Banana Dream Symbolism and Meaning

Most of us have eaten bananas at some time in our lives. They are delicious, have a sweet taste, and are packed with vitamins and minerals, especially potassium which reduces blood pressure and helps to protect against strokes. 

Bananas can symbolize a wide variety of things, including energy, love, happiness, and sensuality. To dream of yellow bananas means that you are likely to be content and happy. If you dream of a green banana it indicates that fun or maybe a new job is coming up for you. 


Because they contain potassium, bananas are good for energy levels. How have you felt recently? Do you feel energized or are you tired and lethargic? Perhaps you should try a banana a day to lift your energy. It won’t take long before you will feel revitalized.

If you dream about bananas, consider how you are feeling in your waking life as this often has a connection with your dream. If you dream about an old banana peel, it can suggest that you are tired and lack energy. If you see rotten bananas, it isn’t good news. You could be heading towards a disastrous and challenging time at work. The dream, however, will give you the chance to prepare for this difficult time. If you give the challenge enough time and attention, you could be due for a pay rise or promotion which you well deserve.

If you dream of a perfectly ripe banana or a bunch of bananas, you will have some luck in your waking life and will be presented with new projects. These will energize and inspire you. 

Health & Nutrition

It is important to look after our health and because bananas are such healthy fruits, they can be a symbol of our wellbeing. If you dream about them, it can be a wake-up call. It is time to eat a healthy diet and make some changes. Junk food isn’t good for you on a long-term basis. 

Bananas are yellow and this means that they are a warning against an unhealthy diet. If you dream about the color yellow in any context, it means that you need to take care. You could be a coward and feel unable to convince yourself to follow a healthy diet. Maybe it’s time to take up the challenge and create a new you. 

Money & Finance

If you dream about bananas and are worried about your financial position, the dream can give you good news. Dreams about fruit tell us we can be productive in our daily work. You will have to consider what your financial position is in your waking life. If you think that you are not being appreciated at work, perhaps it’s time to look for another form of employment. If you are feeling good about your financial situation, the dream reinforces your position. 

Common Banana Dreams Interpreted

You can dream about bananas in many different ways. Perhaps you will dream about a pile of rotten bananas or maybe you will dream about a bunch of beautiful ripe bananas. We will give you some examples of common ways you can see bananas in your dreams.

Dream of Eating a Banana

If you dream about eating a banana it can mean that you need to look at what you are eating. Are you eating the right food to keep you healthy? 

Are you enjoying eating a banana in your dream? If so, this can mean that you have confidence in something that is happening in your life, either with work or with your home life. If you are usually cautious of following through with your ideas, this dream should give you the confidence to see them through.

Peeling a banana in your dream and then eating it can mean that you are headed towards a positive part of your life. 

If you really don’t want to eat the banana because it is making you feel sick, it can mean you are concerned about something that is happening in your life. You could be scared to take the next step, or you could be thinking of something in the past which you feel regret about. Perhaps you didn’t take a promising new job or pulled out of getting married.

If you are a woman and dream about eating a banana it can mean that you have strong feelings towards someone of the opposite sex. You could feel attracted to this person, but maybe they don’t feel the same way. Perhaps it’s time to face them and admit your feelings. If you don’t, you could spend a lot of time thinking of somebody who either likes you or doesn’t. It will bring the situation to a head.

Someone Else Eating Bananas

If you dream that someone else is eating a banana it can be personal. If you recognize this person, you need to work out how you feel about him or her. If you dream about someone you work with eating a banana, it could mean that he or she is taking credit for the work you have done. Alternatively, you could feel that work is draining you and that you need a vacation.

Sometimes, this dream can be more positive. You need to compare it to your waking life. It could mean that you are going to attract somebody. Perhaps it is someone you know, but if it is a stranger, it means that you want to be loved and want to meet your soul mate. You have probably been without a romantic partner for some time. Perhaps it will make you think that it is time to find somebody and settle down.

Smashed or Rotten Bananas

You might see smashed bananas in your dreams or ones that have been stepped on. This is a pretty negative dream. You probably feel as if anything you try to do ends up being a waste of time. Maybe you have been working hard at work but haven’t got any credit. Perhaps you have been extra considerate to your partner, but to no avail. It could mean that you need to look for a new job or end your relationship. You are worth more than being ignored. 

