33 Ways To Develop Your Intuition

Like most people, it probably surprises you to know that this skill is something that you can develop. It is not like one of those things where you have to be gifted naturally. Intuition is used by most of us daily. It’s just that we are not always aware we are actually applying it.


By definition, intuition is the ability to perceive something right away. There is no rational explanation as to how or why that something is. It is something that we base on a hunch or recognize instinctively.

Sometimes, your intuition is also known as your gut feeling, higher self, wise mind, or inner voice. It is a very powerful tool that can help guide you through greater awareness of your life. 

There’s no denying that intuition is a powerful force. In fact, even business icons have relied on intuition to help them make smarter business decisions.


  • You suddenly get a bad feeling about pulling into the parking lot of a restaurant, so you lock the doors of your car and drive off. The next day, you saw on the news that there was a robbery on that store around the same time that you would have been there.
  • You simply know who the person is calling the moment the phone rings.
  • A person knocks on your door to sell something. But instead of entertaining him, you did not let the person in. Later on, you learn that he was a scammer.
  • You have this hunch that your furnace needs to be inspected. Although you think that there will be nothing wrong with it, the repairman informed you that repairs are necessary to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into your house.

These are just some examples of your intuition works. There is no known logic as to why we get a feeling or hunch about certain things. Nevertheless, in almost all instances, we end up being thankful that we listened to our inner voice gently nagging us to take action.


Before, intuition was regarded as some sort of magic (see magic dream meaning) superpower that not all people can have access to.

Luckily, that is not truly the case. Science is constantly researching and studying things like consciousness and intuition. In fact, in recent years, scientists have made plenty of exciting and interesting discoveries about it. Hence, intuition is not only for people who are said to be spiritually gifted.

Each of us, including you, can develop intuition. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t have an ounce of intuition in your mind or body, you will be able to find ways to incorporate intuition in your life. The key here is to have the appetite to learn how.  

There are many simple ways you can apply that can help develop your intuition and start listening to your inner self. They work for everyone, and people can develop their intuition even if they think they don’t have it. 


No doubt, intuition is real. One of the reasons that intuition is difficult to seize in an experimental setting is that it works strongly in real situations and with real problems. Although it is good to test intuition’s advice when you receive it, it is not a good idea to create an artificial problem or situation just to test your intuition. Simply put, intuition will not present significant input to tasks that meaningless. That’s because the nature of intuition is too efficient for that.

There are so many benefits that come with using your intuition. Applying it does not mean that you have to turn into a professional psychic and start to predict what the future holds for others. Likewise, you don’t need to become one of those stereotypical spiritual woo-woo individuals just to awaken your inner wisdom.

Here’s some of the ways using your intuition can benefit you:

Improve Your Self Confidence

Do you sometimes see yourself doubt your feelings or ability about something? Once you learn to trust both yourself and inner wisdom, your self-confidence will improve. 

Make Decisions More Easily

If you are someone who is usually indecisive or unsure about life, you can make decisions a lot easier by listening to your inner voice.

Intuition in Relationships

Have you counted the times wherein you have a good or hunch feeling regarding a person you just met? Most of the time, listening to your intuition can help you with building relationships with others. It can be anything, from a romantic partner or interest to a friend or family member, and even when vetting on who you do business with.

Intuition in Your Career

Do you sometimes see yourself wondering how you will be able to advance your career? Have you ever felt that your work is not fulfilling? You can use your intuition to take on the right career path to ensure that you are doing something that you enjoy and love.

Intuition in Healing Mind, Body, and Soul

A lot of times, when you listen to your own body, you’ll be able to get on a path to wellness. You can help improve your diet and provide your body with what it needs by learning how to cook and eat intuitively. Listening to your intuition can help you make crucial decisions regarding what is best for your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

If you face problems in the start, understand that having trouble distinguishing intuition from opinions, attitudes, and thoughts is natural. But with practice, you will be able to become more proficient in separating personality factors from pure intuition. This ability pave the way to intuition, which is purposeful, efficient, clear, and natural.

