Month: April 2021

Sex Dream Dictionary

Today we deal with a very spicy topic! It’s sex dreams. Although not everyone will admit this, anyone has probably had a sexy dream or two in their lifetime. And sometimes these dreams can seem awkward and confusing, and definitely in contrast with our real-life sexual desires.  So what’s that all about? Sex dreams can often be about ourselves, not … Read More

Travel Dream Symbols

Dreaming about traveling is common especially if we think of all the modes of transport there are as well as all of the destinations we could travel to. In this article, we will be looking at the meaning of different travel dreams. Hopefully, this will help you to interpret any dreams about travel that you have had. We have listed … Read More

Common Dreams: Flying

“I’m Flying!” Unless you’re afraid of flying, dreaming about it can be exhilarating. You feel as if you’ve always known how to do it. While flying, you’re enjoying the view from above, a light breeze in your hair, without a worry in your mind.  A lucid dream happens when you’re aware that you’re dreaming. Dreams of flying are such type … Read More

Common Dream: Naked Dreams

“I’m Naked!” We’ve all had that dream where we’re walking down the street, going to work or doing any other everyday activity… and suddenly, we realize we’re in our birthday suits! We start panicking, trying to cover our exposed parts with our hands or other things we can find around us. In most cases, this is the part where we … Read More

Cheating Dreams

Cheating dreams are some of the most memorable. No matter if you were cheated on or you were the cheater in the dream, these dreams can really affect us emotionally. So what’s that all about? Today, we discuss what cheating in a dream could mean.  “My Boyfriend Cheated On Me!”   No matter if it’s actually your boyfriend, a girlfriend, a … Read More

Shark Dream Meaning

What does dreaming of sharks mean? Let’s take a closer look at the animal in question. If you’re after an apex predator, you can’t go wrong with a shark. Sharks have been around for roughly 450 million years, and that’s a head start of 66 million years on us. Not many animals will pick a fight with a shark, and … Read More

Dreaming of Swimming In The Sea

We’ve talked about dreams involving water, swimming, and swimming pools, but what about the sea? The sea provokes emotion. The last time you went to the beach, what did you feel? Even if it’s something as normal as being annoyed by the wind whipping salt into your face, or the smell was a bit strong, or maybe you got hair … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Stolen Car?

Cars can be very important to us. I bet you remember the first set of keys in your hand and the freedom that came with that weight in your palm. You can go anywhere and do anything, so long as you’ve got some gas in the tank.  If you’ve never had a car, I guarantee you’ve imagined human expressions in … Read More

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Snake Bite?

If you already don’t like snakes, I bet the part you don’t like the most is the thought of them biting you. When we think of snakes in stories, probably the most famous of which is the one from Adam and Eve. The snake persuades Eve into eating the fruit she’s been specifically told not to eat from the tree … Read More

What Does A Waterfall Mean In Your Dream?

A waterfall forms when the force of a river erodes the rock underneath. This creates a visible drop for the water to fall from a height into a pool below. In dreams, this drop is also significant, a visible change of some kind in your life. It can be a really drastic change, such as a shift in your outlook … Read More