Dreaming of Waves

A Dream About Big Waves

It is quite common to dream about waves. If you see big waves in your dream, it can be that your emotions are going to be turned upside down. Perhaps you are going to fall in love, maybe you are going to find out that you are pregnant, or perhaps you feel as if you have no control at work. Whatever it is, you are going to release some hidden emotional energy. To dream about actually walking through these massive waves means that you will be able to solve any problems in your life right now. 

We just have to walk along a beach to see waves in the ocean. However, there are other types of waves like sound waves and light waves. The thing that they all have in common is that they move and so all types of waves in dreams can be interpreted in the same way.

As well as massive waves, we might dream about gentle waves lapping the shoreline. This can mean that you are happy and content. You may think of something emotional in your past, but you feel calm because that time has passed. 

Seeing waves in a dream can also be an indication that you need to look towards your future. Things won’t happen unless you put in the effort.

In this article, we will look at different waves and their meaning in dreams.

Dreaming About Massive Waves and the Science Behind it

We need to understand a bit more about waves so that we can interpret our dreams correctly. A scientist, Wilhelm Eduard Weber investigated waves in the 19th century. He carried out experiments on the height and vertical distances of waves. 

The word ‘waves’ means the vertical element of the surface of the ocean. When you have a storm, like hurricane Katerina in 2006, the waves were affected by what was underneath the surface of the water. To dream about a tsunami, it can mean that you have hidden something in the back of your mind and are afraid to let it out for fear of the emotions it will produce. 

Waves can be produced in a chain reaction and if you dream of one wave coming after the other, it can mean that your mind is topsy turvy. How are you feeling? Perhaps you can’t get the words out to tell your romantic partner that you love them. 

Dreaming About Big, Muddy, Or Dirty Waves

It is not a good omen if you dream about dirty or muddy water. It means that you are going to encounter difficulties in the near future. This could be at home or work. However, to get to be the people we want to be we often have to go through hardships to help us grow. In this way, the dream isn’t entirely negative. You will get what you want. You just have to pay your dues. 

Ancient dream dictionaries say that dirty waves in a dream mean that you are going to experience beauty in your waking life, but also cruelty. Perhaps you are attracted to a beautiful woman, but she turns you down.

Dreaming About Watching Waves

In ancient dream dictionaries, to watch waves in a dream means that you are going to be aware of your human consciousness. You will be looking deeper into yourself so that you can become a trusted human being.

Nowadays, this dream is interpreted differently. If you dream that you are standing on a beach watching the waves, you have courage. You are able to accept challenges and won’t give up when the going gets tough. Alternatively, it means that you could be promoted shortly.

Dreaming About Tidal Waves

Tidal waves are something you don’t want to experience in real life as they can lead to tsunamis. Dreaming of tidal waves is quite common. Spiritually, this dream can make you think of an event in your waking life that has made a great impression on you. It is interesting to note that, unlike many dreams, you will still be able to remember this one even after a few days. 

Ancient dream dictionaries have suggested that dreaming of a tidal wave is a sign of independence. Perhaps you don’t want to be tied down to a family. Maybe you want to travel the world instead of staying in a dead-end job for years on end.

Tidal waves are also a symbol of sexuality or a change in emotions. Most dream books, old and new, state that water is related to emotions, so it is not surprising if we dream of a tidal wave when our emotions are in turmoil.

If you dream that you are a passenger on a ferry and a tidal wave comes towards you, it can mean that there is going to be a major change in your life. This could be either personal or work-related. 

It is common to dream of a tidal wave when you are taking on a large amount of work. You might have bought a run-down house and now have the job of fixing it up on your own. You might feel overburdened. 

If you have reached a crossroads in your life, you may well have a dream about a tidal wave. You don’t know which way to turn and you are being pressured by people from all different sides. You need to take a step back and decide what you want from life. You can’t please everybody all of the time. You have to be true to yourself while trying not to upset others.