Your intuition may likely take different forms. However, over time you will come to know the favorite way of how your intuition catches your attention. You may find it comes in daydreams instead of night dreams. Or you may see clear images after meditation. Or, if you practice, you may get bursts of insight into dilemmas you are thinking about as you work out.

There are endless possibilities on how you can employ your own intuitive skills to further improve your own life, as well as the life of others around you. Keep in mind that if you want to learn about intuition, honor its advice wherever possible.

Now that you already have a clear idea as to why learning how to trust your own inner wisdom is a great idea, let us look at some of the things you can do today to help grow your intuition


Although there is no need to do every single thing on this list, you will most likely find that a lot of these things are easy enough that you can begin doing them right now.


Intuitive individuals always observe their surroundings. They are mindful of the people around them, as well as what thoughts and emotions they are undergoing. Likewise, they are entirely immersed in the present moment as frequently as possible.

Because of these, they gain the ability to sense these hunches once they happen. One of the best ways to learn how to improve and trust your intuition is to be present at the moment.


Having a journal is an excellent means to keep track of your feelings and thoughts. Often, jotting down something in your journal, you will find that you have written something in it that connects to events that occurred later when you browse and look back at it. 

When you have a gut feeling regarding a certain thing, make sure to take of the situation. How does it make you feel? Also, why do you think that your intuition may have been working during that circumstance?

Keeping a journal of your various experiences and thoughts is an excellent way to recognize validation during the times your intuition worked.


There is always a place for expert opinions like seeing a medical doctor when you are feeling sick. Nevertheless, for the most part, you have to learn to follow and rely on your judgment. 

Lately, you find yourself researching a topic before coming up with a decision? Perhaps you even have to ask a friend or family member to help you decide about what to do. If so, this is an indication that you rely too much upon the opinions of other people instead of your own supervision. 

Once you learn to believe your intuition, you will see yourself feel a lot more comfortable and confident about making decisions. Additionally, you will be more certain about facing the challenges that life throws at you.


Meditation is one of the simplest methods you can do to help clear your mind of feelings and thoughts that may be cluttering up your real feelings. It is a means of giving your brain the break it badly needs from every thought that’s making it busy every day. 

So make sure to give yourself a little time every day to meditate to help relax your mind and have better clarity.


Imagine there is a blank piece of paper in front of you. Do you have an idea of what to draw? Your intuition can serve as a great motivation and source of inspiration. Giving yourself the creative freedom to produce anything you feel guided to do is also a wonderful means to see your intuition in action.

You can do whatever you want using a medium that you enjoy, such as draw, make music (see also guitar dreams), sculpt, or paint. The only worst-case scenario here is that you’ll never turn into a professional artist. But the best-case scenario is that you will have loads of fun. On top of that, you will be able to comprehend just how intuitive the entire creative process can be.


Another excellent way to have a better understanding of your intuition in greater depth is by keeping a dream journal. When you learn how to record your dreams and interpret their meaning, you will have plenty of insight into the various areas of your life.


It is vital to differentiate intuition from your anxieties and fears when developing it. For instance, if you are constantly in fear of flying, you will obviously have a not so good feeling when boarding a plane. However, this is not an indication that the plane will crash. 

But if you love to travel and fly most of the time, and then you had a feeling one day that you should not get on a flight, that may be the right time to listen and trust your intuition.


Similar to your fears, wishful thinking may also be a problem. This is especially true when you are thinking about something that you want to turn out great. It is not an intuitive message in these instances. Instead, it is merely what you are hoping to happen. 

One good example of this is when you are playing the lottery every day for many years and begin thinking that you can feel that today will be your lucky day. For most people, this is wishful thinking. Something that is based more on intuition is if you have never played the lottery before in your life and never liked it, and then suddenly everywhere you look, there are numerous signs in your life urging you to play. Also, you have this knowing deep inside you that you will win.


Synchronicity occurs when you notice plenty of signs in your waking life that guide you on the right track. Often, these are deemed to be messages from spirit or your guides to help you recognize that you are in the right direction.

