Apron Dream Meaning And Symbolism

While using aprons in our day-to-day lives has lessened over the years, that doesn’t mean that they don’t still hold a lot of symbolism.  When you dream of aprons, this can be more significant as they are an uncommon dream symbol, and can hold many meanings, depending on the context on how the apron appeared in your dreams, among other … Read More

Apple Dream Meaning And Symbolism

While you might not think about apples regularly, think about what symbolism they’ve held for centuries within religion and folklore, such as Snow White, and the story of Adam and Eve.  These tasty fruits have not only sustained us for centuries, but they have also sparked our imaginations. So what does it mean when you dream of apples? Things To … Read More

Apocalypse Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Dreaming of the apocalypse can be a distressing experience, and you may feel as though you’ve run a marathon when you wake up.  You might even have to reassure yourself that the world isn’t ending just yet, looking around your room to convince yourself that everything is actually fine. This will sound crazy, but apocalypse dreams – no matter how … Read More

Ape And Gorilla Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Dreams involving apes or gorillas have a lot of potential meanings. There are many things to consider which will help decide the meaning behind your dream, including the species of the specific ape or gorilla you were dreaming of, but there are also some more general interpretations. Apes and Gorillas as a Dream Symbol Apes and gorillas in dreams represent … Read More

Ants Dream Meaning And Symbolism

We know that ants are considered to be diligent, deceptively strong, and fierce in high numbers. But what does it mean when you dream of ants? Here’s everything you should know. The Symbolism Behind Ants in Your Dream While you probably wouldn’t give much thought to ants during the day (unless they are becoming a nuisance), these small and clever … Read More

Alien And UFO Dream Meaning

The thought of not being alone in the universe has captured our collective imagination for a very long time. With no concrete answer, it’s no wonder that we dream about aliens a lot. But what does it mean to dream about aliens? What about dreaming of UFOs? What’s the symbolism behind these dreams? Alien and UFO Dream Symbolism Dreaming about … Read More

Alcohol Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams involving drinking alcohol can widely vary in their meanings, as there are a lot of ways they can appear.  Alcohol in dreams can relate to how well you connect with others, solve your own problems, and your overall outlook to life, depending on the situation in your dream. What you’re drinking can also be significant, as well as the … Read More

Aardvark Dream Meaning And Spirit Animal

Aardvarks aren’t as common in dreams as wolves, cats, or dogs, but that doesn’t mean that their appearance isn’t as significant.  Maybe you feel a personal connection with other dream symbols, but you find it hard to identify with the aardvark. A dream involving an aardvark is sometimes more significant than other animals that you may have personal associations with, … Read More

10 Tricks For Reality Checking A Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is a very cool experience which takes some practice to get it right. It involves consciously knowing that you’re in a dream while you’re asleep, but not being aware enough to wake you up.  This opens up interesting new experiences within your dream, which can broaden your thinking and perception of reality. The way you begin lucid dreaming … Read More

Dream Glossary: Dreams Symbols Beginning With D – Part 2

Detective A detective appearing in your dream points to risk, excitement or danger in part of your waking life. Dreaming of being a detective reflects how you are looking for latent talents or abilities you haven’t discovered yet. Or, you’re looking to solve something which has been plaguing you for a while. Dreaming of being followed by a detective indicates … Read More

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