Dreaming Of Death Means Pregnancy – Fact or Myth?

How many times have you heard some people say that dreaming of death means pregnancy?

Well, we all know that death means loss of life or the end. So how can it mean pregnancy, which is synonymous to life?

Moreover, it sure can be quite concerning to dream of death. This is particularly true if you see your loved one die in your dream.

Waking up to this dream can leave you feeling distressed, anxious, and sad.

But would it not be consoling to know that death in your dreams could mean a different thing? It is something that many people wonder – that this dream is symbolic of something positive. And yes, the exact opposite of death.

So today, we will explore further on dreaming of death, what it means, and why it is sometimes linked with the possibility of a pregnancy.

Death Dreams – A Haunting, Yet A Good Sign of What’s to Come

No one would ever dream to see their loved one die.

But it is also true that this scenario sometimes presents itself in your dream.

Yet, it does not change the fact that when you dream of someone important to you die, this can leave you depressed and confused.

Dreams can be surreal and sometimes mundane images in your sleeping state. They do not even last too long. And at certain points, you may not remember some or most of what you have dreamed of.

When you dream of death, you may worry a lot about what you have seen in your sleep.

So, what does it really mean? Could it be possible that this dream is actually a positive thing?

A Reflection of What You See in Others and Yourself

Dreaming of death offers a unique experience to the dreamer.

In fact, there are traditions that believe dreaming of death means pregnancy. Thus, it is a good sign as it predicts the coming of new birth, a new life.

Additionally, death in your dreams can also show a change in how you see others. It also gives you some kind of a sneak peek into your life and what is happening in it.

But going back to the subject of dreams being linked with pregnancy…

There are young mothers who tend to dream about their babies dying. But what this means is not the literal death.

Instead, it is a reflection of their fear as a new mother. They worry about their children’s safety and whether or not they will be capable of handling such a responsibility.

Some parents may also have horrifying dreams of their older children dying. But again, it does not denote the literal meaning of death. It is merely their fear presenting itself in their subconscious.

They are afraid of the dangers outside their homes and wish that they could always be present to protect their children.

Death Dreams – An Invitation to Celebrate Life

Many people on this planet fear death – whether in their waking or sleeping moments.

They hold onto their precious life too tightly and wish they could never part from the ones they love.

It is actually a positive thing to reflect on.

When we realize that life is fleeting and that at any moment, the ones we love might die…

Then, we will never, ever take them for granted.

When you dream of your child, your spouse, or your friends dying, it means you are afraid of losing them. These are not at all predictive dreams. And there is no such fact that it is a bad omen.

Although it is a disturbing dream, death is an important reminder of how precious your life is. The challenge is to do everything you can to value this precious gift each day.

You need to be able to make each day, each minute count. Care and love the people you value. Show how much they matter to you through your words, actions, and deeds.

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Why Dreams of Death Occur

Now, let us move on to this important question some people have.

Why do you even dream of death? Is it something about the movie you have seen before you fell asleep?

Is it a premonition? A warning? An omen?

The truth is none of these.

Yes, there are certain predictive dreams. But it is not always the case with dreaming of death.

In fact, when you witness death in your dream, it is a reflection of what is happening inside of you.

Always remember that your subconscious collects what you feel and think in your conscious moments.

Thus, when you dream of something, it is an outcome of your thought process and emotions while you are awake.

Let us say you have been worrying about your child (see also losing a child in a crowd dream) (see also losing a child in a crowd dream). You are anxious about what he will become in the future. Perhaps you often think about what his career will be, whether or not he will be successful, and so on.

If you keep playing these thoughts in your head during your waking moment, there is a high possibility that you will dream of your child. And since the reigning feeling is negativity, then the dream is also likely to be negative.


Death dreams can mean so many things.

In some traditions, dreaming of death means pregnancy while in others, it is solely a reflection of your thoughts and emotions when you are conscious.

But no matter what it means, one thing is certain – dreams of death do not have a literal meaning.

So, if you have this kind of dream, always think that there is a message being relayed to you.

If you are always living in fear and worry, then you will experience these very same emotions in your dream state. Thus, it is best to reflect and address these emotions. By doing so, you can have more positive dreams you would love to wake up to each day.

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