Jobs and Workplaces in Dreams

Many of us spend a lot of time at work so it isn’t surprising if we dream about our present or past jobs. Sometimes these dreams can almost be nightmares if we hate our jobs or have been mistreated by our bosses.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Having a Job or Being at Work?

If you dream about work, it can mean that you are thinking about your obligations and responsibilities in your waking life. Usually, we feel as if we have to keep to these commitments, but we can dream about work when we are thinking of giving up our jobs and trying something new. Perhaps you want to spend more time traveling and seeing the world. 

To dream of starting a new job can mean that you are thinking it is time to move onto a different career path. It can also be a symbol for taking on new responsibilities. Maybe you are thinking of starting a family. 

If you dream about your job and have negative feelings about it, it may be a sign that you need to look for an alternative career path.

Dreaming About Past Workplaces and Jobs 

If you dream of a past job it could mean that you have ‘unfinished business with that job. Perhaps you had issues with your boss which weren’t resolved. Maybe you want to confront your former boss, but you have to consider if that is a good idea when you’re not in that job now. Your boss has probably forgotten all about you and you could make yourself look like a fool. It is probably time to let go and enjoy your current job. 

Dreaming of a past job could also mean that you are thinking of your career. Maybe you are thinking about a change of job. Perhaps you regret leaving the past job. There is nothing you can do about it now, except move on. You may have to look at your unresolved feelings about your past job and try to work them out in your head. 

You could have a dream about a job you had while at high school or college. Perhaps you are wishing that you could go back in time to when you were still young. Maybe you are experiencing some of the emotions you had then. Perhaps you have met someone at work that you feel romantically inclined towards and you remember the same thing happening at high school. 

A common dream about a past job can relate to the time clock. A lot of businesses probably don’t have a time clock anymore so to dream of one takes you back to the past.

If there is a time clock in the dream, you could have a dream where you forget to punch the clock and therefore aren’t paid. Perhaps you are worried that you won’t be paid in your current job for some reason. A time clock can also indicate that you don’t have balance in your life at the moment or that you feel constrained by people watching your every movement.

If you see numbers in your dream about time clocks, look up the meaning of the numbers as they might give extra clarity. For example, to see the number nine can mean that you are going back to the beginning. On the one hand, this can be comforting, but on the other, is it better to go backward rather than forwards?

Not Getting a Paycheck is another common dream about work. This can mean that you feel undervalued by your company or that you are being mistreated by your boss. You probably have feelings of not being appreciated despite the efforts you have put into your job. You could feel that you have not been respected. 

This dream can also refer to your present life. You could be feeling that you are chasing some elusive dream and are facing disappointment. Maybe something at work requires your attention, but you don’t know if the outcome will be positive.

Dreaming of a Current Job or Workplace

You can also dream about where you work at present. Sometimes you will dream about this because you are under pressure at work or maybe simply because you’re finding the job fun and have made lots of new friends. 

Alternatively, the dream can remind you of something currently happening, not necessarily connected with work. It could be a symbol of the present day. Perhaps you are about to get married and dreaming of work makes it feel permanent.

Sometimes in these dreams, you may see people you currently work with. Yes, you could be dreaming about a certain person because you have issues with him or her. Perhaps you like that person and hope to become friends. However, people in dreams are quite often not there as themselves. Sometimes they represent an aspect of yourself. Perhaps you want to emulate that person or maybe you hope that you don’t end up in the same job for as long as the person you dream about. 

An alternative meaning for dreaming about your current job is that you need to work through the problems that stress you out at work. Perhaps they can easily be solved or maybe you need to sit down and consider if it is time to move on.

Dreaming of a Different Job you Have not Experienced

To dream of a different job or career can mean that you are thinking of leaving your current position. If the dream is about a completely different type of job, you will need to sit down and compare the two jobs to see which you are more suited to.

If you see yourself starting a new job, it can mean that it might be time to start something new. It doesn’t need to be a new job. It could be as simple as watching a new TV program or starting an evening class. You have the ability to change things in your life and your dreams can guide you in this direction.

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