Visitation Dream Meaning: Dreaming Of Someone Who Has Died

The details within your dream often shape your interpretation and its overall meaning, but there are some dreams which you cannot get past a certain event in your dream to look closer at what it might mean.  Dreaming of people you know who have died is an extremely common dream, and it can cause any number of strong emotions, which …

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Vampires Dreams

Vampires Dreams about vampires have different interpretations. Most of these interpretations are often connected to certain negative thoughts and fears. That’s because vampires generally represent bloodthirsty demons, negative things, and so on. When you see a vampire in your dreams (see also Garlic Dream Meaning), it signifies an aspect of your personality that is selfishly feeding off or parasitic of …

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What Does Your Dream of Vomiting Indicate? Interpretation and Meaning

Vomiting is a sudden forcible action. It removes all the impurities from the stomach through the mouth. It might be the worst dream of uneasiness. It pushes a person to throw-out food or unwanted adulteration forcefully. Dream of Vomiting can be voluntary or involuntary. To tell you the truth, you may face a dream of vomiting due to something terrible. This can …

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