Month: May 2021

Dreams About Murder

What it Means to Dream About Murder If you dream about murder, it can be frightening, whether it is you who is murdered or someone else. Perhaps you are the murderer. You will probably wake up wondering why you have murdered somebody, but it doesn’t mean that you actually want to kill that person. If you dream that you are … Read More

Dream Glossary: Dreams symbols beginning with A – Part 2

Adventurer Dreaming of being an adventurer is your subconscious letting you know you need to shake up your routine. You’re lacking some real-life adventure where you’re free to explore.  This dream can also suggest that you’re so focused on achieving your goals that when you do achieve them, you’re not acknowledging or thanking the people that helped you get there.  … Read More

Vampires Dreams

Vampires Dreams about vampires have different interpretations. Most of these interpretations are often connected to certain negative thoughts and fears. That’s because vampires generally represent bloodthirsty demons, negative things, and so on. When you see a vampire in your dreams, it signifies an aspect of your personality that is selfishly feeding off or parasitic of others. There may be a … Read More

Roses Dream Meaning

What does a Roses mean in your dream? If you will base it on mythology and culture, roses present a lot of meanings. Since roses hold many meanings, the meaning of this beautiful flower in your dream will depend mainly on your personal feelings toward the roses in your dream. Also, this will dictate what they may mean in your … Read More

Celebrity Dream Meaning

Celebrities often, the celebrities in your dreams symbolize some aspect of your personality. Likewise, it may be something about you that is based on your thoughts, opinions, memories, or opinions about a particular celebrity.  Celebrities are personal symbols just like with all the people in your dreams. The meanings they carry also differ from one person to the next. To … Read More

Mother Dream Meaning

Mother A dream about your mother may be a representation of your internal guidance or intuition. A mother is a reflection of your own ability to make decisions that will have an impact on your future. She reflects how well you are at making choices using your gut instincts. Likewise, your mother indicates how fortunate you feel regarding sound foresight … Read More

Dreaming About Airplanes

Airplanes A dream of an airplane depicts the driving force or trajectory of your projects, plans, or ideas that you yearn to get off the ground. When it comes to the positive side of things, airplanes often reflect the development of successful experiences. It is about when every little thing comes together, ensuring a coveted yet controlled outcome. On the … Read More

Dreaming Of Fighting

Fighting Did you dream of fighting? This type of dream often symbolizes confrontation, disagreement, and conflict. It could represent your inner struggle regarding a life situation, with other people, or painful emotions. Likewise, it may imply either holding back or trying to prove yourself to others.  Do you experience intense jealousy or bitterness in your waking life? A dream about … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Stealing Or Someone Being A Thief?

Dreaming about stealing can be quite a personal attack. A dream concerning stealing links to your own identity, and the loss of something important. This may be a trust that you’ve placed in another person, or a relationship, something more concrete, like a business failing. The object being stolen can wildly influence the meaning behind your dream. For example, if … Read More

What Is The Dream Meaning Of Shooting?

What a horrible dream! I bet you woke up feeling like you ran a marathon, or checked your body for holes. It’s always the worrying dreams that we want to know the meaning of the most. We want to put our minds at rest, and apply some logic. Something that makes sense. Unfortunately, dreams don’t always follow a logic that … Read More