In addition, you might feel that you are unable to live up to what others expect of you. If you feel you are doing your best, perhaps it is time to cut these people out of your life. You are worth more than their negativity.

Dream of Stepping on Banana Peels

Quite often we will see people slip on banana peels in TV shows and cartoons. It’s all done to give us a laugh, but it has a darker side. The person slipping could be hurt. Perhaps the dream means that we are worried about someone being hurt, or alternatively, it could indicate that we are too confident, and we could fall from grace.

Cooking with Bananas 

You might dream that you are cooking (see also apron dream meaning) with bananas. Perhaps you are making a banana crumble, or a banana baked with chocolate which deliciously melts and is topped with whipped cream. This can mean that there is a high chance that you are going to have new opportunities in either your work or home life. 

Going Bananas

You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘going bananas’. This means that you are going a bit crazy or overwhelmed by what is happening in your life. You could also be excited by something that is going on and is going to have a big impact on you. If you dream about bananas, perhaps something exciting is going to happen to you in your waking life.

Dreaming of a Banana Split

A banana split is an extremely popular dessert, loved by both adults and children. A banana is cut in half lengthwise and scoops of ice cream are put in between the slices. It is covered with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a cherry.

If you are from North America, you have probably heard the saying, ‘Make like a banana split’. It means that you want to get out of a situation quickly. If you dream about a banana split, it could mean that you want to escape from some situation in your life which you are not happy about. Perhaps you are unhappy with your job or maybe you want to move from where you live and make new friends. You could have issues with your neighbors which you feel can’t resolve. It could also have a metaphorical meaning where you need to escape from the thoughts you have. Perhaps you feel guilty about something or can’t work out your feelings for someone.

If you don’t think that any of these interpretations compare with your current waking life, maybe you need to treat yourself to something decadent and delicious. A banana split is a decadent dessert and maybe you need something special in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be food. It could be a weekend away with your partner or a nice meal out followed by the theatre. 

You could dream of a banana split when you’ve been working hard. It’s a sign that you need to give yourself a break and enjoy yourself. However hard a worker you are, you still need to have some fun.

Buying or Selling Bananas

If you see yourself buying bananas in a dream, it can mean that you are confident in your decisions and are exploring options. Perhaps you are thinking of a new career or asking someone to marry you. The act of buying represents positive thoughts. 

Buying bananas show that you are prepared to take risks. Perhaps you want to bring something new into your life to reenergize yourself. Maybe you want to put yourself forward for a promotion, or perhaps you just want to take up a new sport.

To see yourself buying bananas in a street market can mean that you need to be careful in the coming days. You need to watch the people surrounding you as they might not be genuine friends. Are they trying to destroy your reputation? If so, you have been warned and need to take precautions.

If you see yourself selling bananas, you are probably seeking ways to improve your financial situation. You will have to work out how you feel in your dream. If you are depressed, it means that you don’t know how to increase your income. If you feel more upbeat, it can mean that you have ideas in the back of your mind which you need to act upon to guarantee financial stability.

Selling bananas can also mean that you are going to be involved in a business deal that isn’t profitable. It will take up a lot of time and money, but it won’t be successful. If you are employed, you may be assigned a task that may be challenging but won’t reward you financially.

Spiritual Significance of the Banana Tree

In some countries and different religions, the banana tree is considered to be sacred. For example, in Bengal during the Durga Pyu festival, a model of the Hindu goddess, Durga, is made from a banana plant and is covered with a yellow sari with a red border. 

To dream of a banana tree can indicate your spiritual side. Perhaps you haven’t been paying it enough attention and have been too worldly. On the other hand, it could reflect the spirituality you possess in your waking life.

Yes, We Have No Bananas in the Bible

Unlike the humble apple, there is no mention of bananas in the Bible. Other fruits are mentioned in the scriptures as well as apples. However, if we take a look at the paintings of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we will often find banana trees.

It is interesting to note that bananas used to have seeds. However, since they have been commercially grown and with the rising use of GMOs, the plants have become sterile and, over time, the seeds have been reduced to extremely small specs.

In some cultures, the seedless banana is considered to be a symbol of service and selflessness. Not only is it used commercially, but in holistic practices. 

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