Animal Dream Symbols – A – Z

Dreaming of animals links to your instincts, your innermost desires and needs which may not surface in your waking life. Every animal’s characteristics can help contribute to the meaning of your dream, and shape what your subconscious is trying to tell you. In most cases, the animals have both positive and negative interpretations, and you’ll need to remember how you … Read More

Dream Glossary: Dreams symbols beginning with A – Part 2

Adventurer Dreaming of being an adventurer is your subconscious letting you know you need to shake up your routine. You’re lacking some real-life adventure where you’re free to explore.  This dream can also suggest that you’re so focused on achieving your goals that when you do achieve them, you’re not acknowledging or thanking the people that helped you get there.  … Read More

Dreaming About Airplanes

Airplanes A dream of an airplane depicts the driving force or trajectory of your projects, plans, or ideas that you yearn to get off the ground. When it comes to the positive side of things, airplanes often reflect the development of successful experiences. It is about when every little thing comes together, ensuring a coveted yet controlled outcome. On the … Read More

Dream Glossary: Dreams symbols beginning with A – Part 1

A If you dream of the letter “A”, this reveals a new start shortly in your future. You’re moving onto something better, a new stage in your life. It can also suggest that you’re feeling superior to someone else less fortunate, or someone in your life believes they are better than you. “A” can also indicate someone in your life … Read More


A dream about arms can present numerous different meanings and interpretations. We use our arms in many different ways. We use it to hold something, hug others, as well as raise or lower them to imply something significant. When interpreting this dream symbol, you must consider details like what the arms are doing in your dream. You also need to … Read More


Dreaming about an apron can imply a lot of things. We usually associate aprons with tasks ahead, labor, and work. If you see yourself wearing an apron in the dream, it may mean that you feel like you have certain duties and responsibilities you need to fulfill.  It may also mean that you need to commit a task related to … Read More


Finding what it means to dream about an aardvark can be a little challenging since this dream symbol is not very common. Also, most dream dictionaries do not often cover it. Luckily, you can find ways on how to determine what your aardvark dream may exactly symbolize.  An aardvark, as a totem, power, and spirit animal can help you uncover … Read More


Did a hatchet or an axe make an appearance in your dream? Understanding what the dream symbol means is crucial. Dreaming of an axe can usually provide you with significant insight concerning your relationships, career, and all other aspects of your life. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO DREAM OF AN AXE OR HATCHET? Axe is a tool that people usually … Read More

Arena Dream Symbol Meaning

Have you been dreaming about arenas, stadiums, or other similar buildings and locations? These dreams are usually very interesting to analyze.  To find the right interpretation of such a dream, it’s important to consider the events that happened and your position in them. Think about it, what was going on in the arena. Was there an audience? Were you part … Read More

Apricot Dream Symbol Meaning

Today, we talk about the meaning of apricots in dreams. Fruit, in general, is one of the most ancient symbols that appear in our dreams. It is an archetype image as old as humanity. But, specific fruits have specific meanings, and apricot symbolism is actually very beautiful. So what does it mean when you dream about apricots? Let’s get started!  … Read More

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