Guitar Symbol Meaning in Dreams

In this article, we will be looking at what it means to dream about guitars.

Dream Symbol Meaning of a Guitar

If we think about guitars, it is not unusual to imagine music. There are so many types of music that our dreams about guitars can be varied. It is a good idea to consider the other symbols in the dream as well to make sure you get the full picture. 

In general, people who dream about guitars are extroverts and are not afraid to say what they think. Those who are creative could also dream about guitars. Perhaps the dream is a sign to start pursuing your artistic tendencies. In addition, guitars can be a sign of passion or desire.

Creativity and Expression:

Music is an excellent way of expressing feelings, just by the choice of a song. If you are feeling miserable, you may dream that you are playing or listening to a sad song. If you’re on top of the world, you may hear a cheerful number or one you can dance to. A guitar is a great way to communicate thoughts and feelings as it has its own language. 

Some people regard guitars as a way of expressing their spirituality. Guitars are often used in folk Masses and other religious celebrations. To dream of a guitar being played at a religious ceremony can mean that you are connecting with your spiritual side.

Peace and Harmony

If a guitar is played well, the musician will play different notes at the same time creating a harmonious sound. To hear this in a dream can make you feel at peace with the world. It can also be a sign that you should follow your dreams. It could be a time in your life where you need to make a choice and once you have done this you will feel less stressed. You never know, you could be in a position where success is on the cards. You just need to take one step to reach greatness.

Power and Amplified Feelings

If you dream of an electric guitar that is plugged into a guitar amp or sound speaker, it can mean that something you are going through in your waking life is going to be amplified. Perhaps you have been working hard at your job to no avail, but the dream could mean that your responsibility is going to be increased and you might even get a promotion. 

An alternative meaning to this dream is that you need to make your voice heard. Maybe nobody is listening to you and it is about time that they did.

Community & Gatherings

You often see guitars in a social situation, such as a concert, a religious event, or just around a campfire. If you dream that you are listening to a guitar in any of these situations and you are with friends, it could mean that you want to be closer to the friends you have or make new friends. 

Here are Some Common Guitar Dreams:

To dream of someone playing the guitar can mean that you going to have peace and harmony in your life. Perhaps you have been going through a bad time lately, but the tide is going to change, and things are looking up.

To dream of a broken guitar can mean that you are having problems communicating with someone important in your life. Alternatively, maybe you are generally creative, but lately, your creative juices have dried up. It is time to sit down and consider what you want to do with your life and go for it. Every creative person has these feelings at some time in their life.

Another meaning of dreaming about a broken guitar is that you have been disappointed in some aspect of your life. This could either be in your work life or romantically. Maybe it’s time for a change.

Dreaming of a guitar case can mean that you are finding it difficult to tell your friends or family your true feelings. Perhaps your parents don’t like your choice of career, but so far you haven’t been able to discuss the problem. Maybe it is time to talk to them without backing down. It is your life after all. 

To play the guitar in a dream can have a couple of meanings. It could be that you are expressing yourself in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you are a musician. If so, the dream is a good omen, and you will achieve the success you want.

On the other hand, you could be looking for a way to express yourself. You will need to think about this carefully and decide what you want out of life. Perhaps it is something artistic or maybe it’s another new career. 

An electric guitar can symbolize passion and power. If a man dreams about an electric guitar, it can symbolize his virility. If you aren’t in a relationship, it can also indicate that there is someone who likes you and it is up to you to make the first move. If you have a partner, it can mean that this person trusts and respects you.

If you are a woman and dream about an electric guitar, it is a sign that you want some security in your life. It doesn’t mean that you want to be dominated by a man. Instead, it means that you don’t want to be alone. However, if you are in a relationship and dream of an electric guitar, it can mean that your needs aren’t being met. On the other hand, if the guitar is being played by your partner all is well.

Playing the guitar in a group setting such as a concert can mean that you are going to reconnect with old friends. Maybe you might even make new friends as well.

