What Does It Mean When Your Nose Itches?

A random nose itch during the day isn’t something we would ordinarily pay attention to, or think there was any superstitious meaning behind it, unlike the sensation of itchy feet which is more common. However, this everyday itch has a lot of interesting folklore, and it’s also said that an itchy nose can predict your future. Let’s take a look …

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Common Dream: Naked Dreams

“I’m Naked!” We’ve all had that dream where we’re walking down the street, going to work or doing any other everyday activity… and suddenly, we realize we’re in our birthday suits! We start panicking, trying to cover our exposed parts with our hands or other things we can find around us. In most cases, this is the part where we …

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How to Stop Nightmares

What Causes Nightmares and Bad Dreams? There can’t be many people who can say that they have never had a nightmare or bad dream. They can be caused by a variety of things connected to your waking life. Often we will wake up feeling frightened and anxious. We might even feel that we are completely alone. Usually, we will have …

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