you may need to appreciate them some more. 

If in your lizard dream the creature is standing motionless and warming itself in the sun, it may represent laziness. A dream about a very fast lizard, though with short legs and long legs, quickly enters a hole or hides below a rock, is a male symbol. Additionally, this symbolism is associated with that of the serpent. On the other hand, if a lizard is on a rock, it is an omen of an attack coming from an enemy. But to see a sleeping lizard may mean that you will meet new people with good intentions.

What does Freud say on dreaming of lizards?

The well-known dream psychologist during the 1930s, Sigmund Freud, mentioned a dream concerning a lizard in 1862. He affirmed that the lizard found in a dream is recognized as a “hypermnesic dream.” This was published in a paper by the society for psychical research as well. A hypermnesic dream means that the dreamer will obtain information that he or she faces in everyday life. Therefore, the memory of a lizard in dreams is reliant on chance.

For a further psychological perspective, we will turn to the popular dream psychologist from the 1930s, notably, Carl Jung. He concluded that our dreams are the direct result of images in our waking lives. Hence, you may have seen a lizard in some form on television. Alternatively, you may have seen a lizard symbolism in your conscious mind. Accordingly, from a psychological view, your lizard dream may not have a meaning at all but is connected with outside stimuli.

What does it mean to turn into a lizard in a dream?

To interpret this type of dream, we are going to turn to Australian aborigines. Several accounts have been documented where aborigines have experienced dreaming of transforming into a lizard. The lizard itself is connected with obtaining spiritual wisdom and power in life. 

Consequently, there is an aboriginal legend where it says that lizards got their “green” color by painting each other. So what’s the meaning if you turn into a lizard in a dream? This dream is a positive one and may suggest that you are going to face a spiritual quest in the future. It may also indicate that things are unknown, which will come to the surface soon.

What is the spiritual meaning of lizards in dreams?

As animal totems, lizards may imply a coldness in a relationship. If you see a lizard crawling in your dream, this indicates that you will be linked to someone that wants an emotional connection to you. Furthermore, a lizard is associated with facing your fear, quickness of thought, as well as going with the flow of life and spirit. 

As you very well know, lizards are cold-blooded. Dreaming about it may mean that you may encounter a cold person. The Egyptians engraved monuments of desert lizards as mummies. Likewise, they carried the lizard as a lucky charm in small boxes. Meanwhile, Romans also believe that Hermes, the Messenger of mercury was pulled by a lizard in a chariot. 

In Southeast Asia, the Gecko Lizard is a sign of fertility, as well as good luck and fortune. On the other hand, in South Carolina, there is a legend that in 1988, a 7 foot monster with green scales surged out of a swamp and it is thought that the massive lizard lives in a local swamp. 

So if we are to look at the dream features of lizards, we can begin to reveal the meaning. Now, a lot of dreamers have seen lizards chasing them in their dreams. Some have the lizard falling on top of their hair. There are even dreams where lizards scuttling on the floor or the dreamer or killing a lizard. 

All our dreams are unique. The most significant aspect of your dream is the detail surrounding the way the lizard was represented in it. Below we have covered various kinds of dreams. It may take you a while to get your head around them as there is a plethora of information. Nonetheless, make sure to keep on scrolling until you find your lizard dream.

What does it mean to dream of a single lizard?

If you notice a spiritual aspect in your lizard dream, it signifies that there may be a warning incorporated with it. As mentioned previously, lizards are cold-blooded.  Therefore, they can be a representation of an attack. A lizard as a spiritual animal in ancient dream dictionaries is connected to tranquillity, collective nurse, and above all, potential attack from your enemies in waking life.

You must try and be more cautious in matters particularly in work contacts. The lizard may also be related to how you communicate with each other. If you see a single lizard in your dream, it may suggest your primary instincts and responses toward sex. Stil, it may also be your fear of these feelings. 

Additionally, the single lizard in your dream symbolizes a person whom you think is cold-blooded, cruel, and violent. On a positive note, one lizard in your dream signifies developing creativity, rejuvenation, and revitalization. Furthermore, this type of dream may mean that you are grounded.

What does it mean to see a lizard attacking in a dream?

To dream about a lizard is an omen of wisdom, as well as loss caused by your enemies. If the lizard in your dream is charging towards you, this may suggest that your enemies are on the watch, and follow all your moves.

What does the color of the lizard in your dream mean?

