Glass and Broken Glass Dream Symbol Meaning

Seeing glass in our dreams is quite common, but it can show itself in different shapes. It could be a vase or a window for example, or you might see broken glass. There are many different interpretations and, in this article, we will be taking a look at some of them.

Glass Symbolism: What it Means to Dream About Glass

Possible Meanings for Glass in Dreams

  • Change and Transformation
  • Trust and Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Clarity and Understanding
  • Handle With Care: Use Caution

Glass is usually transparent so dreams about glass are often about honesty and trust in either business or in relationships. If we see broken glass, it can mean that trust is gone. Losing trust in somebody close to you can be a shattering experience. Seeing broken glass can also refer to disappointment and shattered dreams. If you are the one breaking the glass, it can mean that you are feeling trapped.  

If you dream that you can’t see inside a glass box, it could mean that you aren’t seeing the truth in a situation. Someone could be lying to you. If you see a tall building with glass windows, you might be trying to decide where your life is going in the near future.

Glass as a Symbol for Change & Transformation

There is quite a process involved in making glass. It starts off as sand and goes through changes to become glass, culminating in heating at high temperatures. Therefore, glass in dreams is often connected to change in our lives.

Glassblowers change the shape of the glass to make things like vases, boxes, and bowls. They heat rods of glass over a fire which lets them change the shape of the glass. Perhaps someone is manipulating you.

Broken glass in dreams often means that you will never be the same again. When glass is shattered, there is really no way of repairing it. 

What it Means to Dream of Broken Glass

Broken glass in a dream isn’t always negative. If, for example, you are recovering from an addiction and are doing well, the dream can mean that you are moving forward to a healthier lifestyle. 

At the end of a Jewish marriage ceremony, it is common for the couple to stamp on a bag of glass and break it. It symbolizes that their lives have now changed, and they are connected. What they do from then on should be as a couple and they should work in unity.

On the other hand, broken glass can represent a broken heart. If you are feeling unhappy after splitting up with your partner, you could easily have a dream about broken glass. If your relationship is shaky, it could be a warning that things aren’t going to work out well. On the other hand, the dream could be telling you to move on with your life.

Broken glass can also mean a loss of trust. Once trust is broken, it is difficult to regain it. Perhaps you are the one who has broken the trust in a relationship, and you are feeling guilty. Maybe it was someone close to you that broke the trust and you don’t know whether or not you forgive this person.

Breaking glass frantically in your dream can mean that you feel trapped in a situation or relationship. You could be breaking the glass to get away from someone. Alternatively, you want to get out of a situation you are in which you don’t feel comfortable about. 

If you see glass cutting your skin, it could mean that you need to be protected. You feel as if you are being attacked by somebody and you want to get away but are finding it difficult. An alternative meaning to this dream is that you need to lower your expectations. Perhaps you want too much from a friend or family member. 

If you see yourself breaking the glass in a fire alarm box, it can mean that you are feeling as if you are in a dangerous situation and you need to make a drastic change in your life.

Walking on broken glass can mean that you are scared to know the truth about something or someone. Alternatively, it can indicate that you don’t know how to get on with your life. Too many bad things have happened, and you don’t know if you can turn things around. Another meaning is that you need to be cautious in a new endeavor in your waking life. It might not be the best move for you. 

Walking on shards of glass can point to sensitive issues that could disrupt your life if you overlook them. This could be in either work or personal relationships. Try to remain diligent.

Fragile! Be Gentle and Handle With Care

Glass is fragile and if you see yourself in a room full of glass objects and you are trying hard not to break them, it means that you need to exercise caution in either a work or personal relationship. If you don’t, everything could come collapsing around you. If you break the glass, this result is more pronounced. Beware, as the immediate future doesn’t look good. It could also mean that you or someone close to you is making reckless decisions.

If we look at broken glass from a spiritual perspective, it means breaking away from evil spirits (see also ghost dreams) which is a positive result. You are finally breaking away from what is bad in your life and starting afresh.

Common Dream Examples and Their Meanings

We have taken a look at general dream interpretations and now we’ll go into specific dreams in some depth.

