Garlic Dream Meaning

Garlic is one of the most universally-loved ingredients, but you might be a little confused if you dream of it.  It’s not exactly the most common dream symbol out there, which of course doesn’t match its popularity in waking life. Garlic in dreams also possesses different symbolism, depending on how it appears within your dreams. Here’s everything you need to … Read More

Garbage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Many of us don’t think about garbage unless we really have to when the trash needs to go out, so dreaming of garbage can be an uncomfortable experience, to say the least. Garbage is revolting at the best of times, and the worst, well, best not to think about it. The sooner we deal with repulsive tasks in life, the … Read More

Garage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams often pull their subject matter from everyday life, and turn the most ordinary thing into a message that seems entirely unrelated on the surface. Garages are one of these.  But what does it mean when your subconscious throws you into a dream of a garage? Essentially, garages in a dream (see also Fuel Dream Symbolism) relate to your own … Read More

Ghost Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams of ghosts can be very vivid, but what do they actually mean? A ghost appearing in your dream essentially represents something which has been left unresolved, and it’s still ‘haunting’ you to this day, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Reasons Why You’re Dreaming of Ghosts For the most part, ghosts in dreams represent something you’re … Read More

Dreaming Of A Girl

Dreaming of a girl links to your acceptance of other people, and the love you have for them. This dream can also symbolize a woman or a girl who is important to you in waking life, or someone who is overly kind, reassuring, and has a calming presence. Dreaming of a girl is usually a positive dream, and denotes the … Read More

What Do Dreams Of Guns Mean?

Guns can signify a myriad of things when they appear in our dreams. They represent control and supremacy over others through force, violent behavior, and the worst things people are capable of. A gun appearing in your dream points to repressed or outward rage, violence, or possibly danger. According to Sigmund Freud, guns in your dream are connected to sexual … Read More

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