Ice Dream Meaning

Ice comes in many different varieties such as a frozen pond, an icy street, an icicle, or even an ice sculpture. So what does it mean if you dream about ice? Because there are so many different ways we can encounter ice, the meanings are varied and in this article, we will look at some of them. 

We learn at school at a very young age that ice is simply water that has frozen. It can vary in color. Sometimes it is completely clear, at others it is cloudy. It originates in the sky and falls as hail, snow, or freezing rain. In addition, you have glaciers which you find where there are colder temperatures like in the Arctic or Antarctic. Ice can be produced by people as well. Many of us freeze water into ice cubes or crushed ice to cool down our drinks. Perhaps you are going on a picnic. Put some ice in the coolbox to keep everything safe and cool. 

What it Means to Dream About Ice

We will now take a look at some of the most common themes running through dreams about ice.

Feeling Stuck, Standing Still, Helplessness

One of the first themes we can associate with ice is being stuck. Your career, relationships, or even your own personal development could be frozen. Maybe you have no idea where you should be going. Perhaps you feel unable to make a decision.

There is another meaning to this, however. A dream of ice can indicate that there is a situation in your life that you feel no control over. Perhaps you are being bossed about at work by your manager, but there is no help at hand. 

Maybe something is hanging over your head. You could have taken credit for something at work, but are now worried that the person you cheated is going to expose you. It wouldn’t be surprising if you dreamed about an icicle in this respect. An icicle is dangerous and could fall on your head seriously injuring you. This could symbolize your fear. You don’t know when you could be exposed to the world. 

Confidence, Faith, Fearlessness

Ice is solid so reflects fearlessness and confidence. However, it can also melt quickly so don’t be too sure of yourself as everything could come unstuck. Perhaps you are putting yourself in awkward situations or even dangerous scenarios. Perhaps you need to keep your feet on the ground and accept the fact that everything doesn’t go right all the time.

Positive Changes, Opening Pathways

Despite this, ice melting in a dream can be a good sign. You might know someone who is cold and rigid. If you see melting ice, this could symbolize the person thawing out and becoming more open. On the other hand, it could be you who could be guilty of this, so maybe it is time for you to unwind and become easier to be with. 

A frozen stream thawing could mean that a tough situation will get better. Perhaps you have been under too much pressure at work. Maybe the dream indicates that things are going to get easier. 

Caution, Awareness, Discretion

In the US, it has been proved that 24% of road accidents are caused by ice. In addition, many people slip on ice when they are walking. If you live somewhere that has cold temperatures, you will know that ice is dangerous and the chances of slipping are high. 

If you have dreamed of either skidding in a car on ice or slipping on the sidewalk, maybe you are worried that you might ‘slip’ up in some aspect of your life.

Dreaming of ice can mean that there is danger ahead and that you need to take precautions, You might see them coming, in which case you should already be prepared. Otherwise, it is a warning that a dangerous or frightening situation is coming your way.

Types of Ice in Dreams

Having covered themes you might see running through your dreams about ice, it is now time to look at the different types of ice you might see. All have their own meanings and will give you a better interpretation of your ice dream.

Frozen Lakes, Rivers, Creeks, and Other Bodies of Water

To dream of water in the guise of lakes, rivers, ponds, and so on, often relates to the state of your mind. 

If you dream of a frozen river or stream, it can indicate that there is an obstacle in your way. Usually, rivers and streams flow, but if they are frozen it can mean that there is some sort of blockage in your life. Perhaps there is someone standing in the way of your promotion. 

A frozen lake or sea can mean that you are feeling alone or frustrated by some situation in your life. Maybe your partner has left you or perhaps nobody is giving you a chance to prove yourself. It can be very frustrating if nobody takes any notice of you. 

Frozen bodies of water can depict a cold heart. Is it you who is alienating everybody else with your lack of emotion or is somebody else freezing you out?