If you dream that the tidal wave is dragging you away, it can mean that your emotional life is at rock-bottom. If you have relationship problems, it is time to sit down with the other party and try to work it out.

Psychologically, dreaming of a tidal wave represents your path in life. Perhaps the wave is overpowering you or maybe you are sailing along with it to wherever life takes you. The wave represents the fluctuation of emotions. We can’t feel the same all of the time.   

Dreaming About Undercurrents

Undercurrents can pull you in all different directions or drag you underneath the water. To dream that you are being dragged by undercurrents suggests that you are being dragged in all sorts of directions in your waking life. Work is putting pressure on you and so is your home life. All you want is for them to coexist in harmony, but it seems an impossible task.

Water can be dangerous so if you dream that you are drowning, it can suggest that you are experiencing some deep emotions. Many people dream about death by drowning so to dream about being pulled by an undercurrent could mean that you are finding it hard to cope with your waking life at the moment. 

The Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Waves

To dream about the sea or the ocean is common (see also Dreams Of Water Symbolism). It symbolizes our emotions as well as our inconsistent personality. Waves are unpredictable and so can we be. 

If you have a dream where you are floating on waves, it represents your emotional and spiritual self. Floating along with no worries could mean that you are going through a calm period in your life.

However, if you see a storm with big waves, you may have inner conflicts. Perhaps you don’t know what career to choose. Maybe you don’t know if you want to get married yet. You could be overwhelmed with what life is throwing at you and you need a break from conflict and negative emotions. 

If you dream of big waves coming towards you, one after the other, it means that you feel threatened. In effect, you feel as if you are drowning. Perhaps someone is playing on your kindness by trying to extort money out of you. 

However, if you dream of a calm sea, you are calm in your waking life. Everything is going to plan. Work is going well. Your home life is good. There is nothing to worry about currently. 

To dream that you are sailing far out into the ocean can mean that your subconscious mind and your conscious mind are in alignment. However, you also want to examine your emotions in depth. Are you really in love? It is time to sit down after your dream and see how you feel. Perhaps you are on the wrong path emotionally.

Spiritually, wave dreams are connected to your emotions and your soul. Dreams about waves need deep analysis when you are awake.

The Creation of Waves

Waves are formed by the friction between the wind and the surface of the water. The disturbance of the wind creates waves. In the same way, if we dream about waves, our steady lives are going to be disrupted. It can, however, be either for good or for bad.  

The sea or the ocean symbolizes your personality, with an emphasis on the darkest corners of your mind. To dream about waves relates to your subconscious and your emotions and thoughts.

Dreaming About Large Waves

If you dream about big waves, something significant is going to happen in your waking life which will change your inner self.

To dream about a large wave chasing you means that you are expressing your worries and problems to the world. It may be a good idea to reign it in as nobody wants to listen to someone who is moaning all the time. 

The clearer the wave is, the more positive your life is going to be. It is not a good omen to dream of a dirty or muddy wave.

Dreaming About Waves Crashing in on You

60% of our bodies are made up of water so it is not surprising if we feel an affinity with the ocean. It symbolizes both our emotions and our soul and so do waves.

If you dream about waves crashing in on you, don’t worry. This is a positive sign. It means that something unexpected is going to happen and it will be good. 

Dreaming of walking through crashing waves with no problem, can mean that you are a strong person. If you can conquer the waves without falling over, you can control your life. This doesn’t mean that you are going to walk over everybody to get what you want, but rather you can sit down and discuss any problems with those concerned. However, if the waves crash over you and knock you down, you are going to have difficulties in the near future.

Dreaming About Walking Through Waves

Walking through waves with no problem is a symbol of your life. You have control over your emotions and can overcome difficulties. You are not a loser. You have conducted your life in such a way that things have gone well, but without hurting other people. 