Unable to Touch Something in Glass

If you can’t touch whatever is behind the glass, it means that there is an invisible barrier in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you have put up this barrier or maybe someone else has put up a barrier between you and them. If the barrier has been put up by someone else, you have little control over it unless you try to figure out a way to bring the barrier down. This could be hard. When the barrier has been put up by us, it can signify our own worries. We might be subconsciously putting up a barrier stopping us from reaching our goals. Perhaps we are scared of taking the next step in a personal relationship or applying for a promotion. Maybe we feel that it won’t be successful. A lot of people don’t like change and this dream can reflect this reluctance. 

Now and again, we can dream that we are separated from our deceased loved ones by a sheet of glass. This is not a visitation dream. Some people believe that dead friends or relatives come and talk to us in our dreams, but these dreams are more vivid than normal dreams and you remember them for a long time. Instead, this dream helps you through the process of dealing with feelings of grief. It is time to accept that they are gone and make peace.

Colored Glass or Stained Glass

Glass is usually perceived as clear, but sometimes we might dream that the glass has some hint of color. It is useful to look up the meaning of colors in dreams as they are all different. If we take, for example, green, it means that there is jealousy around you. Perhaps you are jealous of someone else’s achievements or maybe someone is jealous of you. Red glass could refer to love and romance. You might dream of red glass when you are in love or when a new romance is starting, and you are feeling on top of the world.

If you dream of stained glass it can predict a busy time ahead with lots of activities and commitments in the coming weeks. Stained glass usually means that there are going to be lots of opportunities for you coming up. You will have many new and exciting experiences. There can be a slightly negative meaning to this dream depending on the way you are feeling in your waking life. It can mean that you are distracted, and this flurry of activities is going to make you less focused.

Dreaming of Something Made of Glass

You can dream of a variety of glass objects and each will have a different interpretation. It is best to interpret these dreams by thinking of the whole mood of the dream. How were you feeling? What else was going on?

Dreaming of a glass table conjures up the saying, ‘putting all your cards out on the table’. This means that you are bringing all your feelings to the surface or that you are telling someone everything you think about a certain situation. This can be in either a personal or business setting. You may also be thinking of how to put your point across.

A glass lake can mean that you are trying to sort out your feelings. Water often has an association with emotions. You may want to sort out the way you feel, or alternatively, you feel distant from your feelings. It is time that you confronted them head-on. 

A glass house reminds us of the saying, ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’. This means that if you are vulnerable to criticism you shouldn’t criticize anyone else. A house also symbolizes us, so if we see one in a dream you may feel as if you are being judged. Perhaps you need to confront the people who are doing this. 

Vases made of glass have connotations with preservation and being looked after. If you see a glass vase in a dream it could mean that there is something you want to preserve and care for in your life. It could be something as simple as your home or something more complicated like a volatile relationship. This dream also has connotations with caring for children or other dependents. Perhaps you are worried that you aren’t doing the right thing.

Glass doorknobs often appear in dreams of people who are delving into their spiritual side or considering a career change. You want to progress to the next level. If you see crystal doorknobs, you could be becoming clearer about an opportunity which has been presented to you in your waking life, You have almost decided on the next step.

Glass pebbles and stones are often found in household decoration. If you dream about them it could mean that you need to pay more attention to smaller things in your life. This could be as simple as helping your child with his homework or taking your partner out for dinner.

Glass boxes can refer either to a box filled with glass or a box made from glass. Either way, it means that you are unsure about a situation in your life, be it personal or business-related, and you want to sort out what to do. Challenging situations need to be solved and a conclusion reached.

Another reason for dreaming about a glass box is that you feel that you are being limited. You feel as if you are stuck in a box and can’t escape. It is time to be forceful and get out of that box. 

How to Understand What Your Dreams About Glass Means

If you really want to understand your dream about glass or broken glass you have to consider the way you are feeling in your waking life. It has a bearing on what the dream means. It is a good idea to write your dreams in a dream journal and then study it afterwards and ask yourself some questions.

  • Have there been any changes in your life that have caused you concern?
  • Are there any changes you personally have made that you are not happy about?
  • Are there any changes you should be making?
  • Are you completely clear on situations that are happening to or around you?
  • Do you feel that somebody is hiding from you?
  • Are you being honest with yourself?
  • Do you feel as if somebody isn’t being honest with you?
  • Do you feel as if you don’t trust someone anymore?
  • Do you feel trapped and unable to control the situation?

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