Fish Dream Meaning

When interpreting a dream about fish, we have to look at the context of the dream to fully understand it. Fish are often a symbol of personal development, fertility, and growth, but some fish dreams can be negative. In this article, we will be looking at different dream scenarios with fish and we hope to help you understand what these dreams mean.

What it Means to Dream About a Fish

Dreaming about fish is usually a positive sign unless we dream about dead fish. However, we need to look at what else happens in the dream to make a full evaluation.

It is possible to see fish in the ocean or river, swimming in clear or muddy water, or in an aquarium. The fish could be aggressive towards you or peaceful. Perhaps you see yourself eating fish. All of these things have different meanings.

Cultural and Historic Influences on the Meaning of a Fish Symbol

The way you feel about fish may influence your dreams. Perhaps you grew up with pet fish or maybe went out fishing with your parents. If you had an aquarium at home, you would be more inclined to dream of fish more favorably. If you went fishing you may think of fish as a commodity. 

There are also cultural symbols for fish which may influence the way we think of them. For example, the Chinese associate fish with wealth. In Christianity, Jesus Christ fed the 5,000 with five loaves and two fish which gives fish an incredibly positive meaning. 

There are also fairy tales and folk legends about fish such as ‘The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish’ where a fisherman caught a golden fish which promised to grant a wish in exchange for freedom.

One of the zodiac signs, Pisces, is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions but connected. This can represent two people who are connected to each other. Because Pisces is a water sign, it often deals with emotions. Fish dreams can refer to the way we are feeling. 

Questions to Ask to Help You Interpret the Meaning of Your Fish Dream

  • How did you feel about the dream?
  • What else happened in the dream?
  • Who else was in the dream?
  • How big was the fish?
  • How many fish were there?
  • What type of fish was it?

By understanding all the symbols in the dream, you should be able to fully interpret it. It’s a good idea to keep a dream diary. If possible, write your dreams down as soon as you wake up as they will still be fresh in your mind. It is easy to forget your dreams as the hours pass by.

Common Symbol Meanings for Fish

Here we will give you some interpretations of fish dreams.

Abundance: If we dream of a fishing boat going out and catching large amounts of fish it can symbolize wealth and success.

 If you dream about watching fish being cleaned and cooked and then eating it, it is a sign both of abundance and good health. 

Spiritual Connection: If you are a Christian you will know that there are many positive references to fish in the Bible. If you dream of fish it may be a sign that you need to connect to your spiritual side. This is especially true if you dream about exotic fish. However, if you aren’t religious, dreaming of fish may indicate that you need to find a creative outlet.

If you dream about cooking fish it can mean that you need to prepare for a more spiritual path. Eating the fish symbolizes your beliefs and that you are realizing where your life is going. 

In general, cooking and eating fish refers to a nurturing of the soul.

Duality: If we dream about fish it can refer to opposing sides. Perhaps you have two options to choose from in either your home or working life. If you see fish in your dream, it might be time to think about making a decision.

Fertility: Women who are pregnant or are trying to conceive may dream of fish. It is not surprising that fish can be a sign of fertility as many fish lay thousands of eggs. Sometimes you might dream of fish and then find out that someone close to you is pregnant.

If you read ancient dream books, you will find that fish and pregnancy are often mentioned. If you dream about fish during pregnancy, you are due to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. To dream of a black fish means that you will have a boy. If you see a carp, you will give birth to a talented and intelligent child, usually a girl (girl dream meaning and interpretation). If you dream that you are fishing, it signifies an easy delivery and a healthy child. To catch a fish means that you will give birth to a boy who will accomplish much in his life.

Change and Transformation: Fish can symbolize a change in your life. Perhaps it is something you have been thinking about and now is the time to move forward. On the other hand, you might be surprised by change.

Flow and Movement: Fish usually go with the flow. They move with the tides and currents. If you see this in a dream, everything is well in your life. However, if you see fish struggling to swim in the opposite direction, it can indicate that you are involved in something which is against your instincts. 

Cleanliness: In many respects, fish are thought of as clean. Numerous species eat the algae in the water making it cleaner. If we eat fish, we clean them before cooking. To see fish in a dream can mean that we are trying to clean up our environment and reduce pollution.

Fish as a Spirit Animal

Occasionally fish can present themselves as spiritual animals. However, different types of fish will present themselves in different ways. Carp, for example, can be a symbol of perseverance, endurance, and courage. To dream of a carp could mean that you are going to be prosperous. Goldfish represent pleasant feelings about some area of your life. A trout is a symbol of hope and love.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What colors are the fish? All colors have meanings, and it is a good idea to look up the meaning of colors.
  • Does the fish represent any themes we have mentioned?
  • Is the fish aggressive or gentle?
  • Where does the fish live?

The answers to these questions will help to give a full interpretation of the dream.

Common Dreams About Fish and What they Mean

Dreaming of fish in clear water: If you dream of a fish swimming in clear water, it means that you have gained clarity in some areas of your life. It is a positive sign and can also represent success and financial gain, especially if you have your own business. The next couple of months will be successful. If you work in a regular job, a fish swimming in clear water can mean that you are going to be promoted.

However, if you dream of fish swimming in muddy water, you could be feeling uncertain about some aspect of your life or are overwhelmed with whatever is happening at the moment. It can represent a challenge in your life. It can also mean that you or someone close to you is going to become ill or face challenges. 