Dreaming about the neck of the guitar can mean that you are thinking about taking a risk in your waking life. You need to consider if the risk is worthwhile. Perhaps you are thinking of investing in a project. Maybe you need to study more about this investment. Alternatively, you could just be thinking of exploring something new. Perhaps you want to travel somewhere or simply, start a new sport. 

If you see the neck of a guitar in a dream it can connect with the saying, ‘sticking your neck out there’ which means that you are willing to take a new step in your life, even if it is risky.    

Sayings and Phrases Related to What it Means to Dream About Guitars

Sometimes when we dream about a symbol, the meaning can be literal. We are going to take a look at some sayings that can give you a better insight into your dream about a guitar.

Don’t Fret About It: Guitars all have frets that help to locate where a specific note is. Fret is also another word for worry. We may dream about a guitar when we are concerned or afraid of something in our waking life. However, this saying is used when telling people to not worry, so the dream is telling you that everything will turn out fine.

Air Guitar: Sometimes you see people pretending to play the guitar to a song or music. They are just playing with their hands, but it is an important symbol. If you dream about this, it could be that you are using your imagination to invent something. It indicates that you are a creative person and that you should use it to your advantage. It is time to make your dreams come true.

String Along: This phrase is often used when somebody is saying one thing to get another person to follow them. On the other hand, it could be you stringing somebody along, promising rewards that are never going to materialize. If you consider that guitars have strings, this phrase takes on a new meaning. The dream can mean that somebody is being deceptive. This saying is often used in dodgy business dealings so perhaps somebody could be taking advantage of you. You need to sit down and examine what has happened lately and if you feel that someone has been dishonest.

How to Interpret Your Dream of a Guitar

If you dream about a guitar, compare the dream to what is currently happening in your waking life. There could easily be connections. It is also interesting to think about how you feel about guitars and whether you have any associations with them.

Is There Anyone You Know Who Plays Guitar?

If you know somebody who plays the guitar, the dream could be reminding you of them. On the other hand, the guitar might just be a symbol for another person. Compare the guitar to them. If the guitar is electric for example, it can indicate a powerful or passionate person. If the guitar has a broken string, it might remind you of someone who is going through a bad time and might need your help.

What Parts of the Guitar are Most Noticed in a Dream?

Sometimes your dream may focus on a particular part of a guitar. These have a meaning of their own.

If you dream of the frets on a guitar it can mean that the focus of your life is on the present, not the past or future. It can also refer to the way you are seen by other people. 

Strings on the guitar can mean that there is harmony in your life. You are getting on well with your friends and family.

The bridge of the guitar can mean that you are about to cross a bridge. Perhaps this is literal. Are you traveling anywhere soon? The meaning can also be metaphorical. Perhaps you are about to change your life in some way and so will be crossing a bridge towards a new life.

Tuning pegs are particularly important if the guitar is being played out of tune. It can mean that you are looking for harmony in your life but are unable to find it. A guitar that is in tune means the opposite.

What Does the Guitar Look Like? How Does it Make you Feel?

The appearance of the guitar and the sound it makes also have a bearing on the meaning of the dream.

Type of Wood: Many guitars are made of wood, such as ebony or mahogany. If you dream of a wooden guitar, it can indicate that you want a natural solution to a problem.

Color of the Guitar: Metal guitars can come in all sorts of different colors and each one has a different meaning. It is a good idea to look at what different colors mean in a dream. For example, if you dream about yellow, you want to be noticed.

Sound: If the guitar makes a nice sound it is good news. If the sound is bad, things aren’t going to go the way you hoped.

What Other Things do you Remember During the Dream?

It is extremely useful if you remember all the symbols in the dream. Who was there? Where were you? What was the guitar like? All these things will help you to interpret the dream fully. Your feelings in the dream are also important. Do they coincide with your waking thoughts? If you are feeling stressed in your dream, perhaps you feel the same in your waking life.

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