First and foremost, here’s a look at the different meanings of the color of lizards in your dreams:

  • Red lizard. This means your passion for work.
  • Blue lizard. To see a blue lizard in your dream represents that calmness will come to you in your waking life soon.
  • Black lizard. If you see a black lizard, it may imply a new phase of your life.
  • Green lizard. This may indicate that in real life, you need rounding work.

So to better answer the meaning of colored lizards in your dream, you have to understand the creature itself. Lizards have more than 6000 varieties. Although the focus of this dream is on any lizard, we will particularly cover the dream meaning of some of the most popular ones. These include the Leopard Gecko which features orange and black patterns. The meaning of this lizard is happiness in life.

What do the specific species of lizard mean in a dream?

The Pogona vitticeps or more commonly known as the bearded dragon originated from Australia. These lizards are a popular pet and to dream of the bearded dragon symbolizes a fresh start. Meanwhile, a green iguana foretells a great love life. The Carolina Anole known as Anolis carolinensis implies a warning to hide away your feelings. And to see a yellow lizard in a dream predicts good people in your entourage.

What does it mean to kill a lizard in your dream?

Killing a chameleon or lizard in Madagascar is related to possible injury or bad luck. Killing a lizard in a dream is associated with the courage hidden inside you and how you interact with other people. In terms of spiritual context, to kill a lizard denotes that you may need to explore a lot of different avenues. 

Also, you may encounter a coldhearted, straightforward, and dishonest person down the road. There is a focus on someone who will question you. It can mean that you can feel slightly oversensitive particularly to judgment at this time as well. In spiritual terms, a lizard means that you will be pushed into a corner.

What does it mean to catch a lizard in a dream?

To catch a lizard in a dream is directly related to your love life. The visit from the lizard itself represents your own personality and how you interact with others if it is caught. If your dream is about a lizard crawling along the floor where you cup your hands and catch the creature, it may indicate that you will have positive relationships with other people moving forward. 

But if you are currently single, catching a lizard from a spiritual context is a positive omen. In fact, it signifies happiness, well-being, relationship, and even possible marriage. If you are unable to catch a lizard, it implies that there may be some concerns and dilemmas with your love life. The most important thing here is to focus on the positive aspects of your relationships with other people. Moreover, catching visitors can also imply positive relationships at your workplace. For these reasons, this kind of dream is great to have!

What does it mean to see a beautiful lizard?

If you are mesmerized by a lizard in your dream, the meaning of this is a positive thing. It can suggest that you will overcome obstacles and challenges in your waking life. As we have explained earlier in this dream interpretation, a lizard itself can also be related to enemies so you will be protecting yourself from someone who is coldhearted. Hence, to see wonderful colored lizards that are truly beautiful can imply that you are going to understand yourself better, including your skills and creativity within. Likewise, projects will come pouring in the coming months.

What does a large lizard mean in a dream?

If you see a massive lizard or you are an extremely big lizard in the dream, it a symbolism of danger according to dream dictionaries. If you see a big lizard, do not fear it even if you’re worried about it even if this omen may mean that there will be problems concerning communication and the likelihood of people in your life that may dampen your confidence. 

Furthermore, the huge lizard in your dream may have a connection with your work or relationship. This dream may mean challenging you to go forward. Also, it can take shape in a lot of different ways. It can be worrying and somewhat devastating to feel as if you are encountering some conflicts in life, especially in your workplace. If you see an enormous lizard chasing you in the dream, it can be connected to possible complications that are affecting your family life.

What does it mean for a lizard to chase you in a dream?

If you are being chased by the lizard in your dream, it can denote that if you’re working for someone else, it may be possible that bullying happening at work. The lizard is a representation of someone cold-hearted. Oftentimes, bullying at work is not taken seriously by people and even the management. 

When we think of bullying, we usually link it with school life and playground politics. But keep in mind that any form of bullying in waking life can be an unsettling experience. Now, this lizard dream is a symbol of the way you feel in terms of vulnerability. If you kill the massive lizard visiting your dream then, this can suggest that you will encounter a situation or person that will have a devastating impact on your life in the future. The good news here is that you will be able to handle situations in life extremely well.

Is seeing a lizard in a dream good or bad?

This question is very difficult to answer. To see a lizard in a dream is a positive thing in that whatever happens, you will be able to challenge yourself and make sure that others will not be able to harm you. The lizard itself can signify a change as well. This is a change for the better, for a brighter tomorrow, somewhat like the tarot card of the star. 

