Kangaroo Spirit Animal and Dream Meaning

Australia definitely wins first place on a list of countries with unique indigenous creatures. From mammals and birds to amphibians and reptiles, there are creatures that look like cartoon characters. One of the most well-known animals endemic to this continent is a kangaroo. 

While most people around the world see this animal only on television or in the zoo, it’s still pretty common to encounter it in a dream. There are different meanings behind such a dream, and in this article, we’ll give you an in-depth analysis of different dream scenarios involving kangaroos. 

Kangaroos As A Spirit Animal

Have you ever seen kangaroos going backward? You haven’t, because they can’t! Their long tails and strong legs allow them to jump and even move from side to side with such dexterity, but in turn, they’re unable to go “in reverse”. Therefore, as a spirit animal, a kangaroo reminds you to move forward. It doesn’t mean that you need to have a clear path in front of you, or to even know where you are going. The only important thing is to be consistent and, like a kangaroo, always be facing forward.

This spirit animal reminds you to take a leap of faith. You need to let loose and be willing to expand your horizons. Kangaroo reminds you that it’s important to stay open to new possibilities in life and be ready to adjust to different situations. Remember, it’s not about getting out of your comfort zone – it’s about expanding it. This zone is your safe place, and the larger it is, the more masterful you are in different aspects of your life. 

Here Is What The Kangaroo Can Teach Us

Take A Leap

One of the most prominent kangaroo characteristics is their ability to leap thanks to their strong hind legs and large feet. They’re also rather fast, and can reach a speed of up to 40 miles per hour. As a symbol, a kangaroo tells us that we’re ready to reach our goals in life. It can also be a reminder to think about a pace you want your life to move at. 

Stay Strong

Did you know that the national symbol of Australia (see also platypus dreams) is the boxing kangaroo? This symbol is inspired by its defensive behavior. When kangaroos fight, they hold the attacker in place with their forelegs (arms), while they’re kicking them with hind legs. But what’s so amazing is that their kick is strong enough to disembowel their opponent. 

A kangaroo can appear as a symbol of strength. The power of kangaroo can guide you through the difficult challenges in life. 

Overcoming Challenges

A kangaroo can reach a height of 9 feet, and it can cover a distance of 22 to 30 feet in just one jump. Fences and other kinds of obstacles are a piece of cake for this animal, and therefore, it’s often a symbol of overcoming challenges. 

Focus On Family

A kangaroo pouch may look like a hoodie pocket, but there’s nothing simple about it. The pouch is actually a portable nursery – a kangaroo mom keeps a growing joey safe in there for the next eight months. As a symbol, a kangaroo can invoke our nurturing instincts and remind us to stay composed through all the challenges of raising children. 

Be Involved In Community

Kangaroos live in small groups of 50 or more animals called herds (or mobs in Australian English). Even though they’re strong animals, we all know what there are a lot of weird dangerous creatures throughout Australia (See also boomerang dreams), so it seems you can never be too safe. Kangaroos know that living in a community helps the chance of survival. They’re also very social, and there’s a strong social structure within their group. Males establish dominance by fighting, and the winner gets the ladies. 

These animals can remind us that we, just like them, are social beings. We need other people around us in order to survive, and we need to learn how to communicate and get along with them. Whatever we are experiencing in life, we want and need other people around us to experience that with. After all, what’s happiness if you don’t have anyone to share it with?

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Kangaroo?

The only place you can find kangaroos is their homeland of Australia (see also koala dream meaning) and the zoo. So chances are, if you’re not an Aussie citizen, you don’t often see these animals – if ever. So when a kangaroo appears in your dream, it’s obvious that it’s there as a certain symbol. Dreams of kangaroos are not as common as dreams about falling, but there are a few frequent dream scenarios revolving around these animals.

Here Are Some Common Dream Meanings If You Dream About A Kangaroo:

If You See A Mother Kangaroo Carrying Her Baby Joey: 

As we previously mentioned, a kangaroo can be a symbol of maternal instincts. To see a mother kangaroo carrying a joey in her pouch usually signifies you’re being very protective over someone or something. 

To See A Kangaroo Leaping Great Distances

It’s always fascinating seeing a kangaroo leaping a great distance with no effort. If you see that in your dream, it can symbolize your progression towards a certain objective. It seems that you’re advancing towards your goals in waking life smoothly – enjoy your success, but don’t take it for granted. 

To See A Kangaroo Hopping Around

If you see a kangaroo aimlessly hopping around in your dream, it can be a representation of your situation regarding projects you’re currently working on. You have a lot on your plate – you started several projects, you’re jumping from one to another, but you don’t have the patience or the will to actually finish any of them. This kind of multitasking won’t get you anywhere. You need to pick one project and really dedicate the time towards it. 

If You Are Kicked By A Kangaroo

Like most other animals, kangaroos fight to prove their social position. If you dream about a kangaroo using its infamous fighting kick on you, the dream might be telling you that someone from the office or your friends’ group has a quarrel with you.

To See Kangaroos Boxing

Dreams about fights, in general, signify conflicts and disputes. To dream about two kangaroos boxing can mean several things. It could symbolize a literal fight you had with someone in waking life. However, the meaning is more often an allegorical one. It can represent an argument without physical confrontation, but it doesn’t even have to involve other humans. You could be battling with emotions or serious problems like an illness. 

If You Dreamt Of A Kangaroo During A Challenging Time In Your Life

Dreams are always symbolic – whether we’re aware of it or not. Our brain doesn’t toss the dice in order to pick the theme we’ll dream about. There’s a reason why you had a dream of kangaroo and not, for instance, a panda. It’s not uncommon to see a kangaroo in your dream during a challenging period of your life. As a symbol of strength, it reminds you that you’re resilient enough to push through the tough times and come out as a winner. 

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