Month: December 2020


Are you wondering what your dream about ice cream means? Are you curious to find out what its connection to your life? In this article, we will explore how to interpret what dreaming of ice cream means. COMMON ICE CREAM DREAM SYMBOL MEANINGS We all love ice cream, especially during the hot summer months. It is a sweet and cold … Read More


Most of us wear a lot of proverbial hats in our waking lives. Similarly, hats in dreams are often a symbol of the role you play in real life.  You will have a better understanding of the meaning of your hat dream if you will take note of little details, including the color and type of the heat and also … Read More

Hairdresser Dream Meaning

If you dream that you are in a hair salon, the dream can have a variety of meanings and we’ll take a look at some of them in this article. What Does it Mean to Dream of a Hairdresser? If you go to a hair salon, you usually want to look better so a visit to a hairdresser in your … Read More

Gift Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Sometimes the things we dream of can have meanings that we don’t expect. Some things that are generally considered positive in real life can have negative meanings when they appear in a dream. Well, if you dreamt about gifts, don’t worry! When they appear in a dream, gifts usually mean the same as in waking life – which is usually … Read More

Food Dream Meaning

Some people live to eat while others eat to live. Whichever one we are, we all need food to survive so it isn’t surprising that we might dream of food every so often. What Does it Mean to Dream About Food? Food is a symbol of prosperity, pleasure, and abundance. In a dream, it can be translated literally. Perhaps you … Read More

Falling Dream Meaning

It is very common to dream about falling. Maybe you have had a hypnic jerk. Just as you are going to sleep something triggers your mind to imagine that you’re falling through space. You jump up and wake yourself up. There are many reasons why you might dream about falling. It can mean that you are having difficulty letting go, … Read More

10 Simple Reality Checks for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a technique that involves being conscious and in control of your dreams. It basically opens a whole new reality to anyone who manages to do it. Lucid dreaming is something that everyone can experience with a bit of practice. The key to entering the state of lucid dreaming is knowing that you are in a dream. We’ve … Read More


The meaning of a dream about eggs can be many various things, differing from one person to the next. Sometimes, the dream symbol may appear to provide you with better insight regarding what it means to dream of an egg. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF EGGS IN DREAMS? There are several different ways eggs may manifest in your dreams. This … Read More

Buildings & Architecture Dream Symbol Meaning

Buildings are a part of our surroundings, and sometimes, we see them in our dreams, too. Usually, they symbolize our creativity and how we design our lives and our future. In this article, we’ll get into a detailed interpretation of dreams about buildings.  What Does It Mean To Dream Of Buildings And Architecture? Creative Expression Growing up, most of us … Read More

Boat Dream Meaning

There are so many different types of boats out there such as yachts, canoes, ocean liners, and even houseboats. Because there is a wide variety, it won’t come as a surprise that there are different dream meanings for them. What do Dreams About Boats Mean? When we think about boats, we might think of making a journey. Boats in dreams … Read More