An example of synchronicity is when you begin to notice recurring symbols in your waking life over and over again. For instance, perhaps you begin to see a horse everywhere. You are in a park and see a lot of people riding a horse. You turn on the TV, and the show is about horses. You are researching something entirely and not relate to horses online, and you see a horse being a part of the logo of the website. You go to a museum and notice they suddenly have a completely new display devoted to horses.

These kinds of signs are the ones you must pay attention to. It’s your intuition that identifies these patterns to push you in understanding the symbolism of a horse.


Sitting with a deck of cards is one of the things that can further help you learn how to have a better sense of intuition and how it feels like. Guess whether the card will be black or red.

Continue to do this until you can guess which cards are which more accurately. You will be astounded to discover that most of the time your first guess is black or red, but then you’ll notice that once your logic attempts to take over, it will tell you the opposite.


Writing letters to my higher self is one of the methods I did to tap into my inner wisdom. I will begin by jotting down a simplistic prompt on top of the page like what are the things I need to know today. Then, I will start to write a letter to myself. 

Often, doing this helps me get a better grasp of my worries and fears. Likewise, this helps me get of the right track to doing the things that make the most sense in my life. Do not think about what you write. Just let whatever words to flow naturally and spill to the pages.


Physics teaches us that all things are made of energy and we cannot create nor destroy this energy. If you pay close attention to energy, you can often sense that it is all around you.

You can practice sensing energy by waving your hands slowly, over, away from, and near an object. Some of the good things you can work with initially are things like trees, plants, and running water. Make sure to pay cloese attention to what thoughts, feelings, and sensation occur. 

Then ask yourself if you can sense a difference in the energy as you move your hands closer and away.


In simplest terms, psychometry is the ability to sense or know information regarding a person when holding an object which belongs or once belonged to that person. Something like this is possible since these things typically hold a psychic imprint and residual energy of the individual.

Common objects like a watch, a piece of jewelry, or even pictures can sources for you to practice learning how to sense and see these imprints with your intuition instead of by what you may see.


Are you up for a bit of exploring? Your intuition can be quite powerful in terms of traveling or even when you are on a staycation, exploring places near where you have lived. 

If there is a specific place that you feel has been always calling you to visit, perhaps now is the best time to explore and experience it. There are plenty of possibilities to see your intuition at play. It can be during a hike on a trail in a National Park or while enjoying an afternoon in a nearby city or town.

For instance, when visiting a nearby city, you can practice your intuition by deciding where you want to grab a bite to eat or which local shops to visit. If you feel guided to take the backroads to get there rather than a more direct route, try the road less traveled instead. You never know, there may be a reason why you feel guided to do so.


If t is hard for you to meditate while lying or sitting down, you may want to try walking meditation, which also provides the same benefits.

Take a walk in a place familiar to you, such as a park nearby or even in your own neighborhood or backyard. While walking, spend your time focusing on your steps and your breath. If other ideas or thoughts come into your mind while doing this, simply recognize them and continue to bring your attention back to the activity you are doing.

Doing this will encourage you to feel more grounded, focused, and calm.


A lot of hobbies that are monotonous can be deemed as meditative. For example, Zentangle is a practice of meditative drawing. You may choose to create your own meditative sand and rock garden. Or perhaps even acquire knitting, crochet, or other repetitive hobby.

The key that makes these hobbies meditative is that they include a lot of repetition. This repetition gives your mind that worries a lot something to focus on. This, in turn, allows you to enjoy the benefits of feeling serene and in the present moment.


Intuition is frequently called the sixth sense. Therefore, it just makes sense to improve your intuition. It is valuable to learn how to thoroughly manage and understand all of the senses.

One of the ways you can start learning how to tune in to various things is to do so with your ears. You will discover that you can usually focus your attention on a single sound, without necessarily hearing other sounds. Our intuition works the same way, so doing this with your ears first is a great way to get into the practice.

