Garden or Gardening

Perhaps you have had a dream about a garden. Gardens can be beautiful and they can symbolize peace or they can be overgrown and indicate that there are things you need to do in your waking life. If you dream of a well-kept garden, it can also mean that your finances are good and you will prosper. You are organized, but perhaps you are a little rigid.

Common Garden Dream Symbols

Flower Garden: A well-maintained flower garden can have a few meanings It can express your creativity. Perhaps you are thinking of taking a job in the arts.  It can also mean that if you are in love, you are going to be happy with this person. If you have business interests, you will succeed and if you are a farmer, you will have a good harvest.

Fruit or Vegetable Garden: To see either a fruit or vegetable garden can mean that you have worked hard and will be rewarded. A vegetable garden can also suggest that you are focused and will see a problem through from beginning to end. 

If you see herbs in the garden, this means that you want to have a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps it is time to change your diet or take up an exercise of some sort.

To see an orchard full of trees bearing fruit indicates that you can expect wealth to come your way. If you see any sort of citrus fruit, however, you need to watch your tongue and not speak without thinking of what you are saying.

If you see an orchard full of trees in blossom, you can expect happiness and pleasure in love.

Gardening: If you see yourself gardening in your dream, it can mean that you have found a job or career that you feel well suited to. Alternatively, it can be less positive, meaning that there are things you need to tend to. The dream is just giving you a push in the right direction.

Watering Your Garden: If you see yourself watering your garden, it can mean that you are a responsible person and are taking care of all your obligations. It is also important to take note of how you feel in your waking life as the dream might reflect this. Water is often a symbol of emotions, spirituality, renewal, and transformation.

Overgrown Garden: If you see an overgrown or abandoned garden in your dream, it can indicate that you are going to lose money or that somebody is going to give you bad advice. It can also symbolize that you lack direction. It is time to concentrate on matters, be it at home or in the workplace.

Weeds in the Garden: To dream that you have weeds in your garden is not positive. Literally, it can mean that there are things in your life that need ‘weeding out’. Perhaps you have become bogged down with problems at work. It is time to decide what is important and what isn’t.

Related Garden Dream Symbol Meanings

Usually, in a dream, there are other things that can be regarded as symbols so if you have a dream about a garden, look for other themes and symbols. This will help you to interpret the dreams correctly.

If you see a gate leading to a garden, it can indicate that you are due opportunities that will help you progress through life. A shut gate with you inside the garden can symbolize security. You feel safe in either your personal or professional life or maybe even both. Alternatively, it can indicate that you feel cut off from the outside world. You will have to look at the dream as a whole to see which interpretation fits in best with your waking life. 

To see a snake in your garden can have different meanings. If it’s a boa constrictor, there might be something that is ‘choking’ you. To see a rattlesnake indicates that there is something annoying you. A garter snake can mean that whatever is worrying you isn’t threatening. 

It is a good idea to look up the meanings of any flowers, trees, and plants (see also ivy dream meaning) that you see in your dream as they all symbolize something. A tree bearing fruit or flowers can indicate that there will be abundance in your life. However, flowering trees only flower for a short period of time so it is a reminder that life is short and that you should grab opportunities whenever they present themselves.

If you dream of your house in your garden, it can represent aspects of yourself and your emotions in your waking life. If the house is the one you lived in as a child it could mean that you are living in the past. 

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