Frog Spirit Animal & Dream Symbol Meaning

When talking about favorite animals, frogs are typically not the ones that come to people’s minds. In fact, a lot of people are scared of these fascinating beings. But, if a frog visits you in your dream, don’t get alarmed – they’re usually a symbol of something good. If you want to know more about frogs dream meaning, then read on.

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Frog?

Dreams about frogs can mean a lot of things, depending on the scenario. Dreaming about holding a frog in your hand signifies a wish you dearly want to come true. 

If you dream about eating a frog, it’s possible that you’re facing an unpleasant task in your waking life. You need to bite the bullet, as accomplishing the task will surely make you feel better. 

Croaking frogs can signify you’re going to have guests soon. This is more of a prophetic dream, and these are often only coincidental. Croaking frogs can also be a symbol of a “wake up call”, meaning that your subconsciousness is reminding you that something in your waking life needs more of your attention. 

Frog As A Spirit Animal

A frog is a symbol of transition and transformation. As an amphibian, a frog spends its life on both land and water. This ability to change its habitats, in a spiritual world, can signify the ability to walk between physical and spiritual planes. 

A frog can also symbolize rebirth and renewal. These animals take quite a journey through their life cycle, from eggs to frogs, and as a spirit animal, it comes as a guide through life-changing experiences. In ancient cultures, a frog was often associated with life and fertility. Egyptian goddess of fertility, Heqet, was often depicted as a frog.

Most frogs are nocturnal creatures. For that reason, they are often associated with witchcraft and dark magic. Considering that some frogs contain certain poisonous or hallucinogen compounds in their skin, it’s no wonder that they were represented in folk religion and occultism as a potion ingredient. As a spirit animal (see also chameleon dreams), a frog can be associated with life mysteries.

Other Things To Consider In Dreams About Frogs

When interpreting a dream, you should always include other things you remember about that dream. In the case of frogs dream meaning, there are some elements that are just as crucial as the main protagonist. For example, the color of the frog can be just as important – a green frog can be a symbol of emotional wellbeing, while a black frog is representing dark feelings and losses in waking life. 

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