Giant or Gigantic Objects

Remember that scene from Alice in Wonderland, when she drank the potion that shrank her in size? If you dreamed about being around gigantic people or objects like her, and you’d like to know what that dream meant, keep on reading.

The Meaning Of Giants In Our Dreams

Before getting into details about possible dream meanings, we need to clarify what we refer to as a giant. When you say “giant,” most people probably think about large human beings, and sometimes, you’ll dream about them. However, you’ll often see enlarged objects and animals in your dreams, too. In these types of dreams, the size shows that the symbol is of great importance to you. 

Gigantic Problems

If you’re petite, then you probably know the struggle of standing behind a tall person at a concert, trying to see the stage. But even if you are tall, standing next to Yao Ming will make you seem pocket-sized. If you dreamed about giants recently, it’s possible that you felt “small” in waking life recently. 

This type of dream often happens when we’re facing difficulties. Certain challenges make us feel like we’re standing next to a giant and we’re so tiny and irrelevant. The obstacles before you are so huge, and you’ve got no clue how to rise above them. 

Feelings Of Insecurity And Low Self Worth

Sometimes, dreams about giants can be related to your self-esteem. If you feel small compared to other people around you, it’s a clear sign of insecurity. Dreams about giants symbolize that feeling of self-doubt. Ask yourself – what person or a group of people is making you feel this way about yourself? 

Remember, no one should make you feel that way. If that person is actively trying to make you feel like you’re below their level, confront them and let them know you’re not less worthy than anyone else. However, sometimes low self-esteem comes from our comparison with other people. If that’s the case, you need to understand that our careers and social lives don’t define our worthiness. And remember, seeking professional help for inner struggles is never a bad thing. 

Feelings Of Power And Might

Another possible dream scenario is to see yourself as a giant. That’s quite common, and it usually means that you feel omnipotent, even when it’s regarding a small issue you’re facing in waking life. 

Dreaming Of Large Objects And Animals

These kinds of dreams don’t always involve large people. In fact, anything can be the subject of a dream. Sometimes, the object or the animal appearing in a dream is large in reality. Other times, the subject of our dream appears enlarged. The reason why it shows up that way is to emphasize how important that object or animal is to your current life situation. 

Here Are Some Common Large Objects/Animals Worth Exploring:


This animal is the largest mammal on Earth, and it can reach a height of around 10–13 feet. In dreams, this animal symbolizes power and strength. As a giant, it can also symbolize an obstacle you’re currently facing in waking life. On another note, for these animals a family is a crucial part of life, so seeing one in a dream can also be a reminder that a certain family matter requires your attention.


The largest of apes, gorillas, are also the largest living primates. Like elephants and other large animals, apes also symbolize strength. Dreaming about a gorilla, specifically, can also mean that you’re repressing your physical appetite and ambition. So if a gorilla in your dream appears enlarged, it’s possible that you’re holding back so much from your desires, it’s eating you alive.


Dreams about super-tall buildings have a simple meaning. You’re realizing that “the sky’s the limit” in your new endeavor. You’ve got high ideals but you know you can achieve them. However, this dream can also serve as a reminder to stay grounded: it’s okay to have your head in the clouds, but beware of the fall. 


Dreaming about a sports arena can mean that you’re competing against something stronger than you in waking life, which leaves you with the feeling of unrest. On another hand, a sports (see also bleachers and grandstand dreams) arena can also symbolize your “win” – you finally achieved something you’ve put your heart and soul into. 

As previously mentioned, anything can appear gigantic in a dream. These symbols are sending you a message of great importance, and most of the time, their meaning will also be enlarged. 

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