Earthquake Dream Meaning

Are you familiar with dreams about earthquakes? Especially if souch dreams happen repeatedly, it is important to know how to interpret them in the right way. Even if you have dreamt about an earthquake only once, analyzing the dream can still prove to be quite an interesting experience. At the very least, you’ll be able to understand where the dream comes from, and in the best case you can get important insights about your life. 

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Earthquake?

Earthquakes have existed since our planet was created. They are much older than the human species, and every human society since the dawn of time has had to deal with earthquakes. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us that there is rich symbolism and folklore connected to earthquakes. In old cultures, earthquakes were usually connected with some sort of deity or mythical creatures. In Norse mythology, it was Loki who created earthquakes, in Greek mythology it was Poseidon and in Japan it was Namazu, a giant mythical catfish. 

Today, of course, we have scientific ways of explaining and predicting earthquakes, but that doesn’t really make them less terrifying. Below you’ll find some common meanings of dreams about earthquakes. 

Sudden Shifts & Changes

Dreaming about earthquakes is somewhat similar to dreams about the apocalypse. When we think of earthquakes, we think of something that happens suddenly and gets us out of our comfort zone. The most terrifying experiences of (real life) earthquakes are those when people are sleeping in their beds to be woken by the sound of their world literally breaking down before their eyes. Our beds are supposed to be the safest space in the world, yet when an earthquake happens the aura of safety and protection suddenly breaks down. 

Now, dreaming about earthquakes doesn’t necessarily need to have a negative meaning. The connection to catastrophe is merely metaphorical. When we dream about earthquakes, it could simply mean we are going through big changes in our lives. Maybe the change is happening subtly and you haven’t noticed yet? Or maybe, you are feeling nervous about what is to come, like the ground is shaking. 

Changing Routines & Finding Variety

This meaning is connected to the one above. Sometimes, dreaming about an earthquake signifies simply that there are changes you are going through, or maybe that you are nervous about changes that are going to happen. On the other hand, earthquake in a dream could be a sign that change needs to happen, but you are reluctant to do it. 

But how exactly could you know which meaning is it? Well, looking at other details and objects that appear in the dream could be helpful. However, the only thing that will allow you to find the right interpretation of your dream is taking a good hard look at your own life. Be honest with yourself – what are the changes you are going through? How are you feeling about them? Or are you not changing anything at all?

Resilience and Recovery

Think about this: what actually happened in your earthquake deram? Were you harmed in any way, or did you get out of it unscatched? Furthermore, were you able to deal with it easily? Were you cleaning up after an earthquake? 

If you come out the other end of the earthquake unharmed it might be your subconscious sending you a message that you can overcome any challenges you are facing in life. You are a strong, resilient being, and even though you might feel the ground is literally shaking underneath your feet (see also shoes dream meaning), you will recover with time. 

Can Dreaming of an Earthquake Predict One Happening in Real Life?

Sometimes, dreaming about an earthquake can mean there is a real earthquake. However, we don’t mean this as predicting the future – but there might actually be a low-intensity earthquake going on, you are feeling the vibrations, and it is manifesting in your dream. Sometimes we can feel an earthquake coming before we understand it (think about dogs and how they are known to act strangely before earthquakes). 

However, more often than not, dreams about earthquakes can express anxiety. If you are in an area where the earth shakes often, you might be thinking about it a lot and this is why it is appearing in your dreams. 

Other Earthquake Dream Meanings

We already talked about earthquake dreams signifying resilience, but it can be the opposite too. If in your dream you are harmed or injured by the earthquake, it could mean you are afraid of challenges or changes you are facing in your life. If you dream about your home falling down in an earthquake, it could signify anxieties about money or that your overall self-esteem is low. 

Understanding The People in Dreams Where an Earthquake Happens

Who else was in your dream when the earthquake happened? When there are other people we know appearing in the dream, the earthquake often points to some changing aspects of your relationship with this person. 

Sometimes, the change can be quite literal: if someone you love has passed on and you still haven’t accepted it, it can manifest in your dreams as an earthquake. A death of a loved one can feel like our world is falling apart, so the connection is easy to see. 

On the other hand, if you are dreaming about living friends, colleagues or family members, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean they will die! It just means there is some aspect in your relationship with this person that is going through change. The people you dream of sometimes also signify parts of yourself. In that case, it is you who is undergoing change. In any case, try to think about what this person means to you and what they represent and work from there. 

Final Thoughts 

Did you ever dream about an earthquake? If you wish, tell us the details! What was memorable in your dream? Were there any details standing out? How do you understand the meaning of your own dream? Let us know in the comments! 

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