Ivy Dream Meaning

Ivy is composed of around 15 species of plants and belongs to the genus, Hedera. It is fast-growing and can both creep along on the ground and climb up buildings. I’m sure that most of us have seen buildings covered in ivy.

So, you’ve had a dream about ivy and you don’t know what it means. Ask yourself a few questions and look at other symbols in the dream. Was the ivy covering a building and did it look as if it was getting out of control? Perhaps instead it was dying. Could you tell if it was poisonous or not? Not all ivy is poisonous despite the phrase ‘poison ivy’ being very common. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at the different meanings of ivy in dreams.

What it Means to Dream About Ivy

We will first take a look at the different themes running through our dreams about ivy and then we will consider the different types of ivy there are and what they mean.

Connection, Friendship, Fidelity

Because ivy connects with buildings, fences, and other such things and because it intertwines, it is connected with relationships. It is usually positive to dream of ivy and it symbolizes a successful romantic partnership. It can also mean that there is someone you are keen on and would like to know more about. Thriving ivy is telling you to go for it. Introduce yourself and make an effort to have a conversation. You never know where it might lead. 

If you dream that you are at a wedding and there is ivy on display, it means fidelity. You are right to trust your partner. Ivy represents loyalty and faithfulness.

Immortality, Fertility, Hope

In general, ivy is evergreen, although there are a couple of exceptions. It doesn’t lose its leaves in the winter and is extremely hardy. It can literally grow anywhere, even if the climate is rough. It doesn’t particularly need warm weather to thrive. 

Because of this, ancient civilizations revered ivy. In Egypt, the people associated ivy with the god Osiris. It was considered that he was able to bestow immortality on humans. The Greek god, Dionysus was also a god of fertility, as well as of wine and pleasure. He too was connected with ivy. 

In some other cultures, such as Irish and Norwegian, ivy represents hope. To dream of ivy in the winter indicates that there is hope that the weather will soon be better with spring coming.

Knowledge, Notoriety, Honor

If you live in the US, you will no doubt be familiar with the ‘Ivy League’ colleges, such as Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. These are some of the best colleges in America. So why were these schools called ‘Ivy League’? The reason is simple. If you go to any of these schools, you will see ivy covering the buildings. So, if you dream about ivy covering a building, it can mean that you are either knowledgeable or honorable. Perhaps it is a sign that it is time to go out and gain knowledge. Maybe go back to college and get that degree you always wanted. Perhaps get a job that gives you the time to take extra classes. This could  make it easier for you to get a promotion at work. 

Types of Ivy in Dreams

We have covered a few themes you might see in your dreams about ivy. Now it’s time to look at what types of ivy that could be present in your dreams. 

English Ivy

If you see English ivy in your dreams it can mean that you are coping with problems with tenacity and endurance. English ivy is the most common species of ivy that there is. It’s the one you will see covering lots of buildings, including the Ivy League schools. It grows extremely quickly and covers buildings in no time at all. It can grow up to 100 feet and copes well with harsh weather. Seeing it in a dream can reinforce your resiliency and ability to cope with problems.  

Grape Ivy or Grapevines

Another type of ivy is grape ivy, so called because it looks a lot like grapevines. It has berries, but they are not edible. To dream about grape ivy signifies growth, particularly if the ivy is growing upwards. This growth is likely to be in your career. Perhaps you are going to get a promotion or a better job with a different company. It also sometimes means that you are going to come into money, again probably through your career, but there is a chance that you could win the lottery.

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is generally found in North America and in Asia. It appears in groups of three leaves and contains an allergen called urushiol. If you touch poison ivy, the symptoms are harsh and include swelling, particularly of the eyelids, redness, hives, itching, blisters, bumps, and crusting skin. If you breathe in the fumes of burning poison ivy, you can even have breathing problems. It climbs and trails equally well, but unlike other types of ivy, the leaves are green in spring and summer, but they turn red in the autumn. 

To dream that you are suffering the effects of touching poison ivy may indicate that you are worried about something, or even worse, that you are afraid of something or somebody. Perhaps you are worried about your job and losing it. Maybe you are frightened about starting a new relationship. The dream could also have something to do with your health. Perhaps you are waiting for the results of blood tests or a scan. 

Now that we have looked at some of the different types of ivy that you might dream about, it is time to look at some dream scenarios.

Surrounded By or Covered in Ivy in Dreams

You could dream that your house is completely covered by ivy or even you yourself. This could mean that you are feeling smothered or out of control of a situation, just like the ivy that keeps on growing. It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience to be completely covered in ivy, so the dream would probably be more negative than positive. Perhaps someone is trying to take over your life, continually telling you what to do. This could be either at home or at work. Perhaps the blame lies with you. You could have negative thoughts and they are taking over your life to the extent that you are losing friends. The dream is telling you that you need to get some balance in your life.  

Planting Ivy in my Dreams

You could have a dream where you are planting ivy and this could have a couple of meanings. Perhaps you have just started a new relationship and are hoping that it will grow into something permanent. If you are already in a relationship, maybe you want to make it stronger. Perhaps you should renew your wedding vows. Why not book a trip to a hot tropical island and spend some quality time together. Ivy is a sign of connection and fidelity so to dream of planting it bodes well, but you still need to put some effort into the relationship. 

Dying or Withering Ivy in Dreams

To dream of ivy dying could have different meanings. You will have to look at how the dream compares with your waking life.

One meaning of this dream is that a relationship is dying. Perhaps you feel that there is no hope or that maybe your partner has left you. Alternatively, a relationship with a friend might be ending. This person could have betrayed you or maybe you have realized that this person is not what they seemed to be. Perhaps you have finally realized that you have nothing in common with a friend or even your partner. The dying ivy expresses the sadness you feel. 

Another meaning of seeing dying ivy in your dream is that you are worried about your physical or mental health. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer or you have had a mild heart attack. Maybe you have broken a bone and are having difficulty getting around. However, the dream isn’t necessarily negative. It can be telling you to focus on recovering and to be more positive. 

Cutting or Pruning Ivy in Dreams

If you dream that you are pruning ivy growing around your house, it can be a positive sign. You as a person are growing. Perhaps you can now deal with problems that before you found it impossible to tackle. Maybe you have started taking evening classes or perhaps are developing your spirituality. 

Another meaning of cutting ivy is that you are cutting away parts of your life that no longer serve you. This could be a person or it could be your own negativity. Perhaps you want to start afresh in a new job or relationship.

You should ask yourself questions when trying to interpret your dream. These are our suggestions:

  • With regards to your health, are you negative or positive about it? Are you suffering from any illness?
  • Is there anything or anybody in your life that you would like to get rid of?  Perhaps someone is making you feel inferior.
  • Is there someone you feel close to? Perhaps there is somebody you would like to establish a connection with.
  • Are you an ambitious person? Do you want to succeed in your career?
  • What other symbols stood out in the dream. Remember to look out for different colors as they have meanings of their own.
  • What do you feel like about ivy in your waking life? Do you find it a nuisance as it takes over your home and yard or do you like the look of it?

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