Icy Road

Driving on an icy road is dangerous. You need to take it easy and slow down as if you don’t you could easily skid and hurt not only yourself but others. If you dream of an icy road, it can mean that there are dangers ahead for you. You need to sit down and assess what is coming up in your life. Could anything be dangerous?

Alternatively, you could dream that you are driving very slowly on an icy road. This could indicate that you aren’t going to achieve your goals as quickly as you would like. 

If you skid on an icy road and wreck your car, it can mean that you are out of control in some area of your life, be it personal or professional. You need to get control back so you can live your life to your full potential.


Icicles look beautiful, but they are unpredictable. They could start melting and fall on your head, causing you to be hurt. Because of this, if you see them in a dream, beware of dangers ahead.

If you see many icicles in your dream, they could represent irritations in your life. They might not be anything major, but they are still niggling you. However, if you see the icicles melting, it can mean that these irritations are going to go away just like the icicles.

Ice Sculpture

Ice sculptures can be beautiful, but they aren’t permanent. Eventually, as the weather gets warmer, they will melt which can be very sad. If you dream of an ice sculpture, perhaps you are afraid that you are going to lose something or somebody important. It could be your job, your partner, your home, or your pet. Perhaps a relative is sick and you are scared that they might not pull through. Maybe you are feeling happy, but are worried that this time will end. You don’t want to go back to being miserable.


Glaciers are huge and can be quite frightening if you are out at sea and see one. Perhaps there is something in your life that you feel is insurmountable. Maybe you feel that you can’t get a job or that someone you are attracted to is out of your league. You may feel that something is impossible to conquer. Perhaps it’s time to sit down and reassess the problem. There must be a way of overcoming it. 

Glaciers move slowly. Perhaps your life is also progressing slowly and you can’t seem to take control of it despite spending a lot of time and energy on different aspects of your life. Maybe you are frustrated at this and perhaps it is time to give up something and focus on something else which will enhance your life.

We have looked at the different types of ice that may appear in your dreams. Now it’s time to look at a few dream scenarios that you might find yourself in.

Frozen In Ice

If you dream that you are frozen in ice, there could be something happening in your life that is stopping you from progressing. Somebody could be holding you back. On the other hand, it could be you that is holding yourself back. Perhaps you are trying to learn a new skill or language and you can’t be bothered to do the homework. It is time that you took a long hard look at yourself and decide what you really want out of life.

Walking on Ice

You could dream that you are walking on ice. If it is cracking and you are having trouble walking without falling into the cold water underneath, your goals and ambitions could be slipping away from you. However, if the ice feels solid underneath your feet, life is going to be positive. If you are unsure of how strong the ice is and are wary to walk on it, your life could be heading towards instability, uncertainty, and fear. Perhaps you are traveling towards the unknown.

Falling Through Ice

Perhaps you are walking on a frozen lake in your dream and suddenly the ice cracks and you fall into the freezing water. This could signify the emotional turmoil you are going through. Perhaps your whole world is going to come crashing down on you. Maybe you are stifling your emotions. If these are negative, it could lead to an outburst where you alienate friends and family. You could be left out in the cold as you would be if you fell into freezing water. 

Melting Ice

If you are looking for a positive sign, a dream about melting ice could be just that. If you see a frozen river melt and flow freely again, it could mean that you are going to be free of obstacles and challenges. Perhaps that promotion is due or maybe you come into a little money that enables you to go on that vacation you have been looking forward to.

If you see icicles meat in your dream, it can indicate that you are working hard to solve problems and will succeed. 

To see any ice melting means that your life is changing and usually for the better.

To understand more about what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does ice mean to you in your waking life? Do you worry about it screwing up your plans or do you enjoy skating on it?
  • Were there other symbols in your dream, such as people? Did any colors stand out apart from white? 
  • Is your life stuck in a rut and do you feel that you aren’t moving forward?
  • What obstacles stand between you and your goals?
  • Are you keeping something inside? Maybe you are frightened to share your thoughts with other people.
  • Perhaps you appear cold. Maybe it’s time to thaw out and relax.

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