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Probably everyone has dreamt about their ex at least once. These kinds of dreams often arouse uncomfortable questions. Does it mean we are still in love with the ex? Is it a prophetic dream saying the ex is coming back to haunt us? Today’s article is about deciphering the true dream meaning of an ex boyfriend (see also ex-girlfriend dream meaning and interpretation). 

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Ex?

Well, let’s answer one question right away. No, dreaming about an ex usually doesn’t mean you should get back together. Whether it’s an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or an ex marriage partner, breakups can be tough. Dreams about our x’s usually just mean our subconscious is processing the event, which is, understandably, often not easy. 

Here are Some Common Examples of Dreaming About an Ex

If You Dream of Physical Contact With Your Ex

When we are in a loving relationship, the feeling of intimacy between partners tends to grow slowly over time. But breakups usually happen suddenly. Some breakups are done with an agreement from both sides, some relationships are ended with huge fights. Sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault, and sometimes it is very much the fault of one partner. Only you know these details about your ex. However, one thing is common to every breakup: the breaking of habit. 

Over time, we get used to having our partner close. Our bodies literally get used to intimacy. When the partner is gone, we end up craving this intimacy. You might be missing your ex, or you might not be; but it always takes time to get used to the fact that this person is now out of your life, no matter what you tell yourself. 

So, if you keep dreaming of physical contact with your ex after the breakup, it is just your subconscious dealing with the fact that something that you were used to is not there anymore – the feeling of intimacy with this person. 

However, dreams of physical intimacy with an ex can be quite common. They sometimes appear years after we have moved on from the said relationship. So what does that mean? It could still be possible that you subconsciously miss some aspects of that relationship. You might also be missing yourself, as you were at that time. We all change through life, and especially relationships from our youth could remind us of some happier days. 

If You Dream of Arguing With Your Ex

When you dream of arguing with your ex, there is usually no hidden spiritual meaning. It means that there are unresolved issues between you two. If you didn’t get a chance to say everything that weighs on your soul, these unsaid words might be coming back to haunt you. 

Are you still angry about something your ex did? Or maybe still feeling the guilt about something on your side? No matter what it is, it’s important to find out the source of unresolved feelings. Try writing in a journal to identify exactly what the issue is. Then, forgive your ex and yourself. It will only do you good. 

If You Dream of Eating With Your Ex 

If you dream of eating together with your ex, it might simply mean you are dreaming about the love you used to have. Eating together conjures feelings of security, home, peace, and connectedness. If you are missing such moments, it might appear in your dreams this way. 

If You Dream of Swimming/Bathing With Your Ex 

Water always signifies emotions. The context in which water appears in your dreams can tell you something about these emotions. If you see running water, whether as a river or in another form, it means your emotions are getting resolved and you are on a good way of recovering. If you see a peaceful body of water, it usually means everything is good. But choppy and wavy water might mean there are still emotional problems burning inside of you or your ex. 

If You Dream of Having Good Times With Your Ex

Enjoying the time with your ex in your dream? How did you feel after waking up? Happy, awkward, something in between? Dreaming of good times with the ex usually simply means you are missing them. But, pay attention to the details of your dream. What exactly were you doing? It might be possible that you are missing only a certain aspect of the relationship. It is, by no means, a sign that you should get back together. Don’t make this decision based on a dream. 

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