Horse Dream Meaning & Spirit Animal

Have you been dreaming about horses? No matter if you dream of riding a horse or horses just appear in your dream in whatever form, horses in dreams can have a strong significance. However, a horse can appear in a dream in a variety of contexts, and depending on the context it could mean a number of different things. 

Today, we’ll talk about the symbolism of horses in dreams. We’ll start with the meaning of horse as a symbol, and then we’ll move on to specific dreams involving horses. So, if you had a really specific dream involving anything horse-related, keep reading – you might find just what you are looking for. 

Common Horse Dream Symbols Meanings

Horses have been human companions for thousands of years. Most likely, horses were first domesticated in the fourth millennium before Christ. Ever since then, they have been of incredible significance to the human species in a very real way. Horses were used as transportation, for working the fields, and had a very significant place in various cultures. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us that horse symbolism is very rich. 

While the true meaning of a horse in a dream will depend on specific events and detail in the dream, we should always keep in mind what horses signify in general. So, we’ll start by discussing the main meanings attributed to the symbol of the horse. 

Horses Mean Strength, Energy, Perseverance, Freedom, and Independence

As important human companions for thousands of years, horses have strong meanings that are hard to deny. Horses can appear in dreams, but also as signs in real life: coincidence or not? Depends mostly on what you choose to believe in. Some may also have horses appear as a spirit animal or a guardian animal. In any case, horses signify strength, endurance, and freedom. While all of these meanings are connected, there are different aspects of horse symbolism, so let’s talk about each of these aspects separately. 

Strength, Energy and Power

Horses are often associated with strength. After all, horses can pull carts, carry heavy loads, and humans can ride them. One just needs to think about the word “horsepower”. When we talk about motor vehicles, why do we mention horses? Well, of course, because historically horses were the main source of power when it comes to transporting things, but that’s part of their symbolism too. One thing to keep in mind is that horses usually don’t signify explosive power, but calm, stray strength that comes from within. 

When dreaming about horses, it often signifies that in your real life you are facing a situation where you need to rely on your own strength. You might need to assume a role that requires power and leadership, or you might need to rely increasingly on your own strengths. 

Conversely, it could also signify that you feel like you are losing your power. Someone or something could be draining your energy,  leaving you feeling like you are pulling a heavy load, like a horse would. 

Your own strength and energy levels are definitely something to think about when horses appear in your dreams. Do you feel like your own strength is growing and your energy is directed the right way? Or do you feel like you are lacking energy? If you are feeling worn out, tired, and like there is never enough time to do what you need to, it might be a sign that you are wasting your own strength. Horses could have a positive or a negative meaning, but a horse always points to things having to do with strength, energy, and power struggles. 

Stamina, Toleration and Endurance

A horse is not only strong, horses are also animals endowed with great endurance. No matter how difficult the task, how difficult the conditions – like climate or terrain – a horse can keep doing its task for long periods of time. That’s why the energy of a horse also signifies patience and persistence. 

When a horse appears in your dream, it could also point to this type of symbols. Is there something in your life that you find difficult but have been enduring for a long time. Maybe you have no options, maybe you are in a situation that forces you to tolerate something you otherwise wouldn’t. Or, on the other hand, we might be facing obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, but a horse can be a sign is that all we need is patience and perseverance. There are challenges in life that can seem impossible, but sometimes all we need is to just keep trying. Believing in our own strength is often what will get us through the finish line, and a horse can signify exactly that. 

Independence, Wild & Free

While horses are often seen as helpers and servants of people, wild horses can signify something completely different. Wild horses are independent, free, and magnificent in their appearance. They are beautiful, proud, and they are free to do as they choose. 

If in your dream, horses appear in nature without any people around, these might be the meanings you need to focus on. A wild horse signifies a free spirit, free from obstacles but also responsible for its own actions. 

Abundance and Fertility

While a horse, on its own, wild and free, signifies a free spirit, we might also want to think about the horse as a symbol in human society. Horses are often seen as status symbols. Owning a beautiful horse that is healthy and cared for definitely signifies abundance. 

Additionally, although horses usually summon a masculine energy, they can also be a sign of fertility. After all, we all know that horse manure is often used in gardening to bring life energy to plants. 

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Horses?

So far, we talk about the symbolism of hoses in general. However, the right way to interpret a horse appearing in a dream often depends on specific scenarios in which horses can appear – and there are many of those. In the next part, we’ll talk about some of the most common dreams involving horses and how to interpret them. 

Common Dreams We May Have About Horses and Their Meanings 

Dreaming of Horseback Riding

If you dream of riding a horse this usually signifies some sort of travel. It could mean literally traveling somewhere, it could signify a life path, or it might mean you are not controlling your direction in life (are you controlling where the horse is going in the dream or are you just being carried somewhere?). In any case, you might also want to check out the meaning of paths and roads in dreams if you are having this type of dream. 

Saddle & Tack

If saddle, tack, and other riding equipment feature prominently in your dream, it might point to the horse as a status symbol. Horses with fancy equipment often make us think of formal occasions, wealth, and dominance. If your horse is missing some of these pieces, it could signify something you are missing in your life, or point to situations where you feel powerless. 

Other People Riding Horses

If you dream of people you know riding horses, it might mean you are concerned with how these people are working. Are these people working together, and are you concerned with how this is coming along? Or it could point to how the energy of these people or the amount of work they put in if affecting your own life. 