Take a moment to close your eyes. Then, focus only on the things you hear. Perhaps it is your neighbors chatting next door, or maybe you hear the busy traffic on the nearby street or even birds (See also mockingbird dream meaning) chirping. Focus on only one sound at a time.

For example, right now, I can hear my hands typing swiftly on the keyboard if I pay careful attention to what I can hear, even though I did not see that at all the first 2,000 words or so of composing this article.


The reason why I refer to this one as smell-o-vision is that a lot of people have always joked about how they wish they could smell the thing they see on TV. Nevertheless, there is no need for you to be anywhere near a thing to imagine a strong smell of something. Again, take a moment and close your eyes, and then simply think of these common smells.

  • The smell of fresh popcorn popping in the microwave oven
  • Fresh chocolate chip cookies baking in your over
  • Your favorite flower in the summer
  • Your favorite soap or go-to perfume
  • The smell of freshly washed clothes 

You may be able to easily smell these things, even if you don’t have a fresh bowl of hot popcorn in front of you. If you are not quite able to do this yet, another thing you can try to do is tune your note to be able to turn it on and off to smell various things.

If you’ll notice, when you open your spice cabinet, you can instantly tune your nose to smell the different fragrances of spices. You can easily smell the difference between garlic and cinnamon.


Although this is something that  I can’t prove, I frequently think that spirit interacts with us through songs on the radio. This can be the radio you listen to in your vehicle or even your favorite playlist on a music streaming app.

Usually, when there is something I am want to learn and understand more about, I will play my favorite playlist and then listen to the tunes that come on. Sometimes the songs are in perfect synchronicity to what may be going through with my mind.

You may notice spirit radio whenever you are out and about as well. Maybe a song comes on in perfect synchronicity as you are browsing at items on a shelf while doing your weekend grocery shopping that helps you decide what item you need to buy for your health. You never know!


One of the most reliable ways to start trusting your intuitive abilities more, in the start, is to partner with a friend or group and practice several exercises. It can be very helpful to recognize when someone else can pick up on the same things as you.


Everyone’s mood can often change. And this is especially true when you are quite sensitive to the varying energies surrounding you. Something that has become very beneficial for me is to keep track of the different moods I have daily by utilizing a simple mood chart.

Understanding how your internal thoughts and what external situations may be impacting your overall made becomes pretty easy with the help of a mood chart. There are times when you can go back and see the trends and patterns which may help establish your own intuition.


Both Oracle and Tarot cards are very useful to help you further understand a specific situation. Likewise, these tools can help you explore and reveal what you are truly feeling. Furthermore, these means are excellent to apply when you are practicing cultivating your intuition.

Instead of simply reading what every card may imply, take a bit of time to look at the image. For instance, when you draw the card of Ace of Spades, carefully examine the image and thing about how it may apply to your waking life.


Another way you can do to uplift your mood instantly is to exercise gratitude. When you take a little to just think about every little thing in your life that you are thankful for, it will you an opportunity to draw in positive things into your awareness.

A simple act of bringing something into your conscious awareness is an exceptional method to improve the intuition muscle you apply to bring things to the focus of your consciousness naturally.


Have you experienced meeting an entirely toxic and negative person? You are aware that this type of individual is someone who constantly complains about every little thing and always requires your attention. Also, merely thinking about this person will often leave you feeling drained out and wearied.

Having healthy boundaries will enable you to shift your focus on the things that matter the most. Additionally, it will draw in happiness in your life while preventing these kinds of toxic people from cluttering your personal energy. When you learn how to set boundaries for both situations and people that deplete your energy, you will be helping yourself provide clarity to your own psychic energy.


During the entire day, most of us have little thoughts that will suddenly pop through our minds out of nowhere. Some examples of these small things that may come out of nowhere are, “Buy some groceries on the way home” or “I should give mom a quick call.”

These things often come to your mind for a reason, so make sure to write them down. Your mom may have some vital news to share with you. Or you may pass up the thought of picking up some groceries, and then later that evening, unexpected guests come knocking on your door or a massive snowstorm hits your area.

