Gambling Dream Interpretation And Meaning

When we dream about gambling, it can mean a number of different things. Gambling in dreams is peculiar, because it can have very positive and very negative meanings, depending on the context. However, in any case, these dreams can carry important messages. This guide is here to help you find the right interpretation. 

Common Dream Symbol Meanings for Gambling

As we mentioned, meanings we associate with gambling and that our subconscious projects in dreams can be very different. Below, you’ll find some of the common interpretations of gambling in dreams. Read through them, and see which one speaks to you the most! 

Taking Risks 

Any kind of gambling always involves a certain degree of risk (unless one is cheating). This is why gambling in dreams can be associated with taking risks. Especially if you have no other reasons to dream about gambling, such as recent events, this could be the right interpretation. Have you been taking a lot of risks lately? It could be that your subconscious is warning you about this. On the other hand, it could be that you need to do something risky but feel reluctant to do so. 


Gambling is also not a very responsible think to do. This is why dreams about gambling could be reflecting some situation in your life where you are not taking responsibility for your own actions. Have you been going through any changes in your life? Maybe thinking of changing careers, or trying to balance between family and your own desires? Games of luck in your dreams could be telling you you don’t want to rely on luck in real life. Take the reins! 

Making Predictions

Gambling is usually based on luck, but winning requires making the right prediction about the future, or the opponents cards. Have you been feeling like that in your life lately? Just trying to guess what life has in store for you in the future? This could be why this dream appears. Such dreams usually send a message that you are uncomfortable with such a situation, but destiny is not always in our hands. 


Gambling often involves a lot of cheating. Gambling itself can carry such meanings, but if you dreamt about someone (or you) cheating while gambling, definitely think about what this could mean. If you are the one cheating, it could be saying there are issues in your life where you have been lying to yourself, and others. If you dream about another person cheating, it could be a manifestation of tiny details you’ve noticed in waking life. What do you know about this person? Could they be trying to deceive you? 


When we lack confidence, everything can feel like a gamble. Have you recently started a project that you are not sure you are capable of? You could be feeling like a gambler, giving your best, but having no idea whether it will work. Such situations can cause deep insecurity, and this in turn can manifest in your dreams.

Chasing Unlikely Opportunities 

Dreaming about gambling could also be warning you that you are taking an unnecessary gamble in your life. You could be putting your energy into something that isn’t likely to work. If you’ve been trying to get rich quick or weasel your way out of some situation, your dream might be telling you it’s not a good idea. Better to put in earnest effort where necessary. It will pay off over time.

Problem Gambling 

If you are frequently gambling in real life, dreaming about it might be a sign you are doing it too much. If gambling is a daily habit for you, it might be a problem. Consider seeking help. 

Tips to Help You Interpret Your Dream About Gambling

Consider Context of the Dream 

Thinking about the general context of your dream can help you find the right interpretation. Also think about all of the objects and persons that appeared in the dream besides the activity of gambling itself. Was it a familiar place, or one you have never seen before? Were the people familiar to you? 

Think About Recent Events 

Just like with any dream, it’s a good idea to think through anything that might have happened in your life that might have caused your dream. When it comes to gambling, it should be pointing your attention to any situations where you felt insecure, anxious, or like you are taking an unnecessary risk. 

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