The clearer the water is, the more positive the dream is. The muddier it is, the more negative it is. However, don’t despair if you see a fish in muddy water. It can just be a warning, allowing you to turn the tide of events.

To dream of a school of fish: This dream can have two interpretations. Usually, it means abundance. You may be coming into a windfall, success in your career, or have family and friends come to visit. The dream is usually positive if you see the fish swimming with the currents. However, if they are swimming against the tide, you could be due for some bad luck. If you have problems that need sorting out, now is the time to tackle them.

Alternatively, the meaning of dreaming of a school of fish can be translated literally. You may be seeking knowledge or experience in a certain subject. Perhaps you are thinking of going back to school. If you are younger, you may be thinking about the results of your exams. If the fish are swimming against the tide you may be worried about the results. You may dream about a school of fish swimming peacefully after you have got your results and they have been positive. The fish represent a bright future.

Dreaming of Fish Jumping Out of Water: This is another dream that can have more than one interpretation. Generally, it means that unexpected things are happening in your life. If the water is calm and the fish jumps out, it usually means that good things are happening, but if the water is rough, it can mean that you are not happy with the changes that are taking place. This type of dream can also warn you that changes are going to happen, and you need to be prepared for them.   

Dreaming of fish in an aquarium: If you dream of fish swimming in an aquarium, you might be feeling trapped with no way of escape. This could either be in your work or your romantic life. Perhaps you feel that your relationship is going nowhere or that you aren’t progressing as fast as you would like in your career. Another possible meaning of seeing fish in an aquarium is that you feel you are being judged.

Dreaming of large threatening fish: If you see a shark (see also shark dream meaning ) or a whale in your dream, it could indicate that you have fears or worries in your waking life, In general, sharks are predatory so this could mean that you are feeling out of control. Things are not going the way you want them to, but you feel unable to change the tide of events.

If you dream that you are being attacked by a big fish, it can mean that you are going through changes that will open your eyes. If you just see a large fish swimming peacefully, it can indicate that somebody is going behind your back. Perhaps you are being gossiped about. However, if other aspects of the dream are positive, you will gain victory over your enemies.

Dreaming of dead fish: Dreaming of dead fish is never positive. If you see them lying dead on the beach, it can mean that you are disappointed with the way things are going in your waking life. It could also mean that you have regrets about things you have done. You may feel that you have missed taking opportunities which would have changed your life for the better. Seeing dead fish can also signify problems or illness either for you or for someone you are close to.

Dreaming of Dolphins: Dolphins are in fact mammals not fish, but if you see them swimming with a school of fish, it could mean that you need to try to share your feelings with others. Alternatively, you should be trying to discover your spiritual side.

Dreaming of fishing: If you have a dream that you are enjoying fishing, you could be wishing for more recreation in your life. It could also symbolize that you need more fulfillment or that you have financial worries. 

Dreaming of eating fish: If you dream of eating fish, there are several interpretations, but most are positive. Simply you could just be looking for a way to nurture your body or even maybe your soul. Good news could be coming your way and you may be coming into money (see finding money dreams). If you watch the fish being cooked, you might be due an inheritance. To cook white fish means that your health is good, and you don’t have to worry about it. To eat different types of fish means that your hard work will be rewarded. Perhaps you will get a promotion at work.

However, if you choke on fish bones, there will be obstacles in your way. To see yourself eating smelly or rotten fish could mean that you are in a bad marriage.

Dreaming of swimming with fish or riding with fish: This type of dream has a spiritual meaning. You could be looking to develop your spiritual side. There can be a transformation or change in your life. 

Dreaming of something or someone turning into a fish: Like swimming with fish, this can indicate change. You have to look at the dream as a whole to decide if the change will be positive or negative.

Common Sayings and Phrases for Fish-Literal Meanings

There are lots of fish-type sayings and phrases that people use on an everyday basis that can give further insight into your dreams. We’ll take a look at some of the more common ones here.

A fish out of water: If somebody is called a fish out of water, it means that they don’t belong or that they are in a situation which they are unable to take control of. If you see a fish in a dream which isn’t in any water, this could be the meaning of the dream.

Fishing for something: This saying usually refers to someone who is trying to get something out of another person, for example, compliments. If you dream that you are fishing, it could mean that you want something from someone else, but you are trying to do this discreetly.

Fish Tales: This expression means that someone is exaggerating. If you dream with an emphasis on the tails of the fish, you might be the one exaggerating, or perhaps someone is doing this to you.

Seems fishy: We may be suspicious about someone or something. If you don’t trust someone, it can be said that they are acting fishy.

Plenty of fish in the sea: If you have a dream with plenty of fish, you may think of the expression of plenty of fish in the sea. It can be relevant if you have just broken up romantically with someone. There are plenty of others out there for you.

Shooting fish in a barrel: This means that something is easy to do. Perhaps we are worried over nothing.

Bigger fish to fry: If we dream about frying fish, this saying could be relevant. It means that you have more important things to think of.

Big fish in a small pond: If you dream about a big fish in a small area of water, it could mean that you or someone else feels powerful, but instead they don’t have much influence in the bigger picture. Perhaps you are the boss, but only have a couple of employees.

Teach a man to fish: If someone is trying to teach you to fish in your dream, you may think of this saying. It means that rather than being dependent on others you should learn to be independent.  

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