Month: January 2021

Fuel & Gasoline Dream Meaning

Perhaps you have had dreams which focus on fuel as the main symbol of the dream. Maybe you are filling your car at a gas station or watching a car burn down. Dreams about gas and fuel can have different meanings and we’ll take a look at some of them here. What Does it Mean to Dream of Fuel or … Read More


Are you someone who is into dreams and dreaming? Are you searching for thought-provoking quotes about dreams and your waking life?  Dreams are the desires of our subconscious, and its study has long been a fascination with many. Furthermore, dreams influence a lot of different people in our lives, which is very amazing.  Often, we wake up bewildered about what … Read More

City Dream Symbol Meaning

Did you recently dream of a city? The truth is, city dreams are actually quite common. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, considering cities are part of the everyday reality for most of us. For the same reason, dreaming about a city can carry a lot of symbolism. This guide is here to help you find your way to … Read More

12 Character Archetypes and Their Meanings

All the people we see in our dreams can be connected to certain character archetypes. The term “archetype” means an original pattern in ancient Greek. The idea itself can be traced back to Plato. According to him, there were two realities – the world (where we live) and the non-physical realm (where Forms exist.) By Forms, he meant pre-existing ideals … Read More