What Does Ice Mean In Your Dream?

Ice can appear in dramatically different forms in your dreams, which can make deciphering the meaning difficult. You may see a glass full of ice, frozen windows, a frozen lake, a glacier, or something else entirely. But what does ice mean in a dream? Why Am I Dreaming Of Ice? Like water in dreams, ice represents your emotions, but in …

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What Does Ice Cream Mean In Your Dream?

One of the most positive dream symbols that may appear in your dreams is ice cream.  This is especially true if you have happy memories of eating ice cream when you were a child or even as an adult, as this particular food is associated with joy, adventure, and potentially a new relationship in your life. Let’s take a look. …

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Itching Superstitions And What They Mean

Many superstitions worldwide are rooted in truth and historical beliefs, but some are just fascinating.  But what does it mean when you have an itch? Is the meaning the same if a different part of your body itches?  Let’s find out. Itching Superstitions One of the most common interpretations of an itch implies a change of scenery or a journey …

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Island Dream Meaning

An island is a powerful image in a dream. You may have dreamed of a lush island, with strange bird calls and unrecognizable animals just out of sight.  Or, you dreamed of an island with sand as white as marble, and a sea as blue and clear as any holiday advert you’ve ever seen.  Maybe you dreamed of a rocky …

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