If you are pulled along by the waves but don’t fall over, it is time to release your hidden emotions. You may feel anxious, but it’s not the end of the world. If you feel that somebody is wronging you, then, yes, stand up for yourself. You don’t need to allow other people to walk all over you. Let go of any hidden emotions. It doesn’t do you any good to hold them in until you explode. Confront the people who are making you feel like this.

Dreaming About Waves with Whitecaps

Quite often you see waves with whitecaps in the ocean so it isn’t a surprise if you dream about them. They symbolize a situation that will challenge you, but with hard work, you will be able to overcome it. Alternatively, the dream is telling you to go with the flow. Don’t say anything and the situation will resolve itself.

The Association Between Air and Waves in a Dream

There are four important elements: air, water, fire, and the earth. Air is very connected to water as it is responsible for creating waves. Air also has a spiritual significance. It is what allows us to live and without air, we would die. It is a powerful force and can create such calamities as tornados. In the same way, air can create strong waves, such as a tsunami which can kill hundreds or even thousands of people. To dream about a tsunami is not good news. Everything is going to come crashing down around you.

The Spiritual Meaning of Water

Waves are made up of water and can be gentle or strong. They can pull us in so many directions that we can end up being confused. If we take water in general, we can see that 60% of our bodies are made up of water. Therefore, water is a symbol of life. It connects with fertility, purity, and wisdom. 

In the Taoist tradition, water suggests wisdom. It is powerful and you cannot control it. It has a mind of its own and when it is combined with air, it can create all sorts of damage. 

In ancient history, it is said that life comes from water. . It is a symbol of birth as well as it being something you can’t control. If you are expecting a baby, it is going to arrive soon. 

Spiritually, water symbolizes wisdom. We all want to gain more knowledge, but this takes work. We can’t expect to know everything without some studying.

Water was considered important by the people who first colonized North America. The Native Americans believe that water represents life. 

If we take a look at water in connection with Tarot cards and horoscopes, we can see how important it is. In Tarot cards, it symbolizes energy flow, intuition, and emotion. In horoscopes, it represents the water signs of Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. People born under these signs are sensitive, pure, and mysterious.

We probably underestimate water and only think of it if it is cut off from our homes due to a water shortage. However, it is a strong and powerful element and we should remember this. If you see waves in your dream, something important is going to happen.

Dreaming About Surfing Big Waves

Surfing is a fun sport where you ride big waves on a surfboard. If you dream that you are doing this, it is a positive omen. You are going to rise above problems in your life just as you rose over the waves. The dream is telling you that you can overcome anything that life presents you with. You may have relationship problems, problems at work, or simply disagreements with friends. However, don’t worry. Everything is going to turn out fine. 

The dream is also telling you not to waste time on insignificant matters or insignificant people. Spend your energy on people who do matter and who care for you.

The Types of Sea Waves

In this section, we are going to take a look at the different types of waves that there are and what they mean if we dream about them. There are a lot of different types of waves and it can be beneficial if you know the ones you dream about. This will give you a better interpretation of your dream.

  • Breaking waves – Breaking waves are formed when waves collapse on themselves.  They are great if you want to go surfing. There are two different types of breaking waves. One of these is the Spilling Breaker. This is when a powerful wave reaches the beach and then loses its power. The other is the Plunging Breaker. This is a wave that reaches the beach and curls quickly through the air. 

To dream about a breaking wave means that you are being pulled in one direction, but you’re not sure if it’s the right direction. Perhaps your partner wants you two to move to a different area where he or she can get a better job, but maybe you’re happy where you are.

If you dream that you are looking head-on at breaking waves or you see them from the side, you could be pressured by other people to take on all sorts of tasks. Perhaps you don’t want to do so much. Maybe you want to have some downtime, but you’re not comfortable letting so many people down. There may be demands put on you at work and you feel you have to comply. However, despite misgivings, you enjoy the work you do and if you are given a just reward, why not go for it?

