Month: December 2020

Banana Dream Symbolism and Meaning

Most of us have eaten bananas at some time in our lives. They are delicious, have a sweet taste, and are packed with vitamins and minerals, especially potassium which reduces blood pressure and helps to protect against strokes.  Bananas can symbolize a wide variety of things, including energy, love, happiness, and sensuality. To dream of yellow bananas means that you … Read More


One of the most common dream settings is the attic. A dream about an attic may represent several various things. And when you have a better understanding of this dream symbol, you will be able to have plenty of insight as to how you feel regarding the current situations in your waking life. Also, it may help you decide the … Read More

Aquarium Dream Meaning

If you dream about a fish tank it can mean that your feelings are repressed. You could feel as if you are trapped just like the fish in the tank. If you are watching the fish in your dream, you need to unwind as you have been stressed. If you see yourself inside a fish tank, it can mean that … Read More

Ape & Gorilla Dream Meaning

Dreams about apes can mean a lot of things. While it’s possible you’re way too excited about a planned trip to the zoo, there are also other reasons why you could dream about an ape. Usually, these animals are a symbol of knowledge, communication and resourcefulness. But, in order to understand the meaning behind a specific dream, you need a … Read More

Alcohol Dream Interpretation Meaning

There are many different interpretations of dreams about alcohol. You need to look at the dream as a whole to get the full picture. Consider where you are drinking, why, and what you are drinking. It is also important to consider your own views about drinking alcohol. Perhaps you are teetotal or a social drinker, or maybe you drink too … Read More

Nightmare Dream Meaning

Nightmares are extremely common. There can’t be many of us who hasn’t had a nightmare at some point in our lives. They can be very scary, and we often wake up feeling anxious and frightened. What Does it Mean if You Have a Nightmare? Nightmares usually happen during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep. This occurs after you … Read More

Eating Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Eating is an important part of our life. Whether we enjoy our every bite or we eat simply to fulfil our daily intake, the fact is that we eat several times a day – every day. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that we dream about consuming food too. Here we’ll help you interpret your dream about eating. What … Read More