The little random thoughts that occur can be quite helpful as well for business and creativity. 

These little random thoughts that happen can also be very helpful for creativity and business. You never know where one of your random ideas may lead to. One of these may even be the break you are looking for.


Intuition is typically connected to having a gut feeling. And the reason for that is because our stomach is composed of nerves that react when a particular trigger happens in our brains.

All the parts of our bodies work in the same manner. So when you feel physical sensations, such as tingling, numbness, or heaviness, it may be a good sign that you need to pay close attention to the things currently happening and what you are feeling. 

Moreover, keeping track of all the sensations you feel when they happen can be also helpful. Sometimes, when you look back, there is an emerging pattern that you will be able to notice.


There are plenty of times when foods, including refined sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can alter or alter the way you feel and think. In addition, consuming highly processed foods packed with artificial ingredients may make you feel like you are creeping along in life.

A few changes in your diet here and there can often help you quite a bit. So make sure to select all organic and natural foods as much as possible or whenever they are available. Also, stick to whole grain options, vegetables, and other whole foods as much as you can. After all, these can make a huge difference in your overall health and wellness.


There are a plethora of herbs available that you can use to induce a relaxing and tranquil mood that will enable you to feel grounded and calmer. For instance, chamomile tea is typically used for relaxation and soothing one’s mood.

At first, utilizing herbs to encourage your mind and body to enter a relaxed and comfortable state of consciousness can be beneficial. However, the most important thing to remember here is to understand that you do not always have to depend on these herbs to achieve success. At the end of the day, it will always be about you, your hard work, and your perception of life.


The process of self-discovery where you use cut-out images from magazines and books to create a picture that holds meaning to you is known as intuitive collage.

The entire process is very creative and fun. Moreover, it does not require any artistic skill on your part. And based on whatever images you may select, you can often find a great deal of wisdom here.


All human beings come with an energy field, and chakras are the various points along your body. Numerous different cultures have been using chakras in ancient medical and spiritual practices. The focus of the majority of practices is on the seven main chakras. Nonetheless, a lot of people encompass several more.

When you keep the balance of your energy, it will help you live a healthy and well-balanced life. When the alignment of your chakras is not proper, physical signs may appear a lot of times. 

One of the most helpful ways to balance your chakras is to do a simple guided meditation. Furthermore, you can also further your knowledge about all chakras and their meaning by learning how to listen to the energy of your own body.


The book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is one of the books I love to read over and over again. This one can help you learn how to employ the power of your visualization and imagination to focus on building the life that you truly want.

Creative visualization allows you to practice methods of imagining things that can be beneficial for you. If you are feeling afraid, for example, you may try to visualize that there is a protective light that surrounds you that can ward off the things that may bring harm to you. If you want to move, you may start exercising a few times every day to visualize the perfect home in your mind.

A lot of people have used creative visualization in alternative healing modalities. Likewise, they even use it as a tool for managing painful emotions or traumatic experiences in their lives. So how do you know what to imagine? Why, your intuition, of course.


It may take a while to fully develop and trust your intuition. Therefore, it is vital for you to practice every day as much as possible. With regular practice, you will be able to begin to very easily and quickly learn to recognize your intuition in action. 

The key to applying your intuition with a lot more confidence in your life is plenty of practice, determination, and patience. The more you work with your intuition, the more skilled you will be at identifying when to listen.

Developing your intuition is, for the most part, a matter of paying close attention to it in your daily life, especially in the areas you know a lot about and love.

Keep in mind that interpretations of intuition can be incomplete or colored by our perceptions. Hence, it’s vital to use common sense. Ideally, both your intuition and logic will go hand in hand and be entirely connected with each other in your path to life.

Hopefully, you find this list of ideas of ways on how you can develop your intuition enjoyable and helpful. And, of course, it is always a pleasure to hear what’s on your mind. So if you have any ideas you want to share on how you can grow and trust your intuition, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Also, we would love to know some of the things that have helped you learn to listen to your soul wisdom.

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