  • Deep waves – Deep waves can be dangerous if you aren’t an accomplished swimmer or surfer. They are formed by waves of different lengths crashing down on each other. They are long and powerful and can travel a long way. If you dream about a deep wave, you need to concentrate on what is important to you. Deep waves are indicative of our deep emotions and our secrets.
  • Destructive waves – Destructive waves are just what they say. They cause destruction. They are short waves, but they are extremely tall. When these waves hit the coastline, the water jumps forward onto land. They have a strong backwash and can cause destruction. To dream about these waves means that you want to move forward. You are not satisfied with your life as it is. You want more. 
  • Inshore waves – An inshore wave is shorter than the depth of water it breaks into. This means that the speed is slower than that of a breaking wave or a destructive wave. It breaks the wave by increasing the height. If you dream about an inshore wave, it can mean that you are going to come into money. This could be as small as a pay rise or as big as winning the lottery.
  • Internal waves  – These waves can be turbulent once they reach the coastline. They are formed due to the meeting of waters of different densities. To dream about internal waves means that you need to work towards something in your waking life. Perhaps you are about to take exams or are looking for a new job. If so, put all your effort into the project and you should come out on top.
  • Kelvin waves – These waves are prevalent in the Pacific Ocean and are formed because there is not much wind. They are big waves, both wide and high. They are also warmer than the surrounding water. If you have a dream about Kelvin waves, it means that your emotions are all over the place. You need to work out what you feel about a situation in your life and change it if you’re not happy about it. 
  • Progressive waves – There are two types of progressive waves, but they both have something in common. They move at a continuous speed. The capillary progressive wave is formed when the wind pressure is the binding force. The orbital progressive wave is produced at the dividing line between two masses of water which are different densities. To dream about progressive waves is a good omen. You are going to be presented with the opportunity for a new start in life. Maybe things haven’t been so good lately, but now you could be offered a new job or perhaps an opportunity to relocate to a nicer area. 
  • Refracted waves  –  These waves travel in shallow water and are not very powerful. To dream about refracted waves means that you are losing your power over something or someone. Perhaps you are a parent with kids that are growing up and want to do their own thing. It is time for you to compromise. 
  • Shallow waves –  Shallow waves sound like they should be ‘safe’, but that is just an illusion. They are anything but safe. There are two types of shallow waves. Firstly, there are tidal waves which are caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. Then there is the very dangerous tsunami, caused by earthquakes under the water. They are very dangerous and if they hit land there can be a lot of destruction and loss of life. To dream about a tsunami or a tidal wave means that your life is spiraling out of control. If you don’t reign things in you may lose people you love, your home, or your job. Take this dream seriously.
  • Constructive waves – Constructive waves are long, but not particularly high. They become horizontal when they reach land. To dream of constructive waves means that it is time to do something to advance yourself in the world. Perhaps you need to seek a promotion or a new job, or maybe you should relocate and start your life afresh. 
  • Swell waves – Swell waves are very powerful waves. They are created during storms when there are strong winds. They can travel a long way and are lively. To dream about swell waves means that an opportunity may come up for you to travel, either for business or for pleasure. You have spirit so whatever you do should be successful.

To conclude, waves have a lot to do with our emotions, and dreaming about them can enable us to examine the way we feel in our waking life. Perhaps we are happy the way things are. In that case, we may just dream about gentle waves lapping the shoreline. To dream of a tsunami can mean that your emotions are all over the place and you need to sit down quietly and try to work out what is wrong with your life. Are you in a bad relationship? If so, you need to work out the pros and cons of staying in the relationship. You don’t need to spend a lifetime with someone you don’t love. Perhaps you just want to uproot your life and go and live in a foreign country and start afresh.

If you have a dream in which you are being pulled around by waves it can mean that you are feeling overwhelmed in your waking life.  Perhaps you are being given too much work and you can’t handle it. Maybe you have bought a house that needs so much work done on it that you don’t know where to begin. 

All in all, a dream about waves is telling you that you can have a balanced view of life if you just try. You are capable of thinking up new ideas so that you can live life to the fullest.


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