Falling Dream Meaning

It is very common to dream about falling. Maybe you have had a hypnic jerk. Just as you are going to sleep something triggers your mind to imagine that you’re falling through space. You jump up and wake yourself up.

There are many reasons why you might dream about falling. It can mean that you are having difficulty letting go, often in a personal relationship. It can also mean that you are losing contact with some aspect of your life. Perhaps your friends are drifting away and making new friends. Maybe you are losing sight of that promotion you were hoping for. It could also mean that you have failed in some aspect of your life and you are still upset over this. 

Falling can represent a loss. Perhaps you have lost a loved one, either through death or separation. Maybe you have lost your reputation whether it is because of failing at work or making the wrong choices in a relationship.

Falling can also represent depression. If in your waking life, you feel that you are sinking into a hole, in a dream, this can manifest itself as falling from a great height.  

Here Are Some Examples of Common Dreams About Falling

Falling Down an Elevator Shaft or Flight of Stairs:

Going up and down stairs or in an elevator show your progress in life. If you dream that you are going upstairs, it can mean that you are reaching your goals. If you dream that you are going down in an elevator or stairs, it can mean that you are losing focus and you need to concentrate more on your goals. It can also mean that you are losing sight of your spiritual side and your emotions are getting out of control.

If you dream that you are falling down an elevator shaft, it can indicate that your emotional state has declined quickly. You need to sit down and carefully examine what has happened to you recently and try to regain confidence.

Falling from a Cliff:

If you see yourself standing on a cliff, you are grounded in your waking life. This is because cliffs are made from strong rocks. However, if you dream that you are falling from a cliff, it means that you are no longer grounded and need to find out in which areas of your life you are feeling unstable and vulnerable. It could be in either your working or your home life and once you realize what is going wrong, you can start to rectify it.

Maybe in your dream, you see somebody pushing you off a cliff. This can mean that you are being pushed around in your waking life. If you recognize the person pushing you, perhaps that person is trying to intimidate you and doesn’t have your best interests at heart. If you don’t know the person, perhaps someone is working behind the scenes to bring you down.

Sometimes dreaming that you are falling from a high cliff, is anticipatory fear. You don’t know exactly what will happen in a situation, but you are nevertheless afraid of the outcome. 

Falling from a Bridge:

Bridges in dreams usually mean a transition in life. If you can cross the bridge without falling off, the transition will be smooth. However, if you do fall off the bridge, it could be a sign that you are struggling with the transition. It could be a job change that you are not sure about or even a divorce. You will need to examine how you feel about the transition. Are you happy that it is taking place or are you fearful of the end result?

Falling Off a Mountain:

If you dream about mountains, it usually means that there are obstacles in your way, the higher the mountain, the bigger the obstacle. If you dream about falling from a mountain, it can mean that you don’t think that you can reach your goals in the same way as you can’t get up that mountain.

Seeing Someone Else Fall

There are different meanings to seeing a friend or colleague fall in your dream. It could indicate that you are worried about them. Perhaps their health isn’t good or maybe they’re unsuccessful in a major part of their lives, be it career or romance. Alternatively, if you dream of someone you know falling, it can mean that you want to be like that person.

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