This Is The Reality Behind Your Recurring Dreams About Beetles

The beetle is a common insect that is prevalent in most types of fauna and flora. They are winged creatures and can adapt to any kind of climate. The natural disposition of the creature is that it can be harmful as well as helpful. This disposition also extends when it comes to the dream interpretation of seeing beetles. Contrary to … Read More

Boomerang Dream Meaning

A boomerang isn’t a common symbol that appears in our dreams, so seeing one might raise questions concerning the meaning behind it. Interpreting the dream can help you understand better things that are happening in your waking life. If you want to know the possible meanings behind the boomerang symbol, then keep reading.  What Does It Mean To Dream Of … Read More

Bleachers & Grandstands Dream Meaning

If you are interested in sporting events, you will know about bleachers and grandstands. They are raised benches on tiers where you sit to watch a game. For example, you might be watching baseball, football, or soccer. Unfortunately, not many of them are really comfortable. If you are used to going to or watching sports events on TV, you probably … Read More

Bird of Prey Dream Meaning

Birds, in general, are connected with freedom and liberation. However, when it comes to interpreting a bird in dreams a lot depends on the type of bird you dream about and the situation in which it appears. Dreams about birds of prey, such as a hawk, an osprey, or an eagle, are almost always connected with issues of power and … Read More

Buildings & Architecture Dream Symbol Meaning

Buildings are a part of our surroundings, and sometimes, we see them in our dreams, too. Usually, they symbolize our creativity and how we design our lives and our future. In this article, we’ll get into a detailed interpretation of dreams about buildings.  What Does It Mean To Dream Of Buildings And Architecture? Creative Expression Growing up, most of us … Read More

Boat Dream Meaning

There are so many different types of boats out there such as yachts, canoes, ocean liners, and even houseboats. Because there is a wide variety, it won’t come as a surprise that there are different dream meanings for them. What do Dreams About Boats Mean? When we think about boats, we might think of making a journey. Boats in dreams … Read More

Banana Dream Symbolism and Meaning

Most of us have eaten bananas at some time in our lives. They are delicious, have a sweet taste, and are packed with vitamins and minerals, especially potassium which reduces blood pressure and helps to protect against strokes.  Bananas can symbolize a wide variety of things, including energy, love, happiness, and sensuality. To dream of yellow bananas means that you … Read More

Bear Dream Symbol Meaning

Bears don’t often appear in dreams, but when they do, there can be many different interpretations. You will need to think of the way you felt during the dream, what happened, and where the dream took place. Common Dream Symbols and Interpretations for Bears in Dreams Solitude: Bears are solitary animals and spend much of their lives alone unless a … Read More

Baby Dream Meaning

To dream of a baby doesn’t mean that you or somebody close to you is pregnant or about to become so soon. Yes, it can have this meaning, but it is more common that the dream means new beginnings. Babies also signify innocence and warmth, and it is rare to dream of an evil baby.  Baby dreams can also give … Read More

Book Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Most people enjoy reading books, even if it’s just light-reading or non-fiction. Books convey both knowledge and entertainment and give us an escape from daily life. So, what does it mean if we dream about books? It is more complicated than it sounds as there are so many different book interpretations. We have to look at the type of book … Read More

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