In addition, if you see a lizard crawling in a dream, it can denote that there is going to be some sort of a cold-hearted attack performed by another person soon. So whether this lizard dream is good or bad will depend on the details of your dream. However, keep in mind that things happen for a reason. Hence, no matter how negative an experience is, it will enable you to grow and become more focused on yourself, your family life, and your happiness moving forward. 

Again, do not fear this dream. You may have read a lot of dream meanings online informing you that the dream about a lizard is a warning or it is dangerous. This may seem alarming, but you need to first consider the actual details and events in your dream.

What should I learn from dreaming of lizards?

You may be feeling confused after reading all of this information. But what we’ve identified here is that after having this dream, it is possible for a negative situation to happen. Still, you can turn everything around. Remember that in every negative situation in life, there is a lesson we can learn from it. It allows us to prevent the same things from happening again. As humans, we learn more and understand what we need to do moving forward. 

What does it mean to dream of a lizard on your body?

A dream of a lizard is rather common. To see a lizard dropping on your body or falling on your torso is more common than you think. Often, you can associate it with how you are feeling inside. Is there anything worrying you right now? Are you thinking about changing some aspects of your life? 

If a lizard is crawling up your body or on any part of your body, it is said to be associated with the fact that you need to keep calm in life. There may be complicated or complex situations that you’re going to face down the road. Also, lizard crawling on you can suggest that there are somewhat undesired situations and perhaps you do not wish to go on as you are.

What does it mean for a lizard to be on my hair?

The Lizard crawling on your hair symbolizes that you are going to look at some education and overcome challenges moving forward. For now, you must focus on your internal instincts. There are times when we are experts at something that we don’t even know. Also, there are a lot of people out there who pretend to be who they are not. 

To see the lizard call on you indicates that everything is going to come to the surface. It’s as if suddenly there be a realization that you are excellent at something in life. If you see many lizards crawling on your body it can imply that there will be a spiritual awakening. In our opinion, the lizard in this sense is a positive omen. We have known for a long time that the lizard is an ectotherm which is another word for cold-blooded. Keep in mind that you may meet a cold-hearted person so make sure to be aware of this.

Possible scenarios in your lizard dream

  • A lizard crawling on your body. It signifies happiness in connection with others. If the lizard is crawling on your back and this indicates a need to watch your back somebody may be dishonest in waking life. To notice a lizard crawling on your legs indicates that you need to be at a certain point in your life right now.
  • A sleeping lizard. This dream means that there is someone that will need your services in the future. Just be cautious of anyone asking you for money. The sleeping lizard signifies that there is a challenging process you will face in the future.
  • A motionless lizard. This lizard dream is connected to not wanting to connect with others. It could also imply that you just wish to be on your own for some time.
  • A lizard moving fast. If a lizard is across the floor in a dream, it is related to the fact that things can move forward in your life immediately. You may have to deal with some challenging situations with people that are close to you.
  • A lizard hiding under a rock. In this dream, it may imply that there is something hidden in life.
  • Baby lizards. Seeing baby lizards in a dream denotes that there are going to be some people or colleagues that will report to you which may cause difficulties with work in the future. If you are not working and you dream of baby lizards, it can represent potential family conflict. Nevertheless, you will be able to overcome anything.
  • Lots of lizards. To see this in a dream is a warning about people who are going to take advantage of you. If you see multiple lizards crawling this can indicate a change is coming your way.
  • To see a pet lizard. This dream of a lizard is associated with your caring side of nature. You do not want to cause any conflict and all you want is a quiet lifestyle.

Some piece of advice about your dream of a lizard

  • Try to be a lot quieter and avoid sharing all your thoughts with others.
  • You may want to keep your ideas to yourself.
  • Learn to appreciate the people in your life.
  • Make sure you are ready and prepared to deal with the changes ahead.

That’s about it! Do not forget to check out the other dream meanings we have to help you better interpret your dreams and uncover their hidden meaning.

Feelings that you may have experienced during your dream about a lizard

  • Amazed
  • Inquisitive
  • Anxious
  • Unfamiliar
  • Insecure
  • Confused
  • Overwhelmed
  • Frightened
  • Terrified
  • Worried
  • Furious
  • Tired
  • Lazy
  • Doubtful
  • Offended
  • Vulnerable
  • Unsettled
  • Angry
  • Admiring
  • Astounded


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