Fire Dream Symbol Meaning

Fire in a dream is a powerful symbol. In our waking life fire is important to us in many ways. When you go to church you will often see candles alight and fire is also an integral part of cremation. In winter many of us will light a fire to keep warm. However, fire can also destroy and in many countries, you get wildfires in the summer which obliterate everything they come across, destroying acres of land and even homes. In dreams, fire can take on many forms, and, in this article, we are going to look at what they mean for our waking life.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Fire?

Fire and Transformation

Fire is destructive and when we dream of it, it can mean a big change is coming in our lives. If you dream of yourself on fire, it can mean that you are going through something which will change your life. It can also mean that you are angry. 

Passion: Having Strong Feelings Towards Something or Someone

Fire is often associated with passion. Just think of the phrase ‘fires one up’. Dreaming of fire can mean that we are in a passionate relationship or that we want one. If you see a forest fire, however, it can mean that you are frustrated sexually. If you see a home with a log burner or a traditional fire burning, it predicts that you are going to have passion in your life. If you are the one lighting the fire you will meet the love of your life. To see a dog or a cat sitting by the fire means that you will have passion from a past lover. A fireman indicates that a loved one will give you security.

However, fire doesn’t only refer to love, it can also mean a passion for something else. For example, to see a city on fire indicates that you are passionate about hard work.

Strength and Force

Strength and force can often be symbolized by fire and mean that you have strong feelings for someone or something. You could also have a situation in your life that is difficult to get through.

To dream of a fire eater or to see yourself eating fire can mean that your feelings are strong, usually for someone you are attracted to.

Release of Energy and Emotions

Fire can also mean that you need to release your emotions. You have been holding them in and it’s not good for you to keep things inside. You could be brooding over problems at work or in a relationship and need to get them out in the open. 

Some people have release ceremonies with fire to mark a change from what has been happening in their lives. 

Spiritual Teachings About Fire

Fire is extremely important in Christianity. It can represent the Holy Spirit or the devil himself. Devils are usually associated with fire and brimstone. It also reminds us of the burning bush on Mount Sinai in the Bible where God spoke to Moses. Cremations can happen in many religions such as Hindu.

Common Dreams of Fire Meanings 

To dream of your house being on fire; A house on fire can often represent ourselves. It can be a worrying dream especially if it is your home that is on fire. This can indicate that you are unable to control your emotions or you may be in a difficult relationship. 

It can also mean that you have lost something. This could be financial loss or the loss of a partner. 

It is important to know how you feel in the dream as this could mean either a positive or negative outlook. You may think that things are out of control, but if you feel positive, change and transformation could be on the horizon.

Wildfire or forest fire: To see a wildfire often means that your emotions are intense and perhaps out of control. Perhaps you are sexually frustrated.

Fire in an apocalypse: To dream of a fire in an apocalypse can be frightening. However, it doesn’t mean that the end of the world is coming. It can mean a big change in your life. 

A small flame like a match being lit: A match being lit in your dream could simply mean that you are looking for your inner spark. Perhaps you have been too closed internally and need to come out of yourself. It can be a sign of hope.

Candle flames in dreams: If you light a candle in your dream, you could be trying to release your emotions. It can also mean that you are honoring someone. Just think about lighting a candle in church for a dead relative or friend (see also ashes dream meaning). 

Candles are often used in spells and meditation and the color of the candle can have a great impact on the dream’s meaning. For example, if you dream of a yellow candle, you are thinking of looking for a new job. A red candle means passion, strength, and success.

Dreaming of a campfire: A campfire can be either positive or negative. It all depends on your mood in the dream. Sitting around a campfire with friends can mean that you have a spiritual connection with them. However, if you are feeling negative, you can be angry or resentful towards these people.

Dreaming of being burnt by a fire: If you feel the pain of burning, this could mean that people are gossiping about you. On the other hand, it can mean that you are doing something new in your waking life, but you are scared that you will be disappointed with the result or that you won’t succeed.

Walking over coals: This could have one of two meanings. It may mean that you are a strong person and will be able to achieve what you set out to do. On the other hand, on a more negative note, someone you know could be testing you.

Cooking over a fire: This is a positive sign indicating that you are going to be creative and achieve goals which you are passionate about.

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