A dream of a maze or a labyrinth can provide you an insight into the true feelings you have about your journey in life. It can also give you a perception regarding your current problems and the choices you need to make. 

The majority of people believe that mazes and labyrinths are similar things. However, that is not always the case. 

Basically, a maze is a puzzle that you need to solve. It may lead you to the wrong path where you will be greeted by a block. Hence, to try again, you need to double back. In life, there are choices you must make, and sometimes, the choices you make are not the right ones. This is referred to as multicursal, which is having more than one possible route between the start to finish. 

A Celtic Labyrinth with just a single path is a good example of this.

Traditionally, a labyrinth comes only with one path. Its single circular path will lead you to its center and then back out again. This has been long considered as a metaphor for the long wandering journey of life. It is referred to as the unicursal labyrinth. The meaning of this is that there is only a single path from beginning to center to end.

When you consider these various characteristics, you will be able to further understand what message your dream about a maze is trying to tell you. Was there ever something blocking your path? Or was it simply long and meandering? Did it come to a point where you have to choose or were all your turns free of barriers? Answering these questions can help you determine if what you encountered in your dream is a maze or labyrinth. Moreover, the meaning that each present are very different.



It is tough to solve a maze. Furthermore, it is pretty common for mazes to have a lot of misleading paths that result in dead ends. If in your dream of a maze you are having a hard time finding your way out, it may mean that you feel stuck in some area in your current life. 

Maybe you are struggling with your career, financial matters, your relationship, or other areas. This type of dream may be driving all that frustration to your consciousness so that you can act upon it more healthily. Is there a challenging choice you do not want to make? Perhaps there is an option you don’t want to consider?


Aside from having dead ends, mazes come with a lot of paths you can choose from. If you see yourself faced with a maze, such as you are inside one or solving a maze puzzle in your dream, you may be feeling a bit of uncertainty regarding the path you are taking in life. 

Do you feel lost at the moment or frustrated about how your life is going? Does it seem like you do not know which direction to go? This dream symbol may be a representation of something bigger, such as how you feel regarding the overall purpose of your life. Or it may also be about something in your daily life like a choice on where to work, where to live, and so on. 

On a positive note, if you are successful at solving the maze in your dream, this may imply that you are close to a solution or achieving a goal in your waking life.


“Things outside you are projections of what’s inside you, and what’s inside you is a projection of what’s outside. So when you step into the labyrinth outside you, at the same time you’re stepping into the labyrinth inside.”

― Haruki Murakami


When you are walking on a labyrinth’s single path, you will notice your perspective is changing continually. As you walk the spiral path, the visual in front of your eyes changes. Likewise, it will force you to constantly change your direction. This symbol has long since been linked with a transition, change, evolution, and rebirth.

As you walk the path, the first move you’ll take is inward towards the middle or center. This represents your inner self. Then, you are lead back out of the labyrinth, where you return to the external world, changed in some way.

If you see yourself walking along a path like this in your dream, you may be going through or contemplating some kind of major change. There are a lot of things in dreams that can represent change. However, a labyrinth dream strongly implies that the changes are internal.


A lot of people during the ancients times, including the Celtics, Egyptians, Native Americans, and Greeks have a labyrinth as a symbol of the spiritual path. As mentioned above, the path will first bring you inward then back outward, which may signify plenty of things. Some cultures even believed it represented a journey of personal spiritual growth. Meanwhile, others utilized it to indicate the passing from this life into the next.

To have a better understanding of whether your labyrinth dream relates to this interpretation and your waking life, make sure to consider the other things occurring in your dream.

If you see yourself currently working on your spiritual growth, this dream may be telling you that you are on the right path. Are you longing for a more meaningful life? This may be a sign that you need to turn within to find the answers you seek.


You may think of the spiral of a labyrinth as like a snapshot of your entire life. It has a beginning, an end, and things in between. It is a representation of your journey as a whole.

It is vital to consider the perspective you had in your labyrinth dream. Were you able to successfully find your way out of it and see it in its fullness?

The dream may be about how you feel about yourself and life itself, or even your search for wholeness. Do you feel as if you are incomplete or broken in some way? Nevertheless, this dream may also be telling that you are already complete or whole. What you are right now is enough and there is no need for you to do anything since you already have everything inside yourself.


Now that you know some of the most common themes concerning labyrinth and mazes, we’ll have a look at some dream scenarios.

Trapped in a maze

Do you find yourself stuck inside the maze in your dream and have no idea how you’ll be able to get out of it? This may mean that you have a problem in your waking life that you have no idea what the solution should be. You can understand this more by reading about being trapped in a dream, which is a similar dream interpretation.

You find yourself in a labyrinth

If your dream involves you walking along the path inside a labyrinth, consider your location. Where are you on the path? Were you near the start, center, or end? Chances are, your dream about a labyrinth may have something to do with your own journey in life.

You may be embarking on something exciting and new if you are near the start. On the other hand, if you are near the center, it may suggest that are feeling a bit impatient or frustrated regarding the flow of things in your current life.

If you are nearing the end

This may mean that you have just gone through some kind of growth recently. Likewise, it may indicate that a project you are undertaking is near completion. It’s important to consider your overall feeling during your dream as well. Are you calm and not hurrying up? Or are you panicking and felt annoyed?

You are entering a maze

Entering a maze in a dream implies that you have a question or problem you are struggling to resolve. However, it does not always mean that it is something negative. It may even be the start of an exciting project or mystery. If you are at the entrance of the maze, it may mean that you are just starting your quest and that this is not a long held issue.

You are entering a labyrinth

Similar to entering a maze, entering a labyrinth is a representation of a beginning. Nevertheless, this will very much depend on the way you feel in your dream. It is likely for a maze to bring up feelings of fear or frustration. On the other hand, entering the labyrinth may seem more like you are starting a delightful stroll, and making progress makes you feel excited. 

When you enter a labyrinth in your dream, it symbolizes the path of your life or a specific journey. Perhaps its appearance in your dream is a way of inviting you to slow down and take the time to enjoy the wandering adventure head. You may also be being invited to begin a journey inward, towards spiritual or personal development.

You see a maze or labyrinth from above

Seeing a labyrinth or maze in your dream may mean that you are zoomed out. You are eager to consider something as a whole, from every angle. This may be regarding getting serious and mapping out a plan of action on a goal or issue. Moreover, it may be about gaining a new perspective on something you are dealing with in your waking hours.

You are completing a maze

When you complete a maze in your dream, it may suggest that are dealing with your fears about something. It may also mean that you are on the brink of resolving a current problem. As mentioned, a maze is a puzzle, and you need patience, perseverance, and logic to solve it. Completing one in your dream indicates that you have all these qualities. This kind of dream may also be about turning your back on a tough time or situation.

If you want to understand more about the meaning of your dream, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did the mazes and labyrinths make you feel in your daily life?
  • Do you have any personal relationships with labyrinths or mazes?
  • Were you inside the labyrinth or maze?
  • Are there any other symbols that appeared in your dream?
  • What’s your overall feeling inside the dream?
  • Do you feel frustrated or lost in any aspect of your life?
  • Was your way clear or was it blocked?

Did you encounter a dream about a maze or labyrinth? How did it make you feel? Share your thoughts regarding what it may likely mean in your waking life in the comment section below.

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