A dream about arms can present numerous different meanings and interpretations. We use our arms in many different ways. We use it to hold something, hug others, as well as raise or lower them to imply something significant.

When interpreting this dream symbol, you must consider details like what the arms are doing in your dream. You also need to think about why you recognize this symbol. There is a reason why the arms caught your attention in the dream.


If your dream about arms involves open arms, it may mean that you are inviting someone or something brand new in your life. And your attitude towards it is positive. Hence, the phrase to welcome with open arms. 

Are the arms in your dreams raised up in the air? If so, it may suggest that your thoughts or feelings are being held up in some way. Maybe you are experiencing some sort of delays in your waking life. 

Moreover, it may also imply that are yielding or giving up on something that you cannot control. Is there an entity or force more powerful than you that may make you feel pressured? Are you currently going through a power struggle with someone?

On the other hand, a dream where your arms are chained behind, such as during an arrest, it may symbolize a loss of power. It may also mean a form of restraint in some way in your physical life.

Arms full of things may suggest that you are getting overwhelmed by the responsibilities of your job. It may also be the obligations you have to face every day. All of the duties you are carrying out may be causing you to feel like there is nothing left that you can carry or hold. One of the terms that come to mind in this situation is “the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

Meanwhile, empty arms may mean that you don’t believe that your present life situation or job is not making you fulfilled.

Are you using your arms to do some sort of heavy lifting in your dream? Are you lifting heavyweights? If so, this may mean that you feel you have plenty of responsibilities in your conscious hours. 

If you dream of a broken arm, it may likely imply that you feel powerless and not able to control a certain situation.


It is quite common to see your arms or someone else’s in a dream. Although they don’t always hold special meaning in dreams, arms can be very meaningful in some cases. This is especially true in dreams where you remember the details of the arms upon waking up. It is highly likely that your dream of arms has something significant to tell you.

Having many arms

A dream where you have many arms is often a sign of happiness. It may indicate that you are happy and satisfied with your situation in life. Likewise, it may imply an increase in your standard of living or wealth. Nevertheless, multiple arms could also be a warning that you need to stop your wrong-doings.

Dream about amputation or arms cut off

The context of this dream can make a big difference in terms of interpretation. Does your arm need to be amputated or cut off so that you stay alive? If that’s the case, it could mean that you are taking on a lot of responsibilities at your job. 

Consider giving yourself some freedom by letting go of some of the burden. It may also indicate that you are feeling too stressed out about your situation at home. 

Was your arm was amputated due to an unforeseen accident in your dream? It may suggest that may lose a good help in your work environment.

Broken arm or arms

To dream of a broken arm or arms, whether it is yours or someone else, is an indication of danger. This kind of dream is often your subconscious warning you of a dangerous situation up ahead. Broken arms in a dream because of an accident may also indicate a loss of quality of life or personal safety. So make sure to be extra careful when you have this arm dream and take precautions.

Unable to move arms

Were you unable to move your arms in the dream? This usually suggests some sort of mental dichotomy due to two contradicting ways of thinking. When your arms are restricted, it could symbolize irrational desires and thoughts being in conflict with more practical and rational reasoning.

This dream can also imply that someone close to you may suddenly leave your life without warning or any explanation.

Did you have a dream about arms? What do you think it means? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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