Dreaming of a Race Horse

Dreaming of race horses usually signifies some kind of competition. Racing horses also signify haste and speed. Are you running towards a goal but it keeps escaping? Do you feel like you are struggling to stay on top at work, like being in a race? Or maybe you are just very competitive and like to win. It all depends on the specifics of the dream. If you are dreaming of a horse winning (or losing) in a race, it might even be a prophetic dream, although it usually signifies your own feelings. The reality could be just the opposite. 

Horse Pulling a Buggy, Carriage or Wagon

A horse pulling a heavy load might mean you are feeling like this in your life. Maybe you have more responsibilities and tasks than you’d like to, or that you can handle. Maybe you can do all of this, but it has been feeling incredibly heavy. Maybe you are pulling all the weight in a significant relationship in your life. 

If you are dreaming you are riding in a horse carriage, make sure to also check out the meaning of vehicles in a dream. 

Pulling a Plow or Plowing a Field

A horse plowing a field – a workhorse – often signifies work-related issues in your life. Maybe your work needs more attention. You might be weighing out different options in your career. Or it could just be a sign you are preparing for something, and you are doing so thoroughly. Or you could have doubts if you are prepared enough for something important in your life. 

On the other hand, dreaming of plowing a field could signify a simple life. These days, we all often live fast-paced and hectic lives so it could be a sign that you need to slow down. 

Wild Horses

Wild horses in dreams often represent yourself. If there are no humans involved, it might be that you see yourself as wild and free. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It depends on the situation. Think about what it means to you. 

Dream of a Horse and Water

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” – have you ever heard this proverb? It means that sometimes, some people won’t do what is expected of them or is best for them even with everything that is necessary available. For example, you can provide your children with everything they need, and despite plenty of opportunities to make you proud they could do something completely different. Or maybe you are the horse in this dream. 

Water in dreams is also often connected with feelings and our emotional side. So, consider interpreting your dream in this direction – what is the horse telling you about your emotional state? 

Mare & Foal

Although horses are connected with patience and endurance, mares as mothers can actually be very temperamental. Dreaming about a mare and foam might mean you are feeling like a child in some aspect of your life, or someone is treating you this way. Or maybe you have been mothering someone? 

Dreaming of Snow

Dreaming of horses in the snow, for example pulling a sleigh, might simply mean your thoughts are drifting towards winter and Christmas, for example. Do these things mean anything specific to you? Additionally, you might also want to check out the possible meanings of snow in dreams. 

Dreaming of a High Horse

The phrase “on a high horse” usually indicates someone is being self-centered and arrogant. So, dreaming of a literally high horse might be a representation of this saying. Is there someone who has been acting as “on a high horse”, or maybe it is you who is guilty of such behavior? 

Dreaming of a Horse Talking

Horses talking in dreams has two possible meanings – and they are completely opposite from each other. On one hand, horses are often seen as status symbols, and in this sense a horse talking might signify words of authority and significance. On the other hand, it might indicate that you think the thing the horse is saying is nonsense. What is the horse saying in your dream? How do you feel about it, and about horses in general? Answering these questions could provide some cues. 

Horse Teeth

Teeth have specific meanings in dreams, no matter if they are from a horse or from somewhere else. If you dream of a horse showing you teeth, or being bitten by a horse, think about it this way: all of the things that a horse can signify, they might be coming to bite you. Have you been strong for a long time, endured everything and kept it together? Maybe it’s time for some rest. 

Eating Horse Meat

Eating horse meat is considered normal in some countries, while in others it’s seen as taboo. How do you personally feel about eating horse meat? Your attitude towards this is important when it comes to interpreting a dream about eating horse meat. Do you think it’s not right to eat horse meat? Then, how did it make you feel in the dream – maybe it seemed completely normal there, or it made you feel horrible and disgusted? 

Dead Horse in Dreams

Dreaming of a dead horse can signify the loss of strength and power. Are there aspects of your life where you feel like you are losing your grip? To better understand such dreams, make sure to read about the meaning of death and dying in dreams. 

Dreaming of Manure

Manure is not the prettiest thing to see, but it’s also a powerful fertilizer for plants (see also ivy dreams) (see also ivy dreams). How did you feel about it in the dream? While it can signify some things you don’t like, manure can also signify abundance and fertility in the future. 

Flying Horses

Pegasus from Greek mythology is probably the most well-known flying horse, but stories about such horses abound in traditions from all over the world. Flying horses signify freedom, love, and lofty goals. Maybe you are doing really well in some aspect of your life and the horse signifies that. Or, alternatively, it might mean your plans are too lofty and unrealistic – like a flying horse. 

Dreaming of a Trojan Horse

As you probably know, a Trojan horse is a horse that is really not a horse – a false gift. Dreaming of a Trojan horse almost always means you are suspicious about something or someone. Is there someone in your life you suspect is not what they claim to be? Are someones intentions not pure? Or is it you who is being dishonest? 

Questions to Ask Yourself to Interpret This Dream

No one can understand your dream better than you. In order to interpret a dream, it’s always a good idea to write it down as soon as you wake up in as much detail as possible. Otherwise, you might be missing smaller signs. Once you have your dream on paper, as yourself a  couple of questions: 

What Colors Are Present? 

What color was the horse you were dreaming about? And what color was dominant in the dream? Finding out about color symbolism might give you an opportunity to interpret the dream with more clarity. 

Where Does This Dream Take Place?

The setting of a dream can be very significant. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. In any case, think about where you have seen a horse? Was it a field, in nature, in a stable, or in a city? It could also be a place that is personally significant to you. 

What Are My Current Feelings About Strength, Energy, Power, and Freedom?

Now that you know about the symbolism of the horse, it’s a good idea to explore what kind of thoughts these meanings wake up in you. How do you feel regarding strength, energy, and power in your own life? What about freedom and endurance? 

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