Dream About Being Robbed: Thieves & Stealing Dream Meaning

Whether you’re aware of a robbery taking place or you simply find out later that your phone is gone – in both cases, a robbery is an unnerving experience. The thought of it gives an unsettling feeling even to those lucky enough to never have been robbed in their entire life. No matter how significant or not our stuff is … Read More

Death And Dying Dream Symbolism And Meaning

Dreaming about dying and death is rarely comfortable. Especially if it is people who are dear to us that appear in the death-related dream, we often wake up scared and worried. But what is the meaning of dreaming about death? We can tell you one thing right now: death in a dream is usually a symbol. In most cases, dreams … Read More


What Does it Mean to Dream About Someone? (People in Dreams)

Every person dreams around two to five times a night, although we usually don’t remember what we were dreaming. The dreams we do remember usually feature human beings. That’s no surprise considering we meet and communicate with other people on a daily basis. Sometimes, the people we’ve never met “star” in our dreams, but more often than not, we dream … Read More

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