Gift Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Sometimes the things we dream of can have meanings that we don’t expect. Some things that are generally considered positive in real life can have negative meanings when they appear in a dream. Well, if you dreamt about gifts, don’t worry! When they appear in a dream, gifts usually mean the same as in waking life – which is usually something positive. However, there is always room for different interpretations depending on the context. Today, we consider the possible meanings of gifts in dreams. 

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Gift?

Gifts usually mean something good. When we are getting a gift, we are usually happy, right? Gifts are also something we often eagerly expect. In this anticipation, we imagine what would be the best possible thing to get. And if it comes true, it is a beautiful feeling. 

However, gifts can get complicated too. Although it is never said, when you receive a gift from someone you are often expected to give back in some form or other. This can sometimes create confusion in interpersonal relations. 

In any case, the meaning of gifts is usually positive! However, there are some specific situations with gifts in dreams that have special manings. Read on to find out about those. 

Common Types of Gift Dreams 

Giving a Gift 

The simple act of giving a gift to someone in a dream symbolizes good faith, generosity, and good communication in general (gifts are usually about exchange, and not one-sidedness). However, if you are showering someone with many gifts in your dream, or simply the gift seems excessive in some way, this could mean that you are over-sacrificing yourself. Sometimes, when we want a relationship to go well, we sacrifice too much from ourselves which creates unrealistic expectations from the other side. 

Receiving a Gift 

Just like giving a gift, receiving a gift can signify all kinds of good exchanges. Be it actual gifts, thoughts, ideas, or emotions, receiving a gift in a dream means you are open for something that is coming your way. In many traditions, it is believed that receiving a gift means you will receive good news in the near future. 


Have you seen someone else receive a gift in your dram and felt jealous about it? This can signify feelings of jealousy in your waking life too. Or, there is something you subconsciously want, but you are not aware of it. Dreams of jealousy might be pointing out what that is. 

“Gift Horse” 

You’ve probably heard this saying: “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. This saying points out that gifts should be received graciously and without criticism, no matter what we might think about the gift or the person who is giving it. Could this apply to anything in your life? 

Pile of Gifts 

When you see a pile of gifts in your dream, the pile usually signifies abundance. However, if the gifts are just standing there and you are not opening them or using them (i.e., not technically receiving  the gifts), it means you are not tapping into some source of abundance that is available to you. However, this can also mean you will experience more abundance in the near future. 


A common situation involving gifts in dreams is when the person who is dreaming is expecting to receive a gift. However, the gift is not there yet. This simply means you are anticipating something eagerly in your waking life. It doesn’t have to be literally a present, though, 

Bad Gifts 

If, in your dream, you open a gift and find something unexpected incide, it generally signifies deception. It could be simply something that you don’t want, but sometimes gifts in dreams can contain truly horrendous things inside. In any case, if this happens in your dream, you should think about whether there is something or someone in your life that might not be what they appear to be. Look for hidden motives. 

Final Thoughts 

Gifts in dreams can be a very interesting object for analysis. Often, gifts point us to our deepest desires, expectations, and even fears. They can tell us a lot about our relationships with people in our lives too. Did you dream about gifts recently? We would love to hear about your dram! 

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