Cows and Cattle: Spirit Animals and Dream Meaning

Cows are associated with farming so why should we dream about them? However, they are also symbols relating to aspects of our lives, so a dream about them shouldn’t be dismissed. They are considered to be spirit animals by some religions and represent a desire to progress in life. Generally, we only dream about them when there is an important message to convey. 

What Do Cows and Cattle Symbolize?

Many people think of cows as a food source. They eat their flesh and drink their milk, but they are so much more than this. Some religions, such as Hindus, consider these animals to be sacred and it is forbidden to eat them. There are many references to cows in the Bible and from this perspective, they represent a belief in ourselves. In Greek mythology, the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus, was the representative of cows. She was also a symbol of fertility, marriage, and women. When she caught her husband cheating (see also Husband Leaving Dream Meaning and Interpretation), she turned the woman into a cow who was sent to wander the earth alone. Vegans also won’t eat the flesh of cows or drink their milk and vegetarians will only drink their milk. 

However, whether we eat them or not, they symbolize belief in the future and many types of dreams about cows should fill you with confidence. Cows are a symbol of femininity, but if you are a man who dreams about a cow, it represents a woman who is important to you. This can be either in a romantic way or to do with business. A man could also dream about a cow if he and his partner are trying for a baby.

On the other hand, there are some negative dreams about cows such as when we dream of them chasing or attacking us. As always, we need to take the rest of the dream into consideration when interpreting it.

Abundance and Prosperity

During the Depression, people who owned cows were considered to be well off. If we dream of one or especially a herd of cows, we can be assured that we are due some monetary gain and security. 

Have you ever heard of the term ‘cash cow’? This means that there is a reliable source of income and your business should be doing well. To dream of cows can make you feel positive about the future.

Fertility and Mothering

If you are struggling to become pregnant or are finding it hard to succeed as a mother, dreaming of a cow can be a positive sign. Cows are excellent mothers and are extremely connected to their calves and vice versa. If you dream of a cow it can mean that you are going to succeed as a mother and perhaps become pregnant soon.

Spiritual Connection to Creation

To continue with the theme of motherhood, cows remind us to be kind and caring to all people and animals. Those who are considerate to others have a spiritual connection in life compared to those who don’t care about other people. A cow in a dream can direct you towards a wise and kind physical existence.

Common Ways Cows and Cattle Appear in Dreams

There are many dreams that you can have about cows and here we will take a look at some of them which will hopefully help you to understand your dream fully.

What is the Overall Mood and Tone of the Dream?

As with all dreams we have to take account of the mood and emotions in our dreams. It is completely different if we see a cow grazing with her calves than if we see a bull attacking us. 

Dreaming of healthy and fat cattle grazing in a green pasture can mean that you have no monetary worries, or if you do, they are going to be resolved soon. This dream can also mean that you are happy and content in many areas of your lives. 

On the other hand, if the cow or cattle look poorly fed, neglected, or unhealthy it can mean that you are miserable. Nothing is going right. Your finances are in trouble and so too might your personal relationship be. You could have put a lot of effort into your career but haven’t seen any results.

A stampede of cattle is not a good dream to have. It indicates that things are getting out of control, particularly in your financial situation. You could be worried that you can’t provide either for yourself or your whole family.

Another meaning of a stampede of cattle is that you are having problems reaching your goals. You will have to put in extra effort to get what you want.

Dreaming of Milking Cows

If you dream that you are milking a cow, it can mean that you have made excellent monetary investments. Be prepared for good fortune soon. 

Dreaming of Baby Cows & Calves

If you dream of cows with their calves, it could mean that you want to get pregnant. It is a dream very much connected to the maternal side of women. If the cows and their calves seem happy this emphasizes your desire to have children. It can also indicate that you want nurturing and looking after. 

However, if you dream of calves being separated from their mothers, this is not a good sign. Cows and calves are remarkably close to each other and baby calves will often cry when they are separated from their mothers as happens in dairy farms. In a dream, this can mean that you feel abandoned by someone close who isn’t being kind or is even being disloyal.

Dreaming of Scary Cows, Bulls, or Dark Cattle

Dreaming of scary cows or bulls can be frightening. It means that you are scared of someone. This could be anyone from a business colleague (see also coworker dream symbols) to your romantic partner. You need to sit down and work out a strategy to try and stand up to this person.

If a cow is butting you, it is also not a good sign. There is someone in your life who wishes you ill. Perhaps you are already aware of the situation or it is new to you. This person could be among your friends or acquaintances or it could be from someone you barely know. Perhaps there is someone at work who wants to jeopardize your chances of promotion. Maybe someone is jealous that you are with your partner and it is not them in that position.

If you see a mad bull charging at you, it could mean that someone in your waking life is attacking you, either physically or mentally. Alternatively, it can indicate that you have a hot temper, and it is time to cool down before you alienate everybody in your circle of family and friends.

If you dream that it is a cow chasing you, be prepared for an unstable time. It is highly likely that you will fail, whether it is in a romantic relationship or your job. You may have worries about your current financial position, which is not only threatening your happiness but can also affect your health.

If the focus is more on you running away from a cow in your dream than it chasing you, it can mean that you aren’t stable, either physically or mentally, and you need to be aware of this. Perhaps you can turn the situation around.

You could dream about a bull or cow with horns. This could indicate that you are being aggressive towards someone and it is time to be kinder. Blood on the horns is even more negative. It can mean that your forcefulness will get you anything you want, but you may lose friends along the way.

A dream about a mad cow could indicate problems ahead that have all been caused by a woman. It is time to be on your guard.

Common Events & Places in Dreams About Cows

Storm Dream Meaning – Storms (see also lightning dreams) can be very scary, but cows usually handle them gracefully and calmly. Perhaps you are scared of something or somebody, but the dream is telling you to remain calm and collected.

Garden Dream MeaningIf you see a cow in a garden it can represent harmony and peace. Maybe your life is going to soon be free of any problems you might have.

Gate Dream Meaning Gates represent security. Perhaps you see a bull on the other side of the gate who can’t get to you. This can mean that you are going to feel safe, perhaps at work or in the home.

Arena Dream MeaningIf you are watching a bull fight in your dream, there could be some conflict in your life. Perhaps you are unsure of what to do next.

Eating Food Dreams – If you dream about eating beef or drinking milk, it can represent your desire for something, not necessarily food.

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