Cats and Kittens Dream Symbol Meaning

Cats are ambiguous creatures. On the one hand, kittens are adorable and definitely among the cutest things in the world. On the other hand, cats are also incredibly smart, mysterious creatures that often appear quite self-centered. For this reason, when cats appear in your dreams, the right interpretation could go either way. It really depends on your own (conscious or subconscious) feelings and meanings you attach to cats. Today, we’ll talk about the most common meanings of cats and kittens in dreams. Read it through, and see which interpretation seems to correspond to your dream the best! 

Tips for Interpreting Your Dream About Cats

In the second part of this article, we’ll cover the most common meanings associated with cats. But, since they can be quite opposite, it’s important to first determine what do cats mean to you, personally. Answer the questions below first and that should give you a better idea on how to interpret your particular dream. 

How Do You Describe the Cat? 

When exploring our feelings and inner thoughts, the simple exercise of writing down the first things that come to mind is always helpful. Close your eyes for a minute and picture a cat. Once you have a clear image in your head, open your eyes and write down the first 5 words that come to mind on  a piece of paper. What does it say? This should be a good indicator of your general attitude about cats. 

After this, also think about the cat you remember in your dream. Describe the cat in as much detail as you can and write down any details, even the smallest, that you remember.  

What  Are Your Experiences With Cats? 

An important part of interpreting cat dreams are your own experiences with cats. After all, dreams are usually just shuffled representations of our own past experiences. Do you, or did you ever have a cat as a pet? Or maybe you’ve had some negative experiences – like witnessing a beloved cat die. On the other hand, it could be that a cat attacked you and you are scared of them, or you are allergic. In any case, try to think about what memorable experiences you’ve had with cats in the past. 

Does the Cats Color or Breed Sat Anything? 

Cats come in many shapes and sizes. Some would say even a tiger is a cat, but on the other hand it could be the tiniest and fluffiest of kittens. In any case, the appearance could tell you something about the character of the cat in your dream. Try to remember which color the cat was and check out color symbolism in dreams. 

Common Cat Dream Symbols 

Once you’ve figured out what a cat could mean to you personally, look if any of these common symbolisms connected with cats correspond to this: 


Sometimes the cat can represent yourself. If you are dreaming about a hungry or neglected kitten, it might be representing you. It could mean that some of your needs are not being met. 


Cats are some of the most independent animals in the animal kingdom. They can always fend for themselves, and even falling from great heights doesn’t harm them. This is why a cat in a dream can symbolize independence – or maybe that you need more of it in your life. 


Many people have cats as companions. Especially if you are used to having cats as pets, this could also be the meaning in the dream. A cat could symbolize the need for companionship, or it could represent a close friend or life companion. 


Cats are connected with the feminine energy. Does the cat in your dream represent any woman you know? Or it could represent the female aspect within yourself. 


It is often said that cats have nine lives. That’s not just a saying – cats are really great at surviving whatever comes their way. This might be the reason why a cat appears in your dream. Especially if you are going through a tough time, a cat can be a sign that you can survive anything that comes your way. 

Dreaming of Kittens 

Kittens are babies and they need affection and care from their mothers and from anyone that would give it to them. That’s why one of the most common kitten dream meanings is the need for affection. Have you been overly self-sufficient and not letting anyone get close to you? If the answer is yes, this is what a kitten could signify. 

Hissing/Scratching/Biting/Attack Cats

Dreaming about cats with an aggressive attitude towards you often means you have enemies in your real life. You might not see it at the time, but someone is trying to harm you. 

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