Dreams About Eyes

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “eyes are the windows to the soul”, and this phrase has been well-known since the mid-1500s, if not before then. What seems to be the most likely source of this phrase came from Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas, a French poet, who said eyes are “these lovely lamps, these windows of the soul.” In … Read More

Ex-Girlfriend Dream Meaning

Dreaming of an ex-girlfriend can manifest when you have some anxieties about the future. You are worried about where your life is heading, and the choices you’ve made to get here. You may be missing your ex or the person you were when you were with her. Your feelings for a current partner may reflect those in a past relationship … Read More

What Do Eagles Mean In Dreams?

Eagles are traditionally regarded as a symbol of power and freedom and often appear in dreams as an embodiment of spirituality. Eagles often represent achievements, ‘noble’ goals, a sense of power, and limitless potential in dreams. Eagles have a striking profile that’s instantly recognizable, with their sharp eyes and proud heads, not to mention the huge wingspan. They’ve been admired … Read More

What Does The Elevator Mean In Your Dream?

Traditionally, elevators or lifts only move in two directions, which means you’re either in a good place right now, (the lift went up) or in a place where you’ve been better (the lift went down). If you had a scary experience of the lift falling or crashing in your dream, you may be in the middle of a crisis in … Read More

Dream About Ex Getting Married To Someone Else – What It Really Means

It is never fun having a dream about ex getting married to someone else. This kind of dream can be full of confusion and perhaps some other negative emotions. Why does this dream ever occur when you sleep? Most importantly, what does this kind of dream actually mean? Let us explore further the hidden meaning behind dreams about your ex … Read More


The meaning of a dream about eggs can be many various things, differing from one person to the next. Sometimes, the dream symbol may appear to provide you with better insight regarding what it means to dream of an egg. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF EGGS IN DREAMS? There are several different ways eggs may manifest in your dreams. This … Read More

Eating Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Eating is an important part of our life. Whether we enjoy our every bite or we eat simply to fulfil our daily intake, the fact is that we eat several times a day – every day. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that we dream about consuming food too. Here we’ll help you interpret your dream about eating. What … Read More

Ex Dream Meaning

Probably everyone has dreamt about their ex at least once. These kinds of dreams often arouse uncomfortable questions. Does it mean we are still in love with the ex? Is it a prophetic dream saying the ex is coming back to haunt us? Today’s article is about deciphering the true dream meaning of an ex boyfriend (see also ex-girlfriend dream … Read More

Earthquake Dream Meaning

Are you familiar with dreams about earthquakes? Especially if souch dreams happen repeatedly, it is important to know how to interpret them in the right way. Even if you have dreamt about an earthquake only once, analyzing the dream can still prove to be quite an interesting experience. At the very least, you’ll be able to understand where the dream … Read More

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