Lizard in dreams

What does a lizard mean in your dream? Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings Lizard If you think about it, dreaming of a lizard can be deemed as a strange symbol. Usually, dreams can be abstract and emotional. Sometimes, it may even include the unfolding of different dramas. It is evident that your dream about lizards is powerful enough that you are … Read More

Lice in Dreams: Meaning and Interpretation

You suddenly wake up, feeling a bit disgusted. What is it that disturbed you? You suddenly realize you have been dreaming about lice. No matter how this dream makes you feel, you’ll probably be glad to learn that dreaming about lice is actually not a negative sign. On the contrary, traditional dream dictionaries usually interpret lice as a positive sign!  … Read More

The Meaning Of Ladybug Dream

What does a Ladybug mean in your dream? Uncover The Hidden Meanings Of Your Dreams  Ladybug To see a ladybug in your dream foretells good news from someone you are not expecting to deliver any good news to you. Some of the things that you may experience or happen in your dream of a ladybug You see a ladybug There … Read More

Lost Dream Meaning: Dreams About Not Being Able To Get Home

Lost Have you experienced a dream of being lost? This type of dream signifies your effort at finding your way into an unfamiliar situation. It may also represent something that’s making you feel insecure. Perhaps, you are undergoing an unsettling situation that seems scary or odd since it is new. You have this feeling of doubt or confusion that’s overwhelming … Read More


A dream of a maze or a labyrinth can provide you an insight into the true feelings you have about your journey in life. It can also give you a perception regarding your current problems and the choices you need to make.  The majority of people believe that mazes and labyrinths are similar things. However, that is not always the … Read More

Lightning Dream Meaning

Have you ever had a dream about lightning and wondered what it meant? If so, this article will help you to interpret your dream. Lightning is a natural force of nature. It happens when a natural electrical discharge connects with high voltage. It can be between two clouds or between the ground and a cloud. It is usually sudden and … Read More

Laundry Dream Meaning: Dreams About Washing Clothes

Washing clothes is part of modern life, but it can be tedious, especially if we have to hand wash items of clothing. If you haven’t got a dryer you will have to hang the washing out on the line and then comes ironing which can also be mundane. However, because it is such a fundamental part of our routine, it … Read More

Ladder Dream Meaning

To have a dream about ladders is often positive, although there are, of course, exceptions to the rule. In general, ladders represent our goals and our journey climbing up to them. However, we can dream that we are falling from a ladder and this can represent our fall from grace.  In this article, we will take a look at the … Read More


Wondering what it means to dream of a library or what a library might symbolize? The type of library, as well as features of the library, will all help you understand the meaning of the dream. COMMON LIBRARY DREAM MEANINGS A library can represent a lot of things. Regardless of your dream, whether it is about is being inside a … Read More

Lion or Lioness Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Lions in dreams can be interpreted in many ways and we will take a look at some of them here.  Lions are strong, courageous, aggressive, and powerful. Dreaming about them can often relate to power in your life, but this can be either that you are powerful or that someone has power over you.  Common Lion Dream Interpretations Pride: Because … Read More

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