Elephant Symbol and Dream Meaning

Elephants are not only the largest mammals on earth, they are also incredibly smart and gentle creatures. Elephants also have their place in mythology and a strong symbolism in many cultures. There are a number of different meanings connecting to elephants, so conversely there are also various ways to interpret a dream in which an elephant appears. 

Common Dream Symbols For Elephants 


When most of us think about an elephant, the first thing we think about is how big and strong they are. Just thinking about an elephant’s heavy foot dropping to the ground summons an image of immense power. And elephants were really used in wars in ancient times when they were quite literally a symbol of power, force, and fear. Now, the elephant doesn’t necessarily need to symbolize something like that in your dream – it doesn’t have to be forceful power, but maybe just the strength and resilience of an elephant. 

Enormous Problems 

If in your dream you were scared from an elephant, it might symbolize some obstacles in your life. If the elephant was blocking your path, this is most certainly what it represents. When we feel there are some obstacles in our lives that we deem unsurmountable, it can manifest as a dream of an elephant. 

Family & Relationships

In the animal kingdom, animals are one of the species that form the strongest family bonds. Plus, they live quite long, so they really have time to nurture those relationships. Depending on what else happens in your dream, an elephant might be pointing toward some family issues or just indicating there is something in the family area that requires your attention. 

Maternal Instincts 

In the world of elephants, the female is always the boss. A dream of an elephant might be calling you to pay attention to something relating to maternal qualities in your life. Maybe there is someone around you taking on a mother-type role, or maybe your own female qualities need attention. 

Running From an Elephant 

If you are running from an elephant in your dream, it probably means you are trying to run away from some problem that you should be facing instead. Elephants signify things that feel insurmountable. 

Riding an Elephant 

If you are riding an elephant in your dream, it shows that you are taking control of your life. You feel empowered and ready to face the world! 

Additional Elephant Symbol Meanings in Dreams

Yes, there is strong symbolism connected to the elephant, but sometimes when things appear in the dream, it might very well point to popular saying or expressions we heard (like one of those below). 

An Elephant in the Room

Probably everyone in the world has heard this expression at least once. An elephant in the room refers to the thing everyone is aware of but no one is talking about. Maybe there is something obvious in your life too that you’ve been ignoring? 

Memories of the Past 

“An elephant never forgets” – that’s another common saying related to elephants. Elephants in dreams could be saying that there are things you thought ancient past coming back to haunt you. 

Conservative Viewpoints 

Especially if you live in the US, you might be connecting the elephant with the Republican party – it is their symbol, after all. If that is the case, it could also be referring to conservative viewpoints in general. 

Elephants as a Spirit Animal 

Many people who are inclined towards spirituality believe elephants may appear as a message from the spirit realm. If the elephant is your spirit animal, it could be appearing in your dreams to let you know you have strength, support, and as a sign from the universe that you can achieve your goals. 

Tips for Interpreting Your Elephant Dream

Describe the Elephant 

A simple trick for reaching into your subconsciousness is writing down the first 5 words that come into your mind. No thinking about it, just think of an elephant and  write whatever comes to mind. There could be clues for interpreting your dreams. 

What is Big in Your Life Right Now? 

Elephants usually symbolize something big. So, it’s a good idea to think about how this applies to your life. What are the big things that are currently on your mind or ahead of you? 

What Feelings did You Have in the Dream? 

In every dream interpretation, it is important to consider the feelings you had both during the dream and when thinking about the contents of the dream. It is your dream, and no one can give you the right answer on this except yourself. 

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