Angel Number 2222 Meaning: Find The Balance In Your Life

There’s a popular saying about numbers: math is the language of the universe.  We can predict a whole range of things using numbers scientifically, and this is also the same for the spiritual realm. It’s said that any being that can understand numbers can find a universally-understood way of communicating, and this is where angel numbers come in.  If you … Read More

Arena Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Arenas in dreams have some interesting symbolism, but they are wholly dependent on the type of arena you dream of, as these represent wildly different things.  One feature which links all types of arena is that they are designed for entertainment, and this has been true since before Roman times. But what does dreaming of an arena actually mean? What … Read More

Attic Dream Meaning and Interpretation

While we might not spend a lot of time up in attics, they are a very common setting for dreams, and have some interesting symbolism surrounding them. There are many things which can cause you to dream of an attic, but there are some themes which overlap.  In waking life, we tend to use attics as storage spaces, and dreaming … Read More

Ashes Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of ashes can be quite unsettling, as your first assumption may be to panic, imagining that it is a bad sign. We often associate ashes with death, endings, and ill-health. But what do ashes mean when they appear in dreams? What Do Ashes Mean in Dreams?  The symbolism behind ashes appearing in a dream varies wildly depending on the … Read More

Axe Or Hatchet Dream Meaning

Axe and hatchet dreams can be stressful, terrifying, or bewildering. But what exactly does it mean to see one or both of these tools in your dream? Axe Dream Symbolism How an axe appears in your dreams depends on your own associations with the image of an axe, whether that involves memories of chopping wood, horror flicks of axes being … Read More

Apron Dream Meaning And Symbolism

While using aprons in our day-to-day lives has lessened over the years, that doesn’t mean that they don’t still hold a lot of symbolism.  When you dream of aprons, this can be more significant as they are an uncommon dream symbol, and can hold many meanings, depending on the context on how the apron appeared in your dreams, among other … Read More

Apple Dream Meaning And Symbolism

While you might not think about apples regularly, think about what symbolism they’ve held for centuries within religion and folklore, such as Snow White, and the story of Adam and Eve.  These tasty fruits have not only sustained us for centuries, but they have also sparked our imaginations. So what does it mean when you dream of apples? Things To … Read More

Apocalypse Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Dreaming of the apocalypse can be a distressing experience, and you may feel as though you’ve run a marathon when you wake up.  You might even have to reassure yourself that the world isn’t ending just yet, looking around your room to convince yourself that everything is actually fine. This will sound crazy, but apocalypse dreams – no matter how … Read More

Ape And Gorilla Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Dreams involving apes or gorillas have a lot of potential meanings. There are many things to consider which will help decide the meaning behind your dream, including the species of the specific ape or gorilla you were dreaming of, but there are also some more general interpretations. Apes and Gorillas as a Dream Symbol Apes and gorillas in dreams represent … Read More

Ants Dream Meaning And Symbolism

We know that ants are considered to be diligent, deceptively strong, and fierce in high numbers. But what does it mean when you dream of ants? Here’s everything you should know. The Symbolism Behind Ants in Your Dream While you probably wouldn’t give much thought to ants during the day (unless they are becoming a nuisance), these